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Does fear of healing stop miracles from happening?

  • By Paul West
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Does fear of healing stop miracles from happening?

Tiina asked:

"Can you talk about FEAR of healing? This is what Jesus told me and what it says in the ACIM that if there is a fear of healing, healing cannot happen. How to go beyond fear of miraculous healing?"

There is a powerful section in A Course in Miracles. It's in chapter 27 - The Healing of the Dream, in the section titled "The Fear of Healing". This section includes some very radical, powerful statements by Jesus about what miracles are and what He is asking us to become capable of. Some powerful quotes include:

"Damaged bodies are accusers." ... "The sick remain accusers." ... "The unhealed cannot pardon."

"No one in whom true forgiveness rests can suffer. He holds not the proof of sin before his brother's eyes."

"Who forgives is healed. And in his healing lies proof that he has truly pardoned, and retains no trace of condemnation that he would still hold against himself or any living thing."

"Forgiveness is not real unless it brings healing to your brother and yourself. You must attest his sins have no effect on you to demonstrate they are not real. How else could he be guiltless?"

And then Jesus gives us one of the most powerful paragraphs of all testifying to the fact that, in A Course in Miracles, a MIRACLE is literally the manifestational expression of the undoing of sin even in FORM, to demonstrate that what you believe about forgiveness is true, showing this to your brother as a teaching device IN the dream to PROVE that your mind is forgiven...

"A broken body shows the mind has not been healed. A miracle of healing proves that separation is without effect. What you would prove to him you will believe. The power of witness comes from your belief. And everything you say or do or think but testifies to what you teach to him. Your body can be means to teach that it has never suffered pain because of him. And in its healing can it offer him mute testimony of his innocence. It is this testimony that can speak with power greater than a thousand tongues. For here is his forgiveness proved to him."

Here Jesus is plainly telling us that a broken body is evidence that the mind has truly not been healed. It is not enough to think that you heal the mind in isolation and then sickness will remain in the body. If that is the case, the body is being used as a way to teach that sickness is real and that, therefore, someone is still guilty. "YOU made sickness and death and can abolish both."

Sickness proves, by demonstration, on the physical level, that the mind cannot have been fully healed otherwise the mind would not allow or express itself in the form of a teaching device which expresses the exact opposite to its truth. The body MUST correlate to the mind, and when you are looking at someone's body, you ARE looking at an expression of their mind, because the body is IN the mind and comes FROM the mind. A healed mind must reflect in a healed body.

Jesus also says "the power of witness comes from your belief", meaning that if you TRULY believe the atonement, and truly have accepted forgiveness, this MUST and will produce a witness in the body which testifies to what you believe. If you believe in sickness the body will be sick to teach this. If you believe in health, ie wholeness of mind, the body will be made whole to teach this also. You need to realize that sickness is a device put in place with a purpose of separation, and without that purpose it has no grounds for staying.

There is not a separation between body and mind - that is an idea the ego introduced when it was attempting to separate the body from the mind and use the body as a way to shut the mind out. And this is the mode that many people are lost in, believing that they themselves did not give themselves sickness, and that therefore when their mind is healed they will have to continue to passively suffer the same symptoms, having no power over the body whatsoever. This is a failure to heal the ego's reversal of cause and effect and maintains a victim consciousness.

Yet if healing is true and forgiveness has been accomplished, the mind becomes far more powerful than the body and literally MUST reflect its condition in the body. Once cause and effect are placed in their proper order, the body is no longer believed to have power over the mind and the mind will now directly represent itself in the apparent "form" of a body which has no damage or breakage or sickness whatsoever, BECAUSE the mind believes in immortality and knows that sickness is a symptom of a belief in separation.

Jesus tells us "Your body can be means to teach that it has never suffered pain because of him." He also says that "In its healing it can offer him mute testimony of his innocence." This is very important.

What I feel is a very key point to make here, is that even though the physical universe is just an illusion, and even though bodies are not real, and even though it seems very uncommon to witness miracles, I am growing in the awareness that this world is actually a place where miracles are to be demonstrated, because there is a metaphysical truth which needs to be expressed and shown to prove that God's Will is real, even here.

This demonstration also proves WITHIN the dream to those still asleep, that the world IS a dream because the dreamer can choose to change it. This means that this world and the things which happen in this world, are actually a stage on which we are to demonstrate the truth, and therefore if in the world the body is sick, this is still taking place in the mind, and therefore the mind is sick.

