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Heaven is for real, it is a place in the mind more real than the physical world

  • By Paul West
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Heaven is for real, it is a place in the mind more real than the physical world

Beyond the physical world, there are other universes. There is a spiritual universe, a higher universe, the christ universe (which is the "real world"), and Heaven.

If you are primarily located in the physical world, seeing God in it and saying that it is God, then you are still deceived by the illusion of a physical world. This world will disappear.

There is a higher "world" - the spiritual plane - which is where people primarily go when they die. It can be considered as much a "place" as the imaginary mind-based world that you think of as the physical world. It has forms and structures a "people" appearing as bodies and all the rest of it.

Above that universe there is a higher universe where the Higher Self dwells along with the Archangels. I am not sure if there are forms there as such, most likely not. That is the "home" of the sonship - the brotherhood.

Above that is the christ universe where the sonship is one. In that place, Christ seems to be separate from God.

And above that is Heaven, where the Son of God is one with God. That is where we exist as pure Spirit and where nothing has happened at all.

To think that the physical universe is solidly physically real, and that awakening to reality is an awakening to a place in the MIND, where heaven is a state of mind and the physical world is not a state of mind, is a mistake. The physical world is no more real and solidly physically present than a thought in the mind. This entire world exists in the mind and is just as much a state of mind, masquerading as a "place". You can't use the argument that this world is a "place" and the higher universes are not "places". It is ALL in the mind.

You can apparently have your body here in the physical universe and have your mind be on a higher level, but being fundamentally located in the physical isn't your home. It's not the "place" in the mind where you most naturally dwell. The body is a device for limitation and it prevents your mind from its full expansiveness and magnificence. The body has to DISAPPEAR if you have completed your awakening, and the mind then returns to a higher universe - "a place in the mind".

Who you are as Spirit does not NEED a physicality in order to exist, and knows that this entire physical universe has not happened. It doesn't matter if it is happening within God's mind or if you can see God in it.. because technically there is only God.. but this physicality is an ILLUSION which is not REAL at all.

Heaven IS a place, as much as if this world is a place. In fact it is more of a REALITY than this world, whereby this world is much more of a DREAM and an illusion. You think this world is more real than heaven, it's the other way around. If you think this world is a "place", then you have a surprise waiting for you.

Heaven is for real.

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