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Do you need an ego in order to function in the world?

  • By Paul West
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Do you need an ego in order to function in the world?

Chris asked:

"Hi Paul

Ram Dass says that one cannot function here without an ego.
Any thoughts about this from the Course?"

Hi Chris.

To me this is backwards. The ego is dysfunction, not function. It is a failure to function. It is also a denial of the true natural function that God gave us.

When we are in the world, like, identified with the ego, and therefore have an ego, we are not really functioning. In this state we do all manner of activities and stuff but it's not our true function. It's really an attempt not to will anything, which eventually ends in death which is the giving up of the will to live.

The mind which is making the ego or is believing in the ego, is more powerful than the ego it has made. The ego wouldn't even seem to exist at all without that mind dreaming it. The dreaming mind does not need the ego, the ego needs the dreaming mind. If the mind were to be free of the ego, the mind would still be very powerful, creative and capable. There is nothing your holiness cannot do.

For example it is possible to call upon Jesus's image even though He has ascended and no longer has any ego whatsoever. He is capable with his mind of temporarily recreating the illusion of a human body, which can appear to interact with this world in any way anyone else would be able to, and then some. He is not limited by it and is perhaps more capable than when he identified as an ego self.

Being in the world but not of the world, gives you the freedom to be unlimited, which has to provide far more potential than being limited and confined by an ego identity.

Typically, as far as I know, most people who become absent of ego tend to transcend the world and the body and, in Jesus's example, He disappeared His body entirely. Who and what He is remains omnipresent and it is very easy for Him to project an image of a body and function "in" the world without Him being lost in it or believing in it.

The ego that's within the world, an example of which is the body, is able to interact with the world but it's on the same level as the world. The body is made of the same thing the world is made of, the same illusion.

We ask the body to tell us what's going on in the world or what it means, and yet the body itself is made of the same stuff, so it can't really see outside of itself to get an objective view of the world. Similarly when we're in the ego we can't see outside of it and yet we seem to function within its confines. When the ego has dissolved, who we are has transcended form and the body and the world and can now function on a much higher level. To then say you can function on a profoundly higher level but can't function in a world which is essentially nothing, is really the ego's attempt to make itself special.

What about angels? Angels don't have egos, yet they are able to function in this world and beyond. They're able to manifest temporary forms in this world and interact with people and do stuff. An ego is not needed in order to show up here. The mind is able to create bodies and worlds without necessarily identifying with them.

It's identification with the ego/body that puts us into unconsciousness. We can lucid dream and still make dreams and yet not be lost in them. The only sensible conclusion I can come to here is that you need an ego in order NOT to function, and getting rid of it will ADD abilities to you that you never dreamed of.


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