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Heaven has conditions for entry

  • By Paul West
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”Heaven is a choice I must make”

Ok so we’ve heard about St Peter or whatever standing outside the gates of heaven making sure you have been well behaved in order to be allowed inside. This is symbolic, but it is actually symbolic of something true.

In order to be IN Heaven, certain conditions have to be met. Your mind has to be purified. You have to leave the body behind. Therefore you cannot be body identified. You have to be willing to love and create life. You have to be miraculous. Essentially you have to accept the Atonement. Heaven itself does not bar entry.

All are welcome. BUT you have the free will to choose to be in ego rather than Heaven. It’s not God who places you in “hell”, it’s your self. Believing in the separation puts you in a state of exile or unawareness of being in Heaven. You dream of being elsewhere. Nothing and no one keeps you in hell but yourself. It is purely a matter of unwillingness to accept where you really are.

God welcomes you to be where He knows you always are. But to accept where you are, you ca nnot be having denial, or ego, or bodies, or worlds you made. These things, or rather your belief in them, block your awareness of being IN Heaven, making it SEEM that you are outside. When you are ready and willing, you wil let yourself accept the truth, that you are IN Heaven and never really left.

“Knowledge will be restored when YOU meet its conditions. This is not a bargain made by God, who made no bargains at all. It is merely the result of your misuse of His Laws on behalf of a will that was not His. Knowledge IS His Will. If you are OPPOSING His Will, how CAN you have knowledge”

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