The world is not really a "physical place" where there is no mind except inside bodies, the world itself is MADE OF the mind expressing itself and what it believes, albeit as an illusion or a "thought" in the mind of the Son of God. We a living inside our own imagination within our own collective mind, and within this mind, as illusions are undone, the illusion of death and sickness will be undone in what APPEARS to be "form" - really a thought form! Thus form will change because the mind within which this thought form is suspended has changed. You could say, we "think with the world".

Thus we are to show, in the illusion of form, that separation has not happened. We are to use form to teach that we as mind truly believe we are innocent, that our brother is innocent, that sin is not real, and that therefore there have not been any real effects from attack. This world is to be the stage on which we show our brother through the symbol of a healed body "thought", just how innocent he must be, because nothing he can do can harm us and nothing he can do can forcefully change how we appear if it is not our will.

We are meant to be so convinced of our invulnerability that our mind becomes so empowered by alignment with God, and we literally express this in and as the image of a body. Regardless of whether this image is reality or not, and it is not, it is a teaching device and a way for Holy Spirit to use the body to demonstrate to YOURSELF AND OTHERS, that the ego's thought system is not true. The body is just a part of what the mind is dreaming, and there is no such thing as "real matter". The body is just an image, and images can be changed by the mind that dreams them.

That means you MUST become capable of literally removing all traces of sickness and damage from your physical body, so that it does not testify that you or your brother are sick. If your believe it is possible for the mind to be at peace but for the body to be sick, you are mistaken. There is more to A Course in Miracles than this. Jesus as Christ already demonstrated what is possible.

There is nothing in the records of Jesus's miracle working saying that He himself ever had sickness or that he demonstrated or believed in sickness being real. And even when he was being crucified he did not suffer. As he said in this section of ACIM, the guiltless mind cannot suffer and if you have forgiven yourself for having done nothing, nothing will have happened to you and this will demonstrate "physically", while you have a body. 

If you were to maintain sickness in your form, it literally teaches everyone around you that causes in the world produce real damage on the Son of God. And it proves that you do not TRULY believe in your innocence, because if you did, you would not believe that you or your body could be affected by the world in any way whatsoever. To be innocent means to be unaffected by illusions or illusory causes, or attack of any kind. And to believe that means you will not believe in anything else, and therefore will not create anything else.

The power of a forgiven mind is so great that it literally can effortlessly manifest a body image which contains no trace of sickness and which does not follow the ego's physical laws and which transcends all attempts to attack it. If your brother attempts to attack it and it normally "should" produce symptoms as a result of the attack, and if it does not do so, this will be so incredibly profound to the attacker that it will show them that their sins are not real and that they have not produced any real effects. And this will demonstrate to them that they are innocent, and this will produce a healing for them in their own mind and body also.

You need to also understand how sickness gets into your own body, and it is not because of causes outside of the body whatsoever. It is because your own mind believes in the sickness and puts the sickness into the body. If the mind does not agree with sickness it will not manifest sickness in the body, EVEN IF the alleged external causes of that sickness are present.

There are people who do not believe that they need to depend on the perfect diet in order to be healthy, and they have such a sense of invulnerability to food that they can eat pretty much anything they like and not have ANY of the "effects" that this food allegedly is supposed to produce. There are people with clogged-up arteries who technically should be dropping dead at any moment and yet who simply do not manifest sickness when exposed to certain inputs, because their mind does not believe or choose to be sick in that way. "Mind over matter."

The egos laws of being an external cause are regularly defied in this way, because the person's mind is the ONLY cause of what shows up in their body. Even people who do not forgive themselves and who believe in sin and sickness, even if they seem to contract an illness as a "result" of something that comes into the body from outside, even then their mind is still very powerfully manifesting the sickness on its own and putting the symptoms into the body. The sickness is not caused by anything but the mind.

Just because this is being done somewhat unconsciously does not mean that the ILLUSION of an external cause of sickness is really the cause of it. Nothing can happen to you against your will and everything that seems to happen to you to do to yourself, including the "symptoms" of an external attack!

Jesus finishes his paragraph by saying "It is this testimony that can speak with power greater than a thousand tongues. For here is his forgiveness proved to him." Clearly if someone appears to do something to you but really you know that they have not, because you have forgiven, and this does not show up as effects in your body, this is going to so completely defy the sense of causality that the person believed that it will teach them a very profound lesson.

