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Exclusive thinking

  • By Paul West
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The ego always thinks in terms of exclusion, because its entire logical system is based on "separation" between things.

e.g. A car is not a house. I am here but not there. That was loud, this is quiet.

The hierarchy of illusions comes from this.

No two objects sharing anything comes from this.

Finite limits come from this.

Not being able to truly share anything comes from this.

However, it is an assumption to presume that logic REQUIRES "separation" in order to make logical conclusions.

The ego's thought system of logic is based on a false premise that separation is a given. It is not.

If you take the "required separation between things" OUT of the equation, it is still possible to be logical.

That means you can say something like:

When I give this to you I do not lose it, it increases.

I have this, but I can share it with you, and we both can have it.

I am one with God, and so are you.

I have everything, and you also have everything.

This is the inclusive logic of Heaven and God's laws, which all follow the "absence of separation" in its thought progression and reasoning. God reasons that He will share, without loss, and thereby increase, by adding to existence, through creation. God also reasons that if He shares all of Himself with one son, there will still be all of God left to share with another son. And so on. This is perfectly logical when separation is absent from the reasoning.

When you think WITH the ego - using a form of logical reasoning based on exclusion and separation, you can come to a lot of conclusions. Those conclusions seem to make sense in reference to how THIS world seems to operate - your every day experience. But when you are talking about God's world, if you try to use exclusive logic to put stuff in boxes and separate things out - WHICH EVERYONE DOES - you will come to false conclusions.

You have to learn to think in an entirely new way. To think without separation. That's part of waking up.

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