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Are forgiveness, healing or miracles even needed?

  • By Paul West
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There is a curious property of all things God, in that it doesn't need to do anything. But, IF there are illusions present, something seems to happen. If there is only light, then it seems the light just shines. But if there is darkness, the light does something "to" the darkness - it shines it away.

Forgiveness - it generally sees there is no sin and there is nothing to forgive. However, IF there were some illusions present, moving into forgiveness actually seems to "do" something, in that the illusions disappear.

Gratitude - it generally is grateful only for what exists, in God, but if something does not exist and you are grateful for it, it brings it about.

Miracles - generally speaking there is no real need for miracles given that there is no real separation and everything in Heaven is miraculous. But if there is some ego condition showing up or some sickness or death or whatever, miracles undo it, reverse it, and restore life.

I need to nothing - yes, I do nothing because nothing has happened and nothing has gone wrong. However, if it seems that something IS happening or going wrong, the truth in this statement brings about the cessation of what was happening or going wrong, restoring us to a state where there is no need to do anything.

So it's interesting that, on the one hand, in truth, God does not have anything to forgive, love does not need to work any miracles because there is no reality to illusions, everything that exists we are grateful for, and we don't need to do anything because everything is complete already. But once the illusions of separation show up, all of these things take on a new "role" as it were. They are corrective. They bring truth and undo illusions. They reverse sin. They heal sickness. And they raise the dead back to life in resurrection.

So yes it's true there is technically seemingly "no point" performing miracles because this world doesn't exist, but IF this world seems to be showing up, there IS temporarily a purpose for miracles.

And yes it's true there is nothing to forgive so why bother doing any forgiveness either? Well, that's fine so long as truly nothing else is showing up, but if some illusions or ego forms are showing up to block forgiveness, then forgiveness suddenly seems to have a purpose and a function.

Forgiveness, miracles, etc may seem like unnecessary illusions, and there was not a "need" for healing before the separation, nor was there a need for the atonement. But after the separation a "need" (albeit illusory) did arise, and so there became a seeming NEED to heal, to forgive, and to perform miracles. And they will continue to be needed unto this whole separation is undone.

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