They might even become frightened at witnessing that something that they did with intent to harm has had absolutely no effect on you. And it has had no effect because YOU did not choose to put effects there. You must realize your mind is the sole cause of all symptoms in the body and whether or not it chooses to make the body sick or well. Nobody else does this to you. And this literally means that you MUST become able to demonstrate that you are unharmed on ALL levels, if you are to prove that you truly have forgiven. Why would you keep sickness and teach that it is real?

It is not enough to just claim the atonement in isolation or to forgive in secret or to water down the power of the miracle to a simple correction. The body is constantly being projected and maintained by the mind and is constantly demonstrating what the mind believes about itself. The body cannot FAIL to demonstrate divine health if the mind chooses to believe genuinely in divine health. If divine health is a reality to the mind, the body WILL produce a projection of that state of mind and WILL demonstrate a complete absence of physical sickness.

Even a sick mind is still powerful, and is still producing evidence of its sickness in the body image. Even though it is mis-creating and mis-choosing and is mis-taken, it still nevertheless manifests the sickness in the body and causes it to show up. This testifies to the fact that even victims are choosing to be victims and even the powerless are powerfully making it seem like they have no power. Therefore those who die choose death and do it to themselves, artfully making it appear to happen against their will while all along being their own choice.

To many, this demonstration of the power of mind would appear to be supernatural. And it is. And that's because God is supernatural, the truth is supernatural, and miracles IN A Course in Miracles are supernatural. It is supernatural because it defies and egos "natural" laws. And yet within the community of ACIM students, there is a profound degree of denial and rejection of this. To many it seems simply too radical, or is simply so radically unlike anything they have ever witnessed that they do not even conceive of it or imagine that the Course might even be suggesting this. To demonstrate healing "in the body" has become some kind of blasphemy.

So this somewhat brings us around to the fear of healing, and whether or not fear has the supposed power to prevent healing. Clearly, right off the bat, anyone with an ego will be against healing because, as Jesus said in other parts of this section, those who are sick are accusers. Sickness accuses your brother, so to demonstrate sickness in your body is to attack someone, and sickness is symptomatic of attack. Only therefore by the removal of sickness can you prove that you do not believe in attack, and what you truly believe WILL show up in your body as an EXPRESSION of your mind. As within so without, and what applies to you applies to your body and your brother.

Having chosen sickness, someone has automatically believed that sin is real and guilt is justified, and that therefore they deserve suffering. That is why the sickness has appeared. It symbolizes the mind's dream that sin is real. And so automatically this means, all those who are apparently sick, or are using their powerful mind to create an illusion of weakness or of having no choice or of being a victim, all of those people are against healing. And this is largely why so many ego-occupied people are against supernatural miracles - they are seen as a threat that will undo the person's identity.

God is a state of permanent health. God's Will is permanent health because He wills only the sustaining and continuation of perfect innocence. In God's view there is no sickness whatsoever and sickness is not possible. God's love constantly maintains a perfect state of being with no errors or mistakes within it. It does not demonstrate attack or sickness at any time and is incapable of suffering or death. God has eternal life, and is alive forever.

Therefore, when someone believes in separation, they are rejecting Life, they are rejecting health, they are rejecting wholeness, and are attempting to destroy God and His Son. They are attempting to take away from God His Function and deny Him what He Is. This rejection of life MUST express itself in the body as symptoms of what we call sickness, i.e. a lack of Life. In other words, distortions and attacks and things being "out of order". Orderliness, as in divine order, extends from God, and denial of God results in "dis-orders".

Those who are sick therefore have attacked themselves, and they are attempting to use their belief in attack to prove that their brother is the cause of their sickness. They will attempt to scapegoat and to get rid of their own guilt, resulting from their own belief that they have sinned against God, and will use the body to show an image of attack against their brother.

They will use attack and denial as part of their mechanism of projection, to try to prove that the sickness was not chosen by themselves and that someone or something external has caused it. This is an attempt both to disown the power and the fact that the person's mind creates the body's sickness, and is simultaneously an attempt to GIVE that sickness to their brother. Sickness is the attempt to get rid of sin by sinning further.

