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Accepting the atonement, is it for you or for everyone?

  • By Paul West
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"The sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself. This means you recognize that mind is the only creative level, and that its errors are healed by the Atonement. Once you accept this, your mind can only heal. By denying your mind any destructive potential and reinstating its purely constructive powers, you place yourself in a position to undo the level confusion of others. The message you then give to them is the truth that their minds are similarly constructive, and their miscreations cannot hurt them. By affirming this you release the mind from overevaluating its own learning device, and restore the mind to its true position as the learner (T-2.V.5)."

In accepting the Atonement for yourself, please note that you accept it FOR everyone. This is clearly spelled out in the Course. It is not possible to awaken in isolation or TO an isolated state of being. You are awakening FROM an isolated state of being TO a state where everything is SHARED and One. This means, as you accept the atonement 'for yourself' you are accepting it for the whole sonship.

It is very easy to be misled (by ego) by this statement, to decide it means you should 'just do the Course for yourself'. You then go about doing it in isolation, in quiet, in private, not telling anyone about it, not sharing it, etc... going around not mentioning it to anyone etc.... it's all very well not preaching it or pushing it down anyone's throat, or using it to attack their problems, etc... but that doesn't mean there isn't supposed to be any flow of love through you, or no miracles given you to another, or that you just wake up in a cave not caring about anyone.

Accepting the Atonement isn't something you can do in part, either. It's something you do ONCE and FULLY and that's it. You cannot fully accept that 'nothing happened' until you have completely undone all beliefs to the contrary. ALL of them.

Accepting the atonement 'for yourself' also means "you recognize the mind is the only creative level". "Once you accept this, your mind can ONLY heal." Think about that. This means when you finally fully accept the atonement, as a single one-time 'act', THEN you are only capable of healing.... thus only capable of ONLY miracles. Before you accept the atonement you ARE capable of miracles but not only miracles, because you're still capable of offending.

"By denying your mind any destructive potential and reinstating its purely constructive powers, you place yourself in a position to undo the level confusion of others."

Level confusion = magic = sickness. By recognizing ONLY your mind is creative and the world is an effect, you can heal the sick and raise the dead.
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