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Cause and effect - one problem, one solution

  • By Paul West
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"Without a cause there can be no effects, and yet, without effects, there is no CAUSE. The cause a cause is MADE by its effects; the Father IS a father by His Son. Effects do not CREATE their cause, but they ESTABLISH its causation. Thus the Son gives fatherhood to his Creator, and RECEIVES the gift that he has given Him. It is BECAUSE he is God's Son that he must ALSO be a father, who creates as God created him. The circle of creation has no end. Its starting and its ending are the same. But, in itself, it holds the universe of all creation, without beginning AND without an end."

The entire "separation from God" is nothing more than an attempt to reverse cause and effect.

God is the Cause (Creator) of You. You are God's effect (Creation).

You tried to reverse that. That's all. The entire ego thought system and separation and universe of dreams is contained entirely in this one idea.

You tried to cause God and produce effects in Him (which is the idea of sin), while also denying that you are the effect of Him or His Creation (which has imprisoned your Will).

The authority problem is entirely described this way also - your attempt to usurp God's will is just another way of saying you tried to be the cause of God.

Level confusion is the same thing. It's what you get into when you think God is your effect and you are His cause. You are now confused and this produces "inverted perception." And this is the same thing as magic.

Seeing God as the effect of you and you as His creator, requires you to deny that you are as He created you, meaning you must deny what you are in order to deny what God is. This self-denial or denial of self/soul eventually results in death.

When people come along and attack you and you seem to be at their effect, still this is the same thing playing out. It's you perceiving backwards, that God who is your cause is now against your will, or rather, you are now willing against what's happening and seeing yourself as a victim.

The ONLY correction that is needed, to correct the ENTIRE ego thought system, all sickness, all death and everything of form, is to restore cause and effect to their proper sequence.

The Atonement is nothing more than the correct awareness, recognition and acceptance that God is the cause of you, you are His effect, and this is simply a fact. Accepting it recognizes you are still as God created you because you're acknowledging you did not change you OR God.

This also reveals that sin is a lie because you CANNOT be the cause of God or make Him affected. Therefore you have not done so, and therefore you are still innocent. In this recognition is also the true definition of forgiveness - that you have not sinned, sin is not real, and God still loves you.

This is a course in cause not effect, meaning you have to also recognize that while God is the cause of YOU, YOU are the cause of your creations, and you are a co-creator with Him. He does not oppose your will, he wills WITH you. You have your own creations. In your own causality YOU are the cause of everything you experience, but you are not the cause of God.

When you see yourself as an effect, you will make yourself a victim, because you are not recognizing that God shared His causal power with you. That means you are literally choosing everything and causing everything that happens. That's the secret of salvation - that you are doing this yourself.

It's all about cause and effect. It's very very simple. Get the facts straight in your awareness about who is the cause of what, and you're done. At that point you are no longer at the effect of anything but God and nothing has any power over you, not even death.

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