Therefore, those who are in a state of sickness of any kind, where the body is demonstrating an absence of Health, are people who believe in attack at some level. If they didn't they would not have attacked their mind and body and the body would not be sick. Therefore, these people will be riddled with sin, guilt and fear, and are already enacting a punishment upon who they believe they are. They are afraid of healing because healing represents their enemy, which has come to destroy the ego. The sick will be the least likely to want to be well, and will resist your attempts to help them.

Being identified with the ego as your "self" naturally makes you want to defend it and protect it. In the interests of saving your life, you will side with it and reject God, which the ego sees as a threat. This attempt to save your life will result in death. But you'll defend it to the death only because you think it is your self, and it is completely understandable for a self to want to continue existing. Healing is therefore seen as an attack on the ego and thus an attack on the self, and is seen as unwanted and frightening.

Belief in separation brings with it an ego identity which becomes identified with and associated with the body, as though the body is the self. A person will cling to the body tighter by making it sick so that awareness is fixated on the body and away from the mind - because the mind is the source of miracles. The person will regard the body self therefore as "the guilty one". The body will then depict the mind's view of the body, because the mind is attacking the Self and the body-identified self is going to receive the effects of that attack.

So the sick are accusers and they are attackers, and even if they seem to be suffering, even if they claim they do not want what is happening to them, even if it SEEMS as though the sickness was caused by something OTHER than their own mind, and even if the suffering is so unpleasant that they say they do not want it at all, the metaphysical facts remain that their own mind is attacking themselves. And it will be only by awareness of owning up to this fact and having a change of mind that will result in their healing.

This can mean that a sick person does not want to be healed. In fact, all sick people do not want health. They threw health away and chose sickness to defend their ego against the attack of "truth" in which they mis-perceived a threat. People believe that the truth has come to attack who they are (as ego) proving that they do not exist, and understandably then set up defenses against the truth in order to try to protect themselves.

They do this in the interests of "self preservation", but inadvertendly end up attacking and destroying themselves because the truth they are defending against is God's truth. A defense against a genuinely false lie would be helpful indeed, and result in health, but defense against God merely produces death in all its forms. All sickness is merely a different "degree" of death in the hierarchy of illusions, and death is the only ailment.

The sick do not fully want to be well, because their rejection of health is a rejection of God, which led to the need for the sickness in the first place. Although the sick seem to suffer, and command a great deal of sympathy, they are nevertheless choosers of self-attack and are attackers of their brother. Their portrayal of themselves as innocent victims is part of the payoff of creating the sickness in the first place, to deflect guilt away from themselves and onto an external cause. Their claim to have not chosen sickness is precisely how they chose it, through a dis-owning of their health.

A sickness that you choose for yourself becomes an attempt to make your brother sick also, because what you are doing is attempting to introduce a separation between you and them. If your "self" is separate from their "self", and the two of you are not One, then there will be sickness coming between you. This sickness will attack BOTH of you, because it is an attempt to separate you not just from him but to separate you both from each other. Separation is a double-sided sword.

This is why sickness showing up in any form in the body or mind demonstrates the desire to attack yourself and your brother, and proves that you do not REALLY believe in the innocence that connects both of you together as One.

However, what happens when you yourself choose to liberate yourself of a belief in attack? What happens when you accept the atonement for yourself and become truly forgiving? If you do this and you do it FULLY, it must mean that you deeply, deeply believe that your innocence is the real truth. If you belive this, you will have no NEED to maintain defenses against God, and you will see no reason to attack yourself or your brother.

Your mind will cease to attack itself, and this attack will fail to show up in the body. The body, as an EFFECT of the mind will demonstrate an out-picturing of what the mind believes is true of it. Realize that the body is being CURRENTLY generated by the mind, no matter what its condition is, and if it seems to maintain a condition over time it is only because the mind is not changing.

Along-term sickness is a long-term belief going unchallenged. And that unchanged mind will just keep recreating what appears to be the "same body" over time. It is not the same body, it is just a continually refreshed image being regenerated every moment by the mind that happens to keep recreating the same picture.

Yet the mind is projecting a fresh out-picturing of itself, as the body, every tiny moment in time. The mind can INSTANTLY project a body free of sickness if the mind chooses the truth. In other words, the body does not have ITS OWN SICKNESS, it is just a projection of the content in the mind, and as soon as the mind changes, the body must show up to represent a change of mind. The mind is like a movie projector and the body is the movie. The movie must change if the mind changes what it is projecting.

