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How do you forgive medicine, injections and other forms of magic?

  • By Paul West
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How do you forgive medicine, injections and other forms of magic?

Tiina asked:

"Can you tell us about medicines, injections etc.? And how to fully forgive them! Thank you!"

Since this seems on the surface to be a fairly specific question, I'd like to just begin with a few words about specific problems. The ego has arranged "forms" as a tool to create many varied appearances, which creates the illusion that one thing is not like another. Medicine does not seem to be the same thing as a dog attacking you, and injections do not seem to be the same thing as eating food. Yet they are essentially the same illusion taking on a different form.

The ego is very clever at this and has actually invented this entire world as a way to really strongly emphasize the way that everything is not the same. This is a fundamental illusion designed to obscure that which is all the same everywhere - God. The appearance of separate unrelated things and compartmentalized problems is just another way the ego puts things into little isolated boxes separate from the rest, in an effort to protect each separate thing from being undone.

To tackle one unique problem, or the form of a problem, and to solve it, seems to be actually achievable, but only so long as it ensures that other problems are kept. The illusions of separation which result in this one problem or thing seeming to be unique and unlike the rest, is the same illusion which keeps the solution away from solving other problems. There is a lack of transfer value when the answer to the problem seems to take on a form of its own, to be very specific or to address only this one issue.

The more exactly matched the solution seems to be to the problem, or the more specific and accurate the solution seems to be, the more useless it becomes in addressing any other problems. A perfectly custom-built tool for very cleverly changing the rotation of objects in a machine without affecting the rest, may well seem to do its job very effectively, but by doing so, isolates the scope of what it can solve and it is completely useless as a tool to do much else. The ego has no such thing as one tool to solve all problems, and that's deliberate.

So what then happens is, we have all these illusions which seem separate, based on the form of objects or the form of the body or the form of a sickness or whatever. These forms narrow down what the problem seems to be, actually as a form of denial, trying to shut out or filter out everything that doesn't seem to be this problem, to focus on the problem, in the name of trying to solve problems, but this actually keeps all the other problems safe from correction.

So in this example, medication or injections or drugs or food or water or many other varied forms of magic, are all essentially the same problem, taking place for the same purpose, but just in a different form. To dispel some of the illusions surrounding "treatment", which is to undo them and move towards forgiveness, will require going outside of the bounds of the scope of the problem and looking at the bigger picture. In other words, where does medication fit in the big picture, what is the background behind it and why does it even seem to be needed in the first place?

Anything that you do on the level of form which attempts to bring about an outcome, some kind of change in form at that level, by directly manipulating the form itself, is magic. Magic is also the belief that something on a lower level has power over something on a higher level - ie that the body or worldly objects have some kind of power, will, or mind, which is capable of causing something to happen, and therefore is able to cause the mind and produce effects upon it.

This makes magic a form of level confusion, it is really an attempt to solve a problem without really solving it, and it is a way of creating an illusion of a solution or a change without really addressing the underling issue of separation. Magic is also an authority problem, because it's your attempt to have power over God and to make the dream causal and able to produce real effects.

The belief that stuff in the world is causal, creates the conflicting scenario of having the world create sicknesses (or appearing to), while simultaneously seeming to create the causes that can counteract that sickness (as salvation). So now the dreamworld is given credit as both the cause of suffering and the way to be alleviated of suffering, which is typical of the ego's contradictory nature.

Magic beliefs are also a form of victimhood because it means you believe that something outside of you - some drug or some treatment or thing that you have done to yourself - has power over you to change you, on your behalf, in a way that you didn't seem able to make happen directly. This too is an illusion designed to cover up the power of your mind and the way that you are choosing what you're experiencing.

We should also therefore remember that this belief in a disorderly sequence of the levels, ie mind (cause) should come before form (effect) but we believe the opposite is true, this itself produces sickness. Sickness is any belief that separation is real. Whether that then turns into physical symptoms or financial symptoms or relationship symptoms or whatever, believing that the external is the cause or has power to effect the internal is itself sickness, because it reinforces the belief that you are separate from the cause and are not causal. Being cause is the same as being Life. Being an effect is the same as being dead.

