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Heaven does not pass away, Earth never existed

  • By Paul West
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"T-1.III.2. "Heaven and earth shall pass away" means that they will not continue to exist as separate states. 2 My word, which is the resurrection and the life, shall not pass away because life is eternal."

What this says in words is slightly deceptive in terms of what it MEANS. We must stay 100% compliant with the consistency of the truth.

1) It is impossible for there to be TWO REAL STATES.

2) It is impossible for there to be TWO REALITIES.

3) It is impossible for those realities to be UNLIKE each other in every way and BE REAL.

4) God does not create TWO DIFFERENT REALITIES or states.

5) Only what God creates is real. ONLY ONE of the two states is real. The other one MUST NOT BE REAL.

6) Therefore, if there SEEMS to be two states right now, THIS MUST BE AN ILLUSION.

7) Being an illusion of two separate states, it is the ILLUSION OF THERE BEING TWO STATES that will pass away when the truth comes.

8) Since only one of the two states is REALITY, And God only created Heaven, Heaven is the only REAL state, and Earth MUST BE an unreal state.

9) Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Therefore, the state which is UNREAL, the illusion of a state of "earth", DOES NOT EXIST.

10) What does not exist, does not exist now, never existed, and never will exist.

11) The Earth as an illusion of a separate state, DOES NOT EXIST NOW and it is made of NOTHING.

12) The *ILLUSION* of there being two simultaneous real states - "heaven and earth", will pass away. This DOES NOT MEAN that Heaven will pass away. It means only that the ILLUSORY STATE, which WAS NEVER THERE, Earth, will CEASE TO APPEAR AS THOUGH IT EXISTS. Because it does not exist.

13) Therefore Earth will be RECOGNIZED AS AN ILLUSION, and illusions when recognized MUST DISAPPEAR.

14) The Earth will disappear because IT NEVER REALLY EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE, being 100% an illusory "2nd reality" that is impossible. "It is the world you see that is IMPOSSIBLE."

15) The idea of there being two states MUST refer to the level at which the illusion SEEMS to exist, and cannot therefore be a comparison between heaven being REAL and earth being REAL. It is an ILLUSION of a comparison. Therefore the quote is NOT speaking about the END OF HEAVEN. Only the end of the OPPOSITE of haven.

16) The FICTIONAL ILLUSION of the two separate states will end, because THE TRUTH is that ONLY THE TRUTH WILL REMAIN. The truth is HEAVEN. Earth is NOT the truth, because it is an ILLUSORY STATE. There cannot be two real states. Earth is an illusion!

17) "My world, which is the resurrection and the life, shall not pass away because it is eternal." is PURELY a post-undoing-of-illusion statement (actually true always), that HEAVEN, God's world, God's ONLY WORLD, will not pass away because it is eternal. This is a confirmation and reassurance that God's world will ALWAYS be there (heaven), therefore heaven ITSELF did not "pass away" when "the two states" passed away, and therefore THE OTHER WORLD - Earth, which was a fictional second reality, DID pass away. It never existed in the first place.

A clarifying REWORDING of Jesus's intention can be done as follows, completely 100% in line with the metaphysical logic:

"Heaven and earth shall pass away" means that Earth never existed as an opposite to Heaven, and therefore Earth has never existed and will pass away when dreaming ends. The only thing which remains will be Heaven which God created as Eternal and never passes away, and Earth will have been recognized as having never existed.

You can deny this if you want to. Or you can accept it is true. There is no logical fallacy in this black and white metaphysical logic. I challenge anyone to find a hole in it. You will not.

Any hole you find, MUST BE FICTIONAL and a rationalization by the ego to attempt to DENY that this is true. This being true has nothing to do with whether you will ACCEPT IT, and a even if it IS true and even if you can see it is true, you STILL can deny it if you want to.

Classic denial #1: they both become one so now we have a combined sum total of the parts. Bullshit.

Classic denial #3: heaven and earth both pass away leaving some other state. Heaven never passes away, so that's bullshit.

Classic denial #3: earth will be "translated into" heaven. Bullshit. There is NO EARTH TO TRANSLATE, because a 2nd state of "something real" cannot exist at all. Earth cannot exist. THE WORLD YOU SEE IS IMPOSSIBLE.

There is no world. There is no earth. Earth is not real. Heaven is the only reality. Heaven is your home.

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