Sickness MUST disappear when the mind has truly forgiven. As Jesus said in additional notes given to Helen, when illusions are recognized as illusions, they MUST disappear. And so sickness, recognized as an illusion, must disappear, and there is nothing locked-in or fixed about the physical body that can prevent this change. The ILLUSION that the body has developed deep-seated sicknesses over time which are very resistant to healing, is absolutely a lie. They can be dropped in an instant because it is the MIND which has not changed itself over time.

The mind recognizes that the sickness in the body is nothing but an illusion, and was only ever a device to serve a purpose of maintaining a belief in separation, and so seeing through that seemingly-real separation will result in the removal of the purpose and reason for the sickness, and it will disappear. Literally. The body will show up as healed. This can happen in the blink of an eye taking no time at all, because miracles transcend and rearrange the temporal order.

This also means that your mind is no longer attacking your brother. It is not demonstrating to your brother the belief that they (and you) are still guilty, or that they are capable of causing you to suffer. The undoing of your sickness proves to them that sin does not cause punishment. It also disproves what they believe about themselves. And it shows that what applies to you applies to them because you are One. Heal yourself and you offer healing to your brother also.

If they believe that they are sinful and therefore guilty and deserving punishment, and if they attempted to attack you to get rid of their guilt, and this attempt had NO EFFECT on your body because your mind chose not to use it for self-attack, then your brother would be somewhat shocked as to why their attempt has had no effect.

For example, I heard the testimony of a man who was being held at gunpoint by another man who was attempting to steal his car and belongings. The man exclaimed that he was a man of God and that nothing can harm him, and he really believed it. The gunman shot his gun at point-blank range at the man several times, and not a single bullet hit him. They all fell to the ground. The man had been supernaturally protected by his own faith and the power of God, and demonstrated the truth that nothing real can be threatened, the Son of God cannot be harmed, and the attacker is innocent. The attacker ended up being invited to live at the man's house and left his sinful ways behind him.

Demonstrating a miracle will profoundly and POWERFULLY educate your brother that, in spite of a sin that they believe is real, it has no real effects, and therefore cannot be real. Thus YOUR innocence proves and demonstrates your brother's innocence and teaches him that he cannot have sinned either. This is why your acceptance of the atonement accepts it not just for you but for your brother as well.

Now, this demonstration alone has the potential to show your brother that what he thinks he did is not true, and this could lead to healing for him IF he is willing to not defend against it. But it is still possible that the person might choose to put up defenses against the truth and continue to maintain sickness, or add to it.

Those who believe in attack are afraid of attack, or of sickness being removed, because they see it as a defense against an attacker. As described in the ACIM section about "sickness is a defense against the truth", sickness is established as a defense against a perceived threat, the threat being the truth which the ego misunderstands. Removal of the sickness without a correction of the mind to undo the misperception that led to the NEED for the sickness, could frighten the person again, and justify them putting up a defense of sickness. Defenses are also attacks.

Let us also touch on the fact that God has already fully given unconditional love and perfect health at all times. It is not God who has failed to give healing. It is not God who has failed to offer divine health. It is us who have REJECTED it. We threw it away when we chose to believe in the ego. We have chosen to resist health and to choose death, of which sickness is an expression.

We already had perfect health and immortality in Heaven with God, and it was only after "the separation" that we seemed to use our will to reject health, to reject healing, and to reject the miraculous eternal life of being with God. So clearly we have this illusory ability, which God appears not to prevent, to deny healing and choose against Life. We have chosen against healing already, which is why we are experiencing the separation from God.

So we need to realize, the entire power of God is being offered just the same as it always was, and yet people are reluctant to RECEIVE it. They have rejected this power by rejecting their own power. They want to be sick. So every time that you attempt to offer healing, it is still possible that the person will freely choose to be UNWILLING to accept healing. Again, it is not God's failure to give miraculous healing or permanent health, that's not the problem, and your own choice to accept the atonement and demonstrate perfect health is not the problem either. The problem is that people want to die and they are free to choose to - or at least try to.

You could also say that someone's willingness to die is insanity and the person, IF relieved of the belief in death, would certainly be happy and grateful for being freed from their own insane death wish. IF you could forceably take it away, restoring their mind and body to perfection, and if this could be done without instilling fear, surely the person would be overjoyed to be restored to freedom and happiness. This is God's will for them ultimately.