So in essence, medications, drugs, treatments, or any other attempt to bring about a certain result by being affected by an external power, mind, will or cause, produces sickness. All forms of therapy and treatment therefore could be said to actually cause or be a reflection of a belief in sickness, even though their illusions are that they are removing sickness or trying to treat it. And in some cases, it does seem as though certain therapies or medications can seem to produce effects which appear to be desirable, or look like a solution, and this may even go to the extent where it seems to "cure" the problem (not the real problem, just the problem you thought was the problem). But remember the ego is never interested in a real, lasting cure of any kind.

The ego has no concept of a cure because a cure really means the undoing of sickness. To undo sickness is to undo the separation idea, which would directly undo the ego. The ego wants to avoid that at all costs, and instead to emphasize separation and sickness. It has no interest in finding cures for anything, and anything that looks like a cure which did not come from love or true healing of the separation must be an illusion of a cure.

You can actually seem to cure a problem through exposure to some external influence, but the question is whether it has addressed the real cause of the problem. Or even, if the real problem was even recognized. Typically the problem being treated is just a symptom or side-effect of an internal cause - a belief in separation in the mind - which just happens to have expressed as physical symptoms, or producing a distortion in the projected image of a body.

We fixate on the symptoms being the sickness, instead of recognizing that they are not even the problem at all. It only appears the symptoms or the visible form of sickness is the problem, because there is an unconsciousness which is keeping some vital information from awareness. There is a causality or a problem, somewhere, that is hidden from view, which is producing the symptoms of sickness but is not seen. So it almost seems like it is not there and is not making this problem exist. Without that awareness, we can only judge based on what we are consciously aware of, and that seems to suggest the body itself must have something wrong with it or that something outside the body has caused this problem.

All sickness is an expression in the mind, and an attempt to distort identity and truth. It thus "twists" form and what shows up in the body as forms of sickness are just distorted pictures that the mind is broadcasting. The body itself has no reality. Just like a movie on a screen, the movie is projected by a projector. There is really no movie happening on the screen and to change the movie you cannot change it on the screen. But if you go find out where the projector is, you'll get access to what is producing the images and can then change them. If you don't want to project an image of a sick body, then change your mind.

Now, unless you're at a point where you have done a lot of forgiveness on this and have regained a certain amount of mind-power, as it were, it might not be advisable to pretend to yourself that you have such a power and that, based on that, you should not partake of medicines or you should discontinue therapies or stop going to the doctor etc. I'm not saying to do that at all. If your mind still has a lot of unconsciousness and is producing symptoms of sickness (which you think is the problem), and if you are getting some kind of magical treatment which "does something to you" that seems to alleviate some of the suffering, then by all means it would probably be in your best interests to continue with that.

There are for example people who have ... let's say, arranged for themselves to be so sick, that they seem incapable of living without assistance from external magical devices. They might be laying in a hospital bed or in intensive care struggling to stay alive, kept alive only by special machines which seem to have the power to improve their chances. If they were to discontinue the support of those machines it's quite likely they will suffer and maybe even die.

They don't have the forgiveness done, they have a lot of denial, they've chosen victimhood, they essentially want to be sick, and there may be quite a lot of correction needed before they are going to see some healing miracles. For them, they might simply be "too far gone", to so to speak, to be able to access the kind of mind-over-matter power that would be needed to undo this sickness, and so have become dependent on the external for their salvation. Removing that dependency before the person is able to be self-sustaining is impractical and not recommended.

So if for example you have some kind of illusion of a sickness, and it seems that there is this external object of medicine, a drug, an injection or some kind of therapy, and this therapy does something to you, causing you, producing effects in you, then presumably you're going to have to do one of two things. Either you're going to probably continue using that therapy (if it seems to work), or you're going to need to thoroughly forgive the real problem which the illusion of physical sickness is covering up. Remember that all forms of physical sickness are not the problem at all, they are just side-effects of a problem in the mind.

