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As Christ you have authority over illusions

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As Christ, you have AUTHORITY over illusions. Authority over the ego. Authority over death.

This authority doesn't mean you are equal with illusions or equal in power with the ego. The ego has NO power. Your Authority reveals that you HAVE authority BECAUSE all of the Power of Truth and God are yours to share, and the ego has NO power.

When you are either IN the authority of Christ, OR you have faith in the Authority of Christ and speak on His Behalf, "in His name", you have commanding authority over illusions.

You can command sickness and suffering to be undone, by the POWER of your word, as an extension of the word of God. The word of God is God's TRUTH. What is real in God's terms.

You are capable of raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out "evil" and performing many other miracles. Because you have authority.

If you are not in a state of authority, or do not have faith in authority (God/Jesus/Christ), then you will be disempowered and weak. You will not be able to perform miracles because you are funneling all of your authority into the ego and are giving IT authority OVER YOU.

It is your ROLE, your FUNCTION, and your RESPONSIBILITY, to take authority over all illusions and everything of the ego, including the illusion of "evil", the illusion of sickness, and the illusion of death.

Authority is confidence, knowing, certainty, trust and faith in God's truth. It is POWERFUL. Jesus is not some softie that has no power and is easily hurt. He was AUTHORITATIVE.

If He spoke, if He commanded, IT MUST COMPLY. Nothing could move against Him.

In authority, if you say to "the mountain" to move, IT MUST MOVE. Literally.

You've been so used to being disempowered and having no authority at all, in the victimhood of the ego, that you do not realize how much POWER is available to you, if you will own it.

You CAN work miracles.
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