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Heaven and Earth are opposite in every way, and only one is real

  • By Paul West
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"W-pI.131.7. Heaven remains your one alternative to this strange world you made and all its ways; its shifting patterns and uncertain goals, its painful pleasures and its tragic joys. 2 God made no contradictions. 3 What denies its own existence and attacks itself is not of Him. 4 He did not make two minds, with Heaven as the glad effect of one, and earth the other's sorry outcome which is Heaven's opposite in every way."

Let's break this down step by step.

1. Heaven remains the only alternative. So that means Heaven is the only option that is OTHER THAN the option you're choosing. It's the only alternative to the "strange world you made", which therefore is not heaven. The strange world you made, is planet Earth.

2. Shifting patterns, uncertain goals, painful pleasures, tragic joys etc, are all typical of Earth. There are no such contradictions in Heaven.

3. God does not contradict himself and is not capable of doing two opposing things. He establishes a single through system with a single mind and a single outcome. A single creation. Whose nature must be like His and in accord with His laws.

4. What denies its own existence and attacks itself is not of Him. Earth, actually IS a denial of existence. It was made as an attack on God. To make a place where God could enter not. And by attacking, it must attack itself. And by trying to deny God's existence, and to deny Heaven, and produce an alternative to Heaven, it must deny its OWN existence and BE a state of denial. Therefore this world, Earth, denies its own existence and attacks itself, and so is NOT OF HIM because God would never create a world that does that.

5. God did not make two minds. God only made one mind. And this one mind has only one creation that extends from it. That creation is Heaven. It is not Earth.

6. In order for there to be Earth, which is opposite to Heaven in EVERY WAY, God would have to have had two opposing minds. Jesus is literally telling us that there are seeming to be "two" distinct "places" here. Heaven and Earth. And because Earth is the "second" place, there can only logically BE a second place if the second place is somehow DIFFERENT to the first place. To distinguish it and set it apart. It HAS to be opposite to Heaven, otherwise there can't be two things.

7. In order for Earth to have been created by God, and given that Jesus tells us Earth is OPPOSITE TO HEAVEN IN EVERY WAY, it would've required God to have created two completely different minds, two thought systems, to opposing outcomes, and these two system would HAVE to be in conflict with each other. Earth, by being a second thought system, HAS to be in conflict with Heaven and this is why it was an attack on God.

8. God cannot and does not create two different minds or thought systems or worlds. He can only create one. And the one He has created is Heaven. It is NOT EARTH. Earth is totally OPPOSITE to it. Therefore Heaven is the ONLY REAL CREATED WORLD. It is a living world of light. Earth is OPPOSITE to that world. It is a world of contrasts, light vs dark, opposition and self attack. God COULD NOT have created such a world. And for Him to do so, as well as creating Heaven, he would have to have a split mind.

9. God DOES NOT have a split mind, CANNOT create Earth as well as Heaven, the two things ARE OPPOSITE, and so ONLY one of them can be real. Earth is described by Jesus as the SORRY OUTCOME of the second mind that would be needed, and it's a sorry outcome because this second world HAS to be based in a thought system of attack and death and separation. The thought of death, an opposite to LIFE, is what produced the Earth. "Without the idea of death there is no world."

10. Since God could only create Heaven, He did not create Earth. Earth therefore has NOT been created. It doesn't really exist. It's not REAL. It is not made of love. It is not LIFE. Nor is it alive. It is nothing but an illusion, a dream, a fictional fantasy of an opposing world. THERE IS NO WORLD. This is the central thought the course would attempt to teach. This world, Earth, is opposite to Heaven and that is why you must learn to forgive it and go Home. You do not need this world. Heaven is your Home, not Earth. "The world will spin into the nothingness from which it came." "Together we will watch the world disappear." It has to, because it is not created. It's an illusion of something existing that doesn't really exist. It was produced by MAKING, which is opposite to creation. Earth is not Heaven. God did not create it. It does not really exist. There is no world.

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