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Fear of nothing

  • By Paul West
  • In Fear, Illusion, Reality
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Fear is always a fear of something that does not exist, is not happening, has not happened, and you cannot overcome. You can do nothing about the things you are afraid of, because they do not exist. You can't change them, because they're not there. You can't oppose them or go up against them because they're not there. In fact you can't do anything about things which don't exist.

This is what makes such things frightening. Believing they exist, while they don't, makes you think something non-existent is happening. Something unreal is being seen. Something that has no substance or truth or love seems to be happening to you. And you are afraid automatically purely because it represents an alien will, a causality, a source of something, outside and beyond what you are.

You exist, and illusions do not exist. When you, as existing, present yourself with imagined scenarios of non-existent things, you are presenting yourself with stuff that you have no power to do anything about. It's almost as if the nothingness becomes a somethingness, and yet is still nothing, but you imagine it has powers and abilities and a will and a mind a capability of deciding your fate. And yet because it is nothing, you are completely powerless to do anything to stop it. Hence you are afraid.

This is why the course says things like "I am upset because I see something that is not there". You are upset because you are imagining, hallucinating, that something exists that does not. You are seeing it because you believe in it, but it is not real. So now you are seeing things which are not real, which is disturbing. If unreal things seem to have reality, or seem to be happening, and you think they are really there, you're going to be in automatic terror. Who wouldn't be upset at the suggestion that a non-existent void of nothingness and total death is rising up to attack them?

The way out of fear then isn't so much to do with wrestling with what you seem to be afraid of or what the nothingness is doing or what control you are trying to have over it. The way out is to not fear. Simple as that. Which means to no make up these dreams of fiction in the first place. Because you are doing it to yourself. It's your own mind that makes up all of the thoughts and imaginings that you are afraid of. All of the unreal stuff that you come up, frightens you. And it's you doing it.

You cannot be afraid of God, in recognition of his true nature, because he is real. Nothing real is frightening. Nothing real attacks or harms anything. Nothing real is offensive or needs controlling. Nothing real implies you need protection and defenses. Reality is perfect safety. In reality there is no disturbing of your peace or upsetting of your mind. There is nothing to fear, when God is here.

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