The idea with all magic is that it has power over you and does stuff to you and causes you. In order for that to be possible, you have to be powerless, weak, vulnerable, at the effect of the world, and unsure of your identity. If something can change who and what you seem to be, in order to seem to produce a change in effects within you, you MUST be perceiving yourself as vulnerable and a victim. You cannot be affected by the external unless you see this way, and your mind must be believing it in order to seem to allow these external influences to do something to you.

This is where we need to recognize that unless your mind says so, no form of medication or treatment will work. Your mind has to give consent to use the form of the treatment, which is really a completely powerless illusion, to SEEM to produce effects in you, which your own mind is actually implementing on its own. Your mind uses these medications etc as props, to seem to play the role of being the thing that causes you to get better, but it is really your mind's decision to believe in them that produces the effects in you that you experience.

In the bigger picture you created this world and this body and set up all the rules for how things normally interact, all the chemical reactions and physical biological processes, and how your body most likely will interact with the environment or things that are done to it. Those are rules that your mind put in place, and until you have awareness to override those rules, you are more or less bound by them.

That means that ingesting poison will most likely hurt you, simply based on the ego rules or laws that have been set up for how poison would normally interact with the body. However, it is possible to override those laws and to be completely unaffected by such a thing. But, don't try this at home kids until you truly and honestly are masterful over such things - to deny that you're not capable of this or to pretend that you are would be very dangerous.

Similarly the withdrawal of medications etc can be just as dangerous if you're doing it on the basis of "because the Course says its just a magical illusion". There's a big difference between understanding how these things are illusions intellectually, and actually believing it so deeply and thoroughly that you are experiencing it and have true spiritual mastery over it, able to demonstrate it without any ill-effects.

So if you're in a position where it seems, for now, that you need to rely on some kind of magic to affect you in a way you prefer, then this puts us into a position of finding a way to be okay with this. Essentially there will be no way to be completely at peace with this, because magic is still an attack on you, even if it seems to produce effects that you want. You still have to be a victim in order to be "positively affected" by something external. And that means you will likely still experience fear and guilt and a sense of separation.

What I've found happens is, any belief that you have inside yourself pertaining to you being separate, unlovable, unworthy, guilty or whatever, will project outward onto objects and stuff. And then you'll see that stuff in those objects. And so then if you are projecting such things onto food or medications or therapies etc, when you "consume" those things, you essentially are psychologically consuming the guilt. That means that the guilt is, in your mind, coming into you, you are eating it, and that means you believe that it's going to attack you. And it will likely then seem to cause side-effects or symptoms because your mind is believing that it has this power.

So for example, I like dairy products but I have some allergies to milk. Particularly to cream. I have a small amount of coffee most mornings and I put creamer in it. I use creamer as a magical solution to overcome what seems to be a more direct attack by "real cream". If I were to put real cream in my coffee, I would become stuffy in the sinuses and develop a headache and start to secrete head gunk. That seems to be a problem. Without solving that problem whatsoever, but in a move which was an illusion of solving it, I switched to non-dairy creamer. As if by "magic", this seemed to help somewhat.

This has provided a magical illusion that I'm now unaffected by this creamy substance and can consume it without effects. However, I found that even switching to this still produced some side-effects similar to those produced by real cream or milk. Technically it shouldn't, but it does. What I've also seen is that when I go to reach for the creamer from the cupboard, I would experience a slight sense of guilt or fear about it, as though some part of me believed that I was guilty when using it, and that it had some kind of power over me and was therefore able to do something to me. This was a belief in my mind.

For me to then put this creamer into my coffee and drink it, my mind is going through the motions of believing that I'm ingesting something with a power to affect me. That means I believe, with my own mind, or basically am choosing, that when I ingest this creamer, I am ingesting an attack, I am receiving punishment for guilt, and this is going to change my identity and therefore produce effects or changes in me. Lo and behold, I drink the coffee and start to get sinus congestion.

Now, I shouldn't have symptoms because I'm not really allergic to non-dairy creamer. But my mind associates it too closely with cream and dairy products and projects guilt onto it and is triggered by it enough that I basically attack myself in its presence, and produce symptoms in the body. It is not the creamer that is doing this to me. It has no real power over me at all. In fact, it has literally no power. Nothing outside of you has any power over you in any way whatsoever, which includes all magical solutions and causes. There is no cause outside of your will.

