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Invite Jesus into your belly area and let him heal your feelings

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Recently I saw a video where a couple were talking of a simple 'technique'.

When you are upset and feeling emotions, usually you feel them in your belly area. 

Simply, move your focus of attention from in your head (typically) down into the area of the body where the feeling is mostly centered, typically the belly.

Then simply invite Jesus to come in and join with you there and heal it. I say, "Jesus, please come into me/this and heal this for me".

A couple of times I've tried this and immediately there will be something happening. I feel something come down into my torso and immediately the 'feeling' that was there starts to disappear, and I lighten up really quickly, and start laughing. The unpleasant emotