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Do we need miracles for our own Atonement?

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Do we need miracles for our own Atonement?

Mark asked:

"In ACIM Jesus makes the statement “The reason you come before me is that I do not need miracles for my own Atonement, but I stand at the end in case you fail temporarily.” This implies we do need miracles for our Atonement. Could you possibly expand on that?"

In A Course in Miracles, chapter 1, section 3, titled "Atonement and Miracles", Jesus talks about miracles in general and how they interact with the Atonement. I just about want to quote the entire section because it's filled with calls to action and is not just theory. It's quite a motivating section and one which I think many students would rather turn a blind eye to.

First of all, while we are to accept the Atonement (the implementation of the truth) and become a part of that, there is also an aspect to the Atonement which is longer-term. Jesus says:

"I am in charge of the process of Atonement, which I undertook to BEGIN."

He also speaks of this in terms of "the great crusade", "the great awakening", and speaks of how once we become part of the Atonement we will then automatically join the crusade and take ACTION to help everyone else to awaken. ie we will DO something.

"When you have been restored to the recognition of your original state, you naturally become part of the Atonement yourself."

"As you share my unwillingness to accept error in yourself and others, you must join the great crusade to correct it; listen to my voice, learn to undo error and act to correct it."

"Those who are released must join in releasing their brothers, for this is the plan of the Atonement."

Given that other people may well be in various states of denial or unconsciousness, it potentially could take a large amount of "time" in order to fully implement the Atonement for everyone. This is a long-term thing, and Jesus in His position of Authority is in charge of the entire process.

Jesus is also indicating that even when we have become unwilling to accept error in ourselves, thus accepting the Atonement as our experiential truth, we also will then be "joining the great crusade" to correct it in OTHERS. We're not going to therefore be sitting on our butts and just watching people suffer, but rather we become Teachers of God and Healers and Miracle Workers.

Jesus has set up a plan for the Atonement "process", the long-term goal being the awakening of everyone, and because of His position of awakening and Authority, He is in charge of this. He acknowledges that in our present state, we are not as awake and therefore, although we're capable of performing miracles, we should not be performing them indiscriminately - ie without discrimination or without being selective, because we cannot see and do not know the full "plan" which Jesus has, we don't know who is ready and willing to receive miracles, or where they are most effectively "deployed". Jesus just asks us to be ready and willing to "perform them" for those people He sends to us.

"The power to work miracles belongs to you. I will provide the opportunities to do them, but you must be ready and willing."

"My part in the Atonement is the cancelling out of all errors that you could not otherwise correct."

"I am the only one who can perform miracles indiscriminately, because I am the Atonement. You have a role in the Atonement which I will dictate to you. Ask me which miracles you should perform. This spares you needless effort, because you will be acting under direct communication."

"The impersonal nature of the miracle is an essential ingredient, because it enables me to direct its application, and under my guidance miracles lead to the highly personal experience of revelation. A guide does not control but he does direct, leaving it up to you to follow."

He also speaks of how miracles help us as much as others. This is one area where our ego minds struggle because the ego split mind doesn't understand the reasoning of Oneness or how something can apply equally to yourself and others. When He tells us about our unwillingness to accept error in ourselves, He also reflects that we will become unwilling to accept it in others. Ie we will not believe it is true of ourselves or others.

"When you offer a miracle to any of my brothers, you do it to yourself and me."

Also Miracle Principle 9:

"Miracles are a kind of exchange. Like all expressions of love, which are always miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws. They bring more love both to the giver and the receiver."

Miracles as expressions of love, are expressed towards others, towards Jesus, and towards yourself.  Jesus obviously doesn't "need" them as such, but He can't help but be included in the receiving of love. You similarly are One with Him and others and can't help but also experience the love which you are sharing. As expressions of love, you must be in a state of love in order to most effectively transfer the Power of Love to others. Doing so will automatically mean that you are open to receive what you give and your willingness to share the only thing which can be shared - love - allows you to access it and share IN it and extend or express it.

This leads to the sentence which you asked about, which is quoted here with a little bit more context:

"The reason you come before me is that I do not need miracles for my own Atonement, but I stand at the end in case you fail temporarily. My part in the Atonement is the cancelling out of all errors that you could not otherwise correct."

The possibility for you to 'fail' is not a quality of someone who has fully accepted the Atonement, so He is referring to someone who is not yet fully Atoned but who is still performing miracles. You do not need to be fully awakened in order to perform miracles, which Jesus clearly describes elsewhere in that "miracles are taken first on faith" because you do not necessarily yet have a direct awareness or experience of the Source of miracles, but you trust "on faith" that this Source is available and that it will come to help you and to provide "witnesses" that it really is there - ie that you will see "effects" from it, and that seeing these effects will help you to develop your trust further, as a form of feedback. Jesus touches on this also in the the section we've been talking about:

"Doing them will bring conviction in the ability, because conviction comes through accomplishment. The ability is the potential, the achievement is its expression, and the Atonement, which is the natural profession of the children of God, is the purpose."

So Jesus is saying, as we perform miracles, we develop conviction and overcome fears because by accomplishing some kind of desired goal, we can see that "it works" and can learn to trust it more. Like learning to drive a car, which at first seems clumsy and awkward and difficult, but which later becomes second-nature.

Notice also that Jesus says that miracles are an "ability". Your ability to do them means that you have the "potential" to do them. As an ability, it's not necessarily something that you are doing all the time, but is something that you are capable of. You do not always drive a car, but you know how to.

The achievement of using this ability is in how the miracle is expressed, ie you can recognize some kind of change or healing taking place. Jesus then goes on to say that the Atonement is the natural profession of children of God. So that means, once we claim the Atonement, we now have a "profession" or something that we profess or express, and which we are doing all the time. Remember also in the miracle principles Jesus tells us that miracles should be happening all the time, and that when they aren't, something has gone wrong. That's because love should be "happening" all the time.

Atonement, then, isn't just the claiming of the Atonement, it is a state of mind/being which expresses the truth, expresses love, performs miracles, and helps others. For this to be just a state of sitting on the sidelines and being passive would completely obliterate the ability to perform miracles, or their purpose, and negates the entire goal of awakening to a natural inheritance and a miraculous nature. Miracles should be easy and effortless and happening all the time, not just when we are thinking about shifting our perception a little.

What you implied from what Jesus said, was that because He does not need miracles for His own Atonement, that this would mean that we need miracles for our own Atonement. Yet, if we're saying that a miracle is something which only takes place during the "process" of waking up, then we start to get into the territory of claiming that they are not something that happen when you HAVE woken up.

Many students are of the belief that a miracle therefore is like a "step" in awakening, or most commonly a "shift in perception" from something false to something more true. It is very easy also to justify that perspective with many many other quotes from the course which don't seem to conflict with that idea, and to use that to justify that position.

However, what we need to keep in mind is that miracles express from Love, and love is a very "advanced" Source way beyond what we are capable of accessing at the moment. This also reflects in Jesus's miracle principle which says that "miracles are eveyone's right, but purification is necessary first." Also in the miracle principles, "I Jesus inspire all miracles."

The process of purification is the process of working with your illusions, to undo your belief in them, to shift your awareness closer toward a state of mind which is aware of Love. Since miracles are expressions of love, if you do not at least have some degree of closeness to love or some faith in it, you're not very well going to be able to perform miracles. That's not to say miracles can't happen in such a state though because the source of the miracle is love, and Jesus is aligned with that, and He says that he inspires all miracles. He can perform them through us and "for us" in effect, which also is reflected in the principle "miracles are intercessions, they intercede for your holiness."

In effect, miracles come between, or stand in the way of, illusions and lies, separating out what is true from false, and lifting our mind further into love. This can bring healing to the mind. And because it can heal the mind, including your own mind, and because they "fall like drops of healing rain", you could say that miracles actually lift your mind out of illusion and into the truth. Or in other words, they CAUSE an EFFECT of a "shift in perception". Jesus does speak of how miracles realign the order of the levels and correct perception from being upside down etc. And this is why many people think that a miracle is a shift in perception.

Miracles can shift perception because they can heal the separation and demonstrate that it is untrue. However, that's because they come from love as expressions of love. They come from a higher place, and trickle down as those drops of healing rain. They happen across a kind of "bridge" between the truth (love) and where you or others are at in their illusions. That bridge is none other than the Holy Spirit, who is the mechanism of miracles. It is also this bridge which is represented by your "faith" in a truth which you are coming to believe in but do not yet fully see.

The distinction I'm trying to make is, that miracles flow from a high place of love and penetrate the illusions in our mind and lift us up to a higher level, repairing the separation. The miracle isn't the shift that happens, its the expression of love that produced the shift. The miracle is the cause, the shift is the effect.

Imagine a waterfall of love flowing down from a high cliff-top, with you standing at the bottom in the pool of water getting pelted with the downfall. Now, you are getting wet because the "drops of healing rain" are falling down from above, from a place of truth and healing ie a "source" which is much higher than where you are at. You receive the drops and become saturated and this heals you to some extent that you're ready to accept.

The healing this produces in you invigorates you and allows you to climb up the cliff face a little way, trying to see where the flow is coming from. You can go so far then you stop. You need more miracles in order to go higher, which is why more "purification" is necessary first. You start to catch sight of the top of the waterfall and begin to believe it really exists, and come to trust that the loving downpour will come and that you can extend it below. You become more a "part of" the extension of the miracle, because your openness to receive it also opens you to share it, and so drops of water flow off you onto those below and bless them also.

You go higher and eventually you get to the top of the waterfall and recognize the source as love. And because you are up there, you now are in a position to flow out from where the source of that love is, meaning that you can spawn your own waterfall much more directly. Previously you could only use the water that was directed down to you (by Jesus) but now you can become more indiscriminate given your increased awareness and willingness.

Since you are up there, you now have access to the "river of love" which is coming from God and which is then becoming a waterfall of miracles. You have become a medium or conduit for love to express through and have become miracle minded. This does not by any means mean that the water suddenly shuts off and stops flowing. It flows more! The miracles flow out effortlessly and in great abundance.

Just because your mind now is purified and you do not "need" the miracles for yourself as such, given you are now in touch with love's source, doesn't mean you suddenly shut off the extension/expression of the river or stop the waterfall. You become part of the flow of water and contribute to showering others with love and healing.

Miracles therefore express love and shower down to where we're at and can produce shifts in perception IF the person is not yet fully awakened, and thus can pave the way to awakening. But the "effects" of miracles, which Jesus says are sometimes far reaching beyond anything we are aware of and also, according to the miracle principles, may not always have observable effects, may not necessarily seem to produce shifts in perception. So equating shifts or influences or effects with what a miracle is - a miracle is an extension of a CAUSE - is in my opinion a gross error.

As you said, the implication was that we need miracles for our own Atonement. Jesus also says:

"Under my guidance miracles lead to the highly personal experience of revelation."

What this suggests again is that miracles would, and can, occur prior to revelation and prior to awakening, and that therefore they can be performed prior to full acceptance of the Atonement. Some purification is necessary first, to remove enough blocks to love to start to allow love to have enough "presence" in you to form a bridge, but you don't need to be fully awakened to be ready to start developing and using this ability.

Miracles are taken first on faith and require some amount of development of trust in God's truth being true, before you will be able to or willing to perform them. Willingness will be minimal at first, and when you first begin trying to perform them you will have a lot of failure. As Jesus described, He stands at the "end" in order to help to perform the miracles which we fail to perform.

When we are in a split mind and have conflicting wills, or are believing that we are caused by something external, which produces fear, we will be disabled in our miracle working. This means something has "gone wrong", ie we are in error and are believing it too strongly in order to be miraculous.

Over time, we require some kind of purification in order to shift perception ENOUGH to where we might start to gain enough "strength in the truth", enough single-mindedness, enough love, enough willingness, to actually invite a miracle to express through us.

Willingness is a very important key here because any beliefs that you have which are contrary to God's truth will cause you to be literally unwilling to accept God's truth, unwilling to accept love, unwilling to receive love, and unwilling to express love. It COULD take a very long time and a LOT of purification prior to becoming able to even see evidence of one tiny miracle.

There are going to have to be a LARGE number of shifts in perception before the mind is "ready" to act as a conduit for miracles to flow. These shifts in perception are going to have to come about through a process of purification, NOT a process of miracles.

Otherwise this implies that someone who is extremely asleep and filled with egotism and is barely even taking their first steps towards the truth, is equipped to and has developed the ability to and is capable and willing to perform miracles right off the bat. This is clearly nonsense and no-one in their early stages of working with A Course in Miracles is likely to see anything resembling a miracle. And yet, they WILL see many changes or shifts in perception, because of their lessons and their gradual development of trust and willingness to be mistaken and corrected.

"Correction" is often mistaken for a miracle. Miracles can implement correction, but correction can also take place through willingness and learning. I can for example notice with "a little willingness" that I might be blaming someone for something, and have a little bit of willingness to admit that it might not be about them. This is a little bit of correction. My perception will shift a little, and I will be a little bit more "correct", but this is hardly a miracle. It also doesn't mean I've accepted the Atonement.

In order to go all the way with this to accept the Atonement, even once, or in part, you will not be willing to go there if you still believe in real death, real punishment, real fear, real guilt, real sin or real separation. You can go to the Atonement's truth based on undoing at least some amount of belief in these things, on a given topic, but without truly agreeing that these beliefs were untrue, you will not be willing or able to accept it.

When you do accept the Atonement, however, you now will be willing to receive God's love, seeing yourself as worthy of it because you don't believe anything else is more true. You will recognize your innocence in it and therefore know that God sees you as innocent. This opens you to receive love. This willingness to receive love them means that you now will be willing to see your brother as deserving to receive love, which BEGINS your willingness to perform miracles for OTHERS. Your choice not to tolerate sin in yourself will bring you to not tolerate it in others either.

One key thing worth mentioning here though is, although we go on a crusade equated with forcefulness, love is not forceful and, as Jesus says, if we are willing to accept His love then He will give it, but if we are not willing to, He will wait until we change our mind. We can offer miracles to others, but there is a certain element of willingness or readiness to receive them which may determine whether the person will demonstrate effects.

I have for example attempted to give a miracle to some people and it did not seem to work. And I spoke to Jesus about this, because I figured that if I couldn't do it, maybe He could do it, ie He should be capable of healing anyone. And so I asked Him why He wouldn't heal the person, and He basically said that He CAN, but they are not willing to receive it. The recipient has to demonstrate at least some measure of willingness to receive, otherwise it can be fully given but not received.

Another that I attempted I felt that I gave it very fully, felt very loving and even had an experienc of angels, and Jesus said to me "It has been given fully." However, the person did not thereby express any changes in symptoms, reason being that they did not want to receive it. Love can be fully offered with no holding back, but even doing so doesn't necessarily "cause" people to get better "against their will". God is already loving us with the absolute maximum amount of love, and yet we ourselves are in the habit of rejecting it and trying to resist and stop it. Love can't enter where it is unwelcome, so this can be a hard lesson to learn - that miracles can be offered but not received until the person is ready.

This is why Jesus tells us to ask Him which ones to offer because He knows who are ready for them, and He will SEND those people to us - therefore we need to be "ready and willing" to perform miracles somewhat spontaneously as these people show up. Jesus is telling us that He will arrange for people to come into our space who can accept "help" and that He will direct us as to what they need help with and how to apply that help.

Notice also in the miracle principles we're told that we will be directed very specifically what to do - which manifests as the Voice For God or Jesus literally giving us insights into what a person's problem is or what they need healing on as we "minister" to them. In Christian circles these things are called "gifts of God" such as a gift of hearing the Holy Spirit or a gift of discerning spirit or receiving a "word of knowledge". These are some of the ways that we will be supported and directed as we go to others to perform miracles for them.

Miracles also require a certain degree of alignment with Heaven. By this I mean, instead of being someone who prays for something that you do not have, you need become the implementer of that which you want to come about. To do this by aligning yourself with the miracle-working power of God, getting into the "flow" of the expression of love, you start to make Authoritative statements about the truth of God, and you tell the mountains very directly to move, in the belief that they must because you speak with God's Authority.

When you do this, when you are acting as a representative of God, as a part of the Atonement, Heaven comes to SUPPORT you. And this can show up as for example angels showing up to implement healing and so on. It gets "Heaven's attention" so to speak, that you are doing God's will and working God's will and extending love. Heaven's helpers rush in to support you - Mighty Companions - and bring about healing miracles "with" you.

To get to that point, you have to have a certain amount of willingness and a certain amount of "ability" to love, to some degree. That amount of trust and love isn't going to happen when you are early in your shifts in perception, nor does it only come at the very end. As you open up to the truth you start to invite, trust, and become helped BY Heaven, not least of which being the Holy Spirit who can wield the Power of God and perform miracles THROUGH you.

This touches on the fact that God is the source of all healing and it is really your job to open up to allowing His love to radiate through you "on its own", without you interfering or blocking it. Undoing blocks to awareness allow love to flow naturally, and miracles come from that. Surrendering the ego leads to this and you will start to see "signs and wonders" of this - witnesses - which begin to demonstrate "effects" you can actually see. A miracle working ability is your right, but you do need some purification first and then the manifestations will start to trickle in.

I don't want to quote bible but with few references to miracles, I'll just say that it teaches that "signs will follow those who believe." As you believe that God's truth is true, you will be willing to ACT on your belief. You will be willing to DEMONSTRATE that you really believe God's truth is true. Miracles ask for us to be so convinced of the truth that we're willing to stand behind it and actually ACT based upon it.

For example, we are supposed to demonstrate that our brother has not hurt us. If our body is sick or damaged, it is because we're attempting to accuse our brother of being guilty. We're "teaching" through the body we show that they must've done something to us, even if technically they weren't the one to do it. Believing in attack we will show attack in the body and attempt to attack others. The sick are accusers, having accused themselves, and sickness is an attempt to attack and infect others.

So if we're going to really believe God's truth, and we must demonstrate that we believe it, then we MUST make the body not show any signs of sickness, in order to TEACH to our brother that He must be innocent, because whatever He seemed to do has had no effect on us. Although the metaphysics applies to our mind, in which we are immortal, if we are to prove that we are immortal and if we truly believe it, we will also have the power to show that we believe it, by acting upon it, by making the body invulnerable.

If our brother seems to attack us and cause us bodily harm, it is up to us to NOT put bodily harm into the body. We are the only cause of harm to our own self. If we put harm there, it's our own doing, and we're trying to do so to pretend that our brother did something to us, which proves they are guilty.

But if they attack and it causes nothing in our body, because our powerful mind REFUSES to put effects there or to believe that the attack was the truth (ie not a cause), then we demonstrate that their attack warranted forgiveness and healing, not guilt or punishment. This miracle will act as a teaching device and they will be shocked to learn by it that they do not deserve unlove or punishment because of their actions, and that they have not really sinned. This will heal their mind.

Miracles demonstrate the truth of God. They manifest effects (most of the time) which disprove the ego's laws. They overthrow all physical limitations and produce healing in the mind and body. There is nothing they cannot do.

Generally speaking the openness to receive is the same thing as the openness to give, so as you become willing to love (yourself) you automatically become willing to love others. To give is to receive. You therefore begin to receive the benefits of miraculous healing upon yourself simultaneously as for the other, and this lifts both of you up. When you get up to the Atonement and complete it, you join the crusade and now simply express love and are constantly miraculous and powerful.

Jesus demonstrated for us, according to records, just what it means to perform miracles, or at least the effects of doing so. He was not limited by a body or by worldly laws. He was able to for example walk on water. If you can tell me how walking on water is a shift in perception, I'd like to know. He was able to raise the dead, give sight to people without vision, heal the deaf and mute, undo paralysis and various other nasty diseases. He was also able to multiply objects to feed thousands of people from an endless supply. And He was able to go through the crucifixion without feeling any pain whatsoever, ultimately overcoming the final illusion of death and making the body completely disappear.

I find it somewhat selective when some ACIM students, who apparently believe that "Jesus" wrote A Course in Miracles, refuse to accept that He actually performed these kind of miracles. And yet, they will give Him authority as the Course's author, but only so far as to say, He is teaching us "something" about miracles. They don't want to equate the Course with what was written in the bible and other documents about the kinds of extraordinary feats that He was capable of. This all gets swept under the carpet and we end up with this nice tidy little interpretation of "miracles" which are just quiet little shifts in perception or stepping stones towards a final miraculous state, or just complete denial of any kind of healing miracles at all.

I've heard people who are quite advanced with the Course say that you cannot become a miracle worker until you have completely woken up and accepting the whole Atonement. I've heard them say that miracles are only a shift in perception and that love cannot be supernatural. I've heard them say that the Course is all about healing the mind and not the body and therefore the body cannot be healed.

I've heard them say just about everything other than a willingness to be OPEN to the possibility that miracles are actually MIRACLES, capable of LITERALLY moving mountains, of LITERALLY reversing death, of LITERALLY healing absolutely every form of sickness on the planet, of LITERALLY being able to manifest all supply and need out of nothing, and of facilitating acts and feats which "seem" unbelievable such as walking on water or bi-locating or appearing out of nowhere or manifesting a completely different body. People seem to think this is just fanciful thinking or magic. But Jesus is our man. He did this AND He told us that we would do the same and more.

