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Effects seem to be causes because we have separated ourselves from causality

  • By Paul West
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Effects seem to be causes because we have separated ourselves from causality

When something causal is denied and made unconscious, its "effects" appear now to be a cause all of their own.

God is the "first cause." We as the creation of God, extension of God, Son of God, are his "effect".

When we deny that God is the cause, which we do through some form of separation/denial, we attempt to shut God out of awareness. We form a block to awareness. The awareness of the presence of love diminishes.

It now seems that the "effect" that we are is not coming from God, and that God is not the cause. Seeing that there is no other cause, it seems logical to conclude that we, as an effect, are actually a cause.

This is the birth of the "authority problem." Cause has been denied and now an effect is having a fantasy about being its own cause.

The effect them takes on the illusion that it can cause other things to happen on its own. A dream, which was once an effect of dreaming, starts to look like it can cause real consequences to take place. A dream figure, who was dreamed up by a dreamer, suddenly seems to take on a life of its own.

But the denial of God as First Cause means that causality itself is denied, and this also must mean that we as God's "effect" will continue to deny that there is cause in us.

In separating ourselves from Cause in God, we also separate ourselves from cause in general, and so put distance between ourselves and causality. This is another way of describing "projection".

We displace causality outside of us as though it is separate from us, just in the same way as God is separate from us. Causality is now on the other side of a gap. And that means that we automatically start to believe that we are once again "not the cause" of this happening, and that some separate "other" is the cause.

This means that while part of us is beleiving we've taken authority away from God and given it to ourself, we simultanoeusly believe that we've given up power and are now at the effect of a separate cause.

We're having a belief in being powerful over God, while at the same time as believing we are being a victim of God. The more that we try to have authority over God, the more of a victim we will become. The more we try to put separation between us and God as cause, the more cause will separate from us and seem to do things to us against our will.

Death is the illusion that a separate cause has been so separate from and against us that it has chosen to destroy us entirely against our will, but has been brought about BY attempting to take God's power away.

Thus the ego's "authority" is really a lack of authority, and is a choice to be a victim, pretending to be God. This is of course arrogant at the same time as futile and self-destructive.

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