But God also knows that nothing has happened, and nothing unreal can be threatened. "Love cannot enter where it is not welcome." Fear is a choice to reject love. Fear of healing is a choice to reject the truth. Love will not "force itself" or its effects onto someone. Love is kind and gentle and not forceful at all. It offers itself fully and unconditionally, and to force itself would be to become conditional - saying that sometimes you have a choice to accept it and sometimes you do not. And the person still is free to choose.

This said, consider the alternative. If those who are sick automatically had the power to reject all healing, and just by virtue of being sick could NOT be healed, this would mean that as soon as someone becomes sick there is no hope whatsoever. They will die. Once a sinner, always a sinner. This is the ego's belief - that sin is real, therefore the punishment of sickness is real, and therefore it is irreversible.

If sickness is irreversible, healing is impossible. And if this were truth or happening in reality, miracles would have no power to change anything. Real sickness cannot be healed. Only illusions of sickness can be healed, and MUST be healable. Miracles heal because they remove the guilt that has made sickness possible, undoing the belief in sin that sickness is based in. In other words, in its recognition that the sin has not really happened at all, the miracle is CAPABLE of undoing all of the ILLUSORY effects of sin, such as sickness and death.

But how then could anyone in a position of power to heal, help anyone who is resisting healing? How is it possible for love to produce healing in those who do not want love? I have offered healings to people before and performed the healing remotely and have been told by Holy Spirit that "it has been given fully". And yet the healing showed no results in the person. They did not want to receive it.

I also have attempted miracles on other occasions for someone and seemingly with no effects, and again was told by Holy Spirit that there was something blocking it. I asked what, and was told, "she is". Also many times I asked Jesus to heal someone and He told me that He is perfectly capable of healing all sickness, but the person does not want it.

A willingness to RECEIVE healing is partly a prerequisite for healing to come, because the person has the power to choose what they will experience. Healing won't "happen to them", they must participate in it by electing to agree with it and be open to it. Stepping into the shoes of HEALER is part of healing, because it is the privilege of the healed to heal. And so to receive healing, a person must have some willingness to become willing to heal, meaning, to heal both themselves AND others. Resistance to healing can be strong and it can thwart all efforts to heal.

Some years ago I was faced with this dilemma and was concerned about attempting to heal those who are sick without their "permission". I could not see how it could be possible to heal someone if they did not want it. I eventually ran out of understanding and came to Jesus, puzzled. I asked Him if I was supposed to be praying for someone against their will. Jesus simply said, "since when is it a crime to love someone?" Provided prayer is coming from love, it is not harmful, and will not attack the person. It can only be a blessing, once received.

You can love people. And in fact, when you become unconditionally loving, you cannot NOT love people all the time. Miracles are expressions of love. And love has the power to undo sickness in all its forms. It can heal your brother's sickness as well as your own. Jesus proved this with his supernatural miracles. Love is powerful. Love is capable of undoing the severest of conditions, including death. It can raise the dead and give sight to the blind. This is in spite of the person's choice to be sick or their insistence that sin is real.

The willingness to receive the truth of the atonement for yourself gives you the power and privilege to forgive the "sins" of others. This extends to the ability to perform healing miracles for others. But it is possible still for others to reject healing. They can still choose not to receive the healing and they may well do this out of fear. And this may be very foolish, given the benefits they will enjoy if they receive healing. But it is still up to their will to allow it or not, and Jesus knows whether a miracle would be worth offering.

You can always ASK! Only a little willingness is needed, although more will facilitate receiving on a larger scale. Remember that the sick believe in sin and guilt and are riddled with it, and their sinfulness does not disallow them healing. If they will give you an inch, the miracle will provide the mile.

Ultimately love encompasses the intelligence, wisdom, power and knowledge which orchestrates and performs the miracle. Miracles are expressions of love. Yet if someone asks for healing or shows a little willingness, Holy Spirit can take this opportunity to provide as much healing as possible, even above and beyond what the person conceived of.

It only takes a little faith in order to bring miracles forth from Jesus and it does not require the recipient to be wholly willing to be healed. It doesn't even require the miracle worker to be wholly healed, because miracles are taken first on faith in that which you do not fully understand, the source of which may be outside your awareness.

What remains then is whether or not there is fear in the mind of the miracle worker. Your own fears about performing healing or receiving it. Fear means you are depending on the ego for healing. Fears means you do not BELIEVE in miracle healing, and this will cause it to not function as well. Fear of healing will also cause you to not experience healing in and around you, and you will likely not attract sources of healing proof to you because your blindness does not want to see it.