The issue is that I USE the creamer as a prop in my little drama about how I am attacked and guilty and should be sick. I use the creamer to make myself susceptible and to seem to produce symptoms. But it is my MIND which is producing the symptoms, not my body and not the creamer. It's essentially the same thing with any medication. The medication does absolutely nothing. The mind decides every time the effects it would seem to experience and is the sole implementer of those effects, and is never at the effect of the world at all.

This is why some people have what seem to be all the symptoms or conditions for a certain sickness to arise, clogged arteries and so on, but who have absolutely no sign of certain diseases that normally would accompany that. Their mind has not decided to use it for that purpose. Then there are other people who are so sick or always sick even without apparent causes, because their mind keeps deciding to be sick. There are people for whom certain treatments work, and people for whom they do not work. Essentially all medications and therapies and external causes don't do anything at all, it's all in the mind.

So to undo illusions about medication etc, you'll have to look at what your mind is doing, how it is using the medication, what it sees in it or experiences about it. These illusions are nothing to do with the medication at all really. But if you're ingesting the medication, because you need it, and don't see another sane option right now, and yet you're fighting with the medication and hating it and seeing guilt and attack in it, then you're not only ingesting medication you're also ingesting your own belief in a perceived attacker. You're taking them into your body and it's going to produce effects.

Taking a pill that you hate is going to produce far more symptoms than taking it "with love", forgiving it or seeing it as innocent and harmless. You'll put up defenses against the medication which in itself is your attempt to put separation in-between yourself and it, to defend you against the attack that you believe it is going to do to you, which will therefore produce more sickness (separation is sickness), and even more symptoms and side effects.

But we have to also realize, that all external "help", while seemingly useful at times, is limited in what it can do, and you can't really be both in a state of perfect peace and also relying on external things for your salvation. So you're not going to be able to fully love taking a medication. You can however more towards loving it, accepting it, welcoming it, allowing it, seeing it as your friend, not putting guilt and attack into it etc, as part of the initial steps of forgiving it. But you have to recognize that at some point, IF you were to really thoroughly undo the belief in this medication having any power over you, then you would also start to open out into moving past the medication to looking at what the sickness really is, why you believe in separation and what problem you really need to address.

Such medications etc are bandaids and temporarily illusions of fixes or artificial cures, which can only typically alleviate or hide symptoms without actually "curing" the whole problem. Some such medications can seem to cure, for example you could take an antibiotic which removes a nasty viral infection. This can seem to be a cure. But the antibiotic MUST have side-effects because, to be at the cause of it makes you a victim, makes you susceptible to attack, and will always work both for and against you.

All magic works like a double-edged sword, seeming to help in some ways and hurt in others. It's a tradeoff, a way of exchanging one set of illusions for another, which is why it doesn't undo illusions entirely or produce a completely "harmless cure". It is not possible for there to be an external therapy or medication which 100% cures without side effects or some form of attack. This is also why there is no such thing as a perfect diet or a perfect food - all food is an attack. For it to do anything to you at all you have to believe in separation and magic and level confusion and sickness. Believing in sickness while trying to cure it or make it go away is of course insane and is the split mind working against itself.

Eventually you have to then admit that all such medications are limited in what they can do and are not really a cure and if you really, really want a cure, then you need to get very honest and do more forgiveness and find out what the "real problem" is in your belief system, in your mind, and undo that. You need to find out what's producing the distortion that showing up in the body, or why you are using the sickness in the body to keep the real cause unconscious.

Typically guilt is the underlying factor in all sickness because sickness shows up as a defense to make the guilt go unconscious, creating the illusion that the body became "innocently sick" against its will, that you did not ask for it or choose it, that you did not do it to yourself and that you have no power to undo it. Sickness keeps you safe from your ego-self being attacked by the truth. So all sickness ultimately is a defense by the ego-identified self, to keep the truth from undermining it or revealing that it is not real.

