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Clarifying true and false produces miracles and resurrection

  • By Paul West
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Affirming what is NOT true, and what IS true, can induce miracles.

With regards to sickness for example, you must “cancel” every single perception or belief that suggests the sickness even EXISTS, or any other surrounding beliefs based on that.

e.g. “there is no sickness” ”this sickness is an illusion” “I am not sick” “I am not being affected by my body” “my body is not the cause of me” “these symptoms are not real” “this sickness isn’t happening” “I am not caused by pain” “this sickness has no power over me” “Nothing unreal exists” etc

Then, you can switch it around to the affirmative, to emphasize the truth, which should focus squarely on who you are IN TRUTH - your immortal, holy, divine, eternally alive, incapable-of-suffering self, made of love.

e.g. “This sickness has alread gone” “I am free of this” “I cannot be sick because I am immortal” “sickness cannot happen to a son of God” “I must have chosen this myself” “I am responsible for making this sickness” “I choose to be alive” “I am the life of God” “I cannot be attacked” “Nothing real can be threatened” “I am free from this” “I need not suffer” “I am already perfect” “I am as God created me” etc

The important thing here is to always equate anything even slightly short of total immortality with “ego” which is FALSE and NOT true. And to always equate the HIGHEST TRUTH about you with the truth.

Either you are absolutely permanently innocent, safe, healthy, happy and loved, OR anything short of that IS A TOTAL LIE. All you are doing is becoming CLEAR about which is which. Put the true stuff in the TRUTH box, put the bullshit in the FALSE box.

This WILL challenge your beliefs, in order to be EXTREMELY black and white about it. Symptoms, feelings, upsets, suffering of any kind, bad thoughts, mental experiences, whatever... must be categorized strictly. It’s either true, or its false. Nothing in between.

This will challenge you because it means anything short of IMMORTALITY is a lie. Sickness is a lie. Suffering is a lie. Guilt is a lie. Fear is a lie. Sin is a lie. Death is a lie. Symptoms are not real. Suffering is fake. There is NO TRUTH IN IT.

If you want healing and happiness and wholeness, you MUST stretch your mind to CHANGE its beliefs, if it keeps trying to believe that ANY form of suffering is real or true. That means questioning deeply held beliefs about the body, about life and death, about sickness, and about what is real. If you want to go ALL the way to Atonement and Resurrection, every illusion must be RECOGNIZED as false, and the truth must be RECOGNIZED as true.

“Only the truth is true.“ The truth about you is extremely lofty. You have to be willing to let that be true of you. YOU ARE PURE LOVE. YOU ARE IMMORTAL SPIRIT. YOU ARE NOT A BODY. YOU CANNOT DIE. Embrace it and live forever in happiness and peace.

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