Fear also means you are simultaneously attacking your brother as you attempt to heal them. Fear means you do not believe you deserve to be forgiven, and therefore are unwilling to forgive your brother. And fear will also undermine your faith that the healing is going to work, IF the healing effects do not appear to manifest immediately.

It will bring doubt into your mind AND other people will attempt to doubt for you. Doubting results means "wavering", and wavering comes from fear, and it literally UNDOES the miracle. You must not waver and you must not enter fear, otherwise you do not believe in what you are doing and your belief in something else (failure to be well) will manifest instead. Fear must be removed from the mind in order to more abundantly and consistently express miracles, although it can be temporarily suspended.

What applies to you applies to them, so you must be willing to receive miracles yourself and overcome your own objections to them in order to simultaneously become willing to perform them for others. Your fear about whether the miracle will work is part of your lack of belief in and trust in God. Believing healing is God's will is a vital part of the working of miracles through you and without it you will see few results.

Fear potentially stands in the way of healing, but only because healing is gentle and kind and patient. Everyone returns to God eventually. But some may choose to reject healing because they are using their own mind to make their body sick. You can even remove the bodily symptoms of sickness only to have the person re-generate the sicknes quickly and reinstate the symptoms, because the person may continue to believe in their own self attack and unworthiness.

I heard a story about how a person had one leg a couple inches shorter than the other. Upon receiving a healing miracle, their leg grew out and became even. They were able to walk without pain. However, a few days later, the person returned and their leg had shrunk back to being 2 inches short again.

They had undermined their own miracle and did not believe in it, or that they deserved it. So their own unhealed mind attacked themselves again and reproduced the same symptoms because the same NEED for the symptoms had not been fully undone. The ego will attempt to cancel the miracle and reinstate itself if it has grounds for doing so.

Teaching your brother to forgive himself is one route to healing, and another is an intercession by Jesus. As He says in the miracle principles, miracles intercede for your holiness. Jesus is capable of granting a miracle and undoing death. And given death is an ultimate statement of refusal to allow love, it would seem that even death cannot prevent the miracle healing power of love.

This further suggests fear cannot prevent healing, because fear itself can be healed. But someone must witness to the truth and someone must be willing to disagree with the person's belief in their sinfulness. Joined minds produce healing and the joining takes place in your acceptance of the atonement, the innocence of yourself AND you brother.

Fear is weakness, it has no power. It is a symptom. But it is symptomatic of a powerful mind's choice to reject God's healing love and orderliness. Ultimately the mind of the receiver of miracles must choose at least a little willingness to receive healing, and to claim its effects, otherwise they may misuse their mind to maintain a position of suffering.

Unconditional love calls for us to always be loving, regardless. IF someone is calling for love, love is the response. If someone is loving, love is the response. Always love, and always be miraculous, and who receives healing or doesn't will be automatically and perfectly orchestrated by God.

Fear isn't real, and everyone already has perfect health in Spirit. It is just a matter of whether people want to remain in denial or have a willingness to be happy again. Attempting to heal those who vehemently reject healing may come across as an attack and frighten them. Jesus warns against "indiscriminate miracles" for this reason, in that you may waste your time trying to heal those who do not want or who are not ready for healing.

Sometimes it is kinder not to offer healing at all, and it is also kind to yourself to not attempt miracles whose magnitude you are not ready to overlook, because your own fear could produce an embarrassing failure. Jesus has told me more than once to not heal someone, simply because I was not ready. My belief in the hierarchy of illusions i.e. orders of difficulty of miracles was too strong to go up against what I saw in the person's sickness. In other words, I did not really believe it could be healed and would have been thwarted by my own belief in sickness's reality.

Jesus asks us to place our miracle working under His guidance and to ask Him whether to perform each miracle or not, because He knows the plan for atonement and the proper allotment or miracles. Miracles become possible when you learn to depend on God and surrender ego control, so it should be natural to allow Jesus to cooperate with you on this as you learn to be open to God's love being extended through you, and as you become willing to render loving service to others. Miracles are a service to your brother and are the MAXIMAL service you can give them.

Fear is an illusion. Only love is real. All illusions can be undone. There is nothing that cannot be healed. And supernatural "miracles are everyone's right, but purification may be necessary first."


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