The truth threatens our identity if we believe we are the ego or that we are the body itself. Then in the name of self-preservation we literally make ourselves sick by using the ego's only tool of separation to try to put distance between the truth and ourselves. Separation from truth is separation from Eternal Life, creates blocks in the mind and thus in the body, and leads to all manifestations of illness and disease. To then treat the illness is to only treat the side-effects of this false belief and this fear of the truth, and to essentially keep the illness in place as a guard to protect us from what we think is the deeper threat.

So you can forgive the medication and see it as innocent and powerless and causeless and as not producing side-effects and so on, but if you get to the point where you are to really deeply believe that, then it must give rise to a greater awareness that the medication itself is just a cover-up and a way of supporting the sickness by making it real and trying to attack it.

There is a deeper problem of believing in the sickness in the first place, or having a perceived need for it, and a purpose for it. Undoing the sickness is not ultimately going to come about by being "positively attacked" by magical sources, but only through the complete correction of the mind and its illusions about the truth. Solving the "true cause" of sickness, which is psychological, will alleviate the need for the medication. Obviously removing the medication before the true cause is healed, and thus before the symptoms have disappeared, would be leaving yourself in a state of illness with no solution at all.

You don't have to suffer. And in the biggest picture that means you do not need to be sick at all. But if you are sick and you have not yet undone it through proper forgiveness or receiving miracles, then it would be kind to yourself to let yourself continue with the "illusion of healing", ie the seemingly beneficial effects of some medication or therapy. It's okay to take that headache pill to not have to be in pain all day, or to take the drugs needed to prevent rejection of an organ transplant for example. But while you're doing that, keep working on undoing the real cause of the sickness.

To dwell on forgiving the magical treatment itself, if you have issues about that, is merely to really avoid focusing on undoing or looking at the sickness itself. The treatment of the sickness is a defense against the undoing of the sickness, and keeps the sickness real. But then even further, the sickness - the physical symptoms - is also a way of avoiding the real problem and using the sickness as a defense against it, keeping it out of awareness so that you don't admit to the truth.

Eventually, if you're going to forgive this treatment, you'll have to realize that it is only one part of a larger chain of denial, the treatment is not the problem, and the physical sickness is not the problem. The mind's belief in separation is the problem and the mind is using its beliefs to attack the body. Undoing the real cause, acknowledging the power of the mind, gives you access to choosing again and receiving a healing miracle. That will set you free of both the need for the treatment (as a defense against sickness) and the sickness itself. You don't ultimately need either, because they are both just blocks to awareness trying to cover up your real problem.

Your real problem is you believe in real sin and believe you are really guilty. It always goes back to that. You think you attacked God and caused God and affected God, producing changes in God. The sickness and the "treatment" of the sickness, which is a way of keeping the sickness, is just a device for maintaining denial and not wanting to look at what you really believe is true about you.

Truth is, as always, that you did not sin and sin is not real and therefore you are not guilty. Truth is you are innocent and immortal and do not depend on or need anything external to sustain you, including food and water, because you are not a body. Truth is you cannot really be sick unless you choose to be and there is a way to change your mind. Truth is the sickness isn't a real sickness, it's an illusion of a sickness designed to distract you from the truth and keep you protected. Truth is you want the sickness to continue. And truth is, you don't need it because the separation hasn't really happened.

We only use sickness or separation as a way to separate ourselves off from the truth or go into denial or unconsciousness. It's an attempt to defend the separate self that we think is who we are, mistakenly. Being confused about our identity, we see cures as attacks come to undo the limits of ourselves and invade our borders and unconfine and therefore undefine us. We think that this means the cure will destroy our identity and erase who we are. That's why we defend against it, and then build defenses against our defenses to keep them in place.

Magic is a defense against a defense against the truth. Just one more layer of denial and one more way to not look at the real problem in the mind. It's a distraction, a decoy. True healing is possible through acceptance of the Atonement, which comes at the end of the undoing of the illusions and denials (blocks to awareness) that keep acceptance of the Atonement out of reach. To accept the Atonement is to deeply be willing to accept that it is true that nothing has happened, you did not sin, and there is no real sickness. To be willing and able to do that, all the other layers of denial and avoidance and projection and fear must be let go.

"Only salvation can be said to cure."  - ACIM
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