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Elaborating on I am not weak but strong

  • By Paul West
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I am not weak, but strong. 
I am not helpless, but all powerful. 
I am not limited, but unlimited. 
I am not doubtful, but certain. 
I am not an illusion, but a reality. 
I cannot see in darkness, but in light.

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I am not afraid, but confident.
I am not confused, but clear.
I am not lost, but found.
I am not false, but true.
I am not alone, but unified.
I am not separate, but one.
I am not lacking, but complete.
I am not guilty, but sinless.
I am not sinful, but innocent.
I am not in pain, but in health.
I am not deceived, but assured.
I am not deprived, but grateful.
I am not dead, but eternal.
I am not hopeless, but joyful.
I am not angry, but peaceful.
I am not worried, but reassured.
I am not forgetful, but aware.
I am not unconscious, but knowing.
I am not pressured, but free.
I am not tense, but relaxed.
I am not upset, but calm.
I am not hateful, but forgiving.
I am not hurt, but healed.
I am not harmful, but a blessing.
I am not ego, but Christ.
I am not a body, but immortal spirit.
I am not blameful, but welcoming.
I am not a liar, but truthful.
I am not pretentious, but honest.
I am not vengeful, but gifted.
I am not forgotten, but known.
I am not rejected, but loved.
I am not abandoned, but supported.
I am not evil, but pure.
I am not a dream, but God's Creation.
I am not a fantasy, but genuine.
I am not suffering, but a blessing.
I am not undone, but immortal.
I am not grieving, but reunited.
I am not lonely, but helped.
I am not sorrowful, but relieved.
I am not stressful, but blissful.
I am not in danger, but safe.
I am not hopeless, but saved.
I am not condemned, but forgiven.
I am not unloveable, but loving.
I am not unhappy, but joyous.
I am not depressed, but liberated.
I am not diminished, but enlightened.
I am not starving, but nourished.
I am not limited, but abundant.
I am not harsh, but gentle.
I am not cold, but heartfelt.
I am not fallen, but ascended.
I am not extinct, but omnipresent.
I am not troubled, but sane.
I am not a sinner, but a savior.
I am not ugly, but beautiful.
I am not without, but within.
I am not a reject, but chosen.
I am not meaningless, but meaningful.

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