We also shouldn't be too quick to forget that Jesus was raised from the dead by the Holy Spirit, and that same Holy Spirit is in you. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are capable of raising the dead because they do not believe in death at all. They have accepted that death is nothing and does nothing and has no power over them. They have TOTAL power over death, and therefore can abolish it and literally reverse and undo it. Jesus proved this when He brought Lazarus back to life, and there are many many people around the world who have raised others from death as well. Anyone with an open mind and a willingness to discover this will do so.

Really, to believe in miracles must mean you believe in resurrection, which is the undoing of death entirely. Resurrection means to come back to life, having been dead previously. How is that possible? It's not possible in the ego's thought system, but it IS possible as a miracle! You can come back to life, both from the general unconsciousness that you live in which is like being half dead, AND from even a state of what appears to be complete death. Death is reversible because death is a lie - it is just denial that, in truth, we are immortal, and our immortality has the power to DEMONSTRATE that it is not true.

I think we're falling far short of our grasp of the potential of the miracle-working "ability" and really are quite closed-minded about the sheer radicalness of what Jesus is leading us to be capable of. I've seen people who seem to be "awake" or have experienced some form of awakening, still being effectively stuck in a body, unable to make the body disappear as Jesus did, incapable of healing anyone, and not even believing in these kind of miracles.

For me it's a no brainer. It's called "A Course in Miracles", written by the ONE person in human history who is most associated with "miracles", who is most known for his examples of miracles, which were so profound that entire religions arose out of it, because this Course IS attempting to bring us to a readiness, willingness, and capability, of performing these exact same profound miracles that THAT person did.

It's not a Course in gradually waking up and sitting on your hands. It's a Course in becoming Christ and wielding the power of God to do absolutely anything that can be used for teaching and healing purposes. There are no limits. I feel passionate about this because I see the potential and I believe it. I am developing faith in it. And I am starting to see small miracles trickle out. I'm starting to develop trust in it and am becoming more and more willing to express love. And love is not weak - it is POWERFUL.

Jesus has said in many places that we are capable of incredible power. That the mind is extremely powerful. That we have the power to create planets. That we even have the power to create an entire universe. Yet we've made ourselves so "little" and are playing at being so small and helpless that we have this idea of waking up as though it's a movement into just chilling out and "doing nothing". Jesus tells us that members of his party are "active workers". There is action involved. The plan of Atonement which we have a role in helping to bring about.

Miracles can do extraordinary things, things we would consider "supernatural", things which when people witness them, many would be completely shocked and very emotionally moved and it could be seriously life-changing. Jesus warns about using them purely as a spectacle BECAUSE they are capable of doing extremely profound things, not because they are tiny private little changes. Why would He even think that they might come across as a spectacle or something to be awed, unless they actually had observable, demonstrable effects which people might be shocked and astounded by? I don't know about you but I don't think anyone is going to get very excited about my quiet little "shifts in perception" any time soon.

Witnessing such a miracle blows the doors off everything you ever believed. They prove that what you believed and assumed about this world, the body, and life, all this time, must be wrong. Suddenly something happens that "should not be possible", given the ego's framework, and yet it happened, and you'll be like, I just can't believe it. But you won't be able to deny it, and it will permanently change your mind and cause you to become more open to an alternative truth.

If every day of your life you have only ever seen cars drive on a road and suddenly you see a car flying through the air, put there by Jesus to demonstrate that it is POSSIBLE, your whole world view will be blown. You'll never be able to think about gravity and objects and weight and difficulty in the same way again. And if you think that this feat is amazing, it is a tiny little blip compared to what the mind is capable of. We literally have invented an entire universe with planets and stars and civilizations, using our mind. This is our dream.

More A Course in Miracles students need to become more open to these kind of miracles. This is what Jesus is asking us to become capable of. It is our inheritance, and it is too easy to stop short and retain all of the ego's laws and never be capable of showing anyone that they are false. How can we truly teach, through demonstration, that the ego's world is absolutely at the EFFECT of our causality, if we can't even barely make a feather move from a tabletop? Our minds are hugely more powerful than this and Jesus wants us to be open-minded about it. We will see miracles through our hands, through Jesus.

"There is nothing my holiness cannot do."

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