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A model for a healthy existence

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You are harmless and cannot be harmed.

You walk around completely safe and invulnerable, impenetrable, immune, immortal.

All of your needs are met. You are whole and complete. You need nothing from outside of you at all. You have everything because you have God.

You know who you are and you are completely innocent. There is no trace of sin or guilt or fear in you. You are joyful all the time.

You know that nobody has ever done anything to you, to any degree. You also know that you have never done anything to anyone else.

You don't need any help, you do nothing alone, and you are completely provided for. God looks after you permanently.

You know you have not changed. Nothing has influenced you and you are as immaculately yourself as you have always been in God's Creation.

You need not change nor grow nor evolve because you are already flawless and complete. You lack nothing and have no faults or limitations.

Your mind is perfectly clear, serene, aware and present. You recognize your true self in everything you witness.

You have no special needs or special interests. Everyone is your calm friend and supporter. You heal because you are healed and you share everything with everyone.

All you have was given you by God and you are not attached to anything else, because what God gave you is completely satisfying and freely given, to be extended to all.

No longer are you confused or lost or deceived by an ego. There is no ego here. You are yourself, free to be.

This is what you've always been. This is what will continue forever. Anything not aligned with this is the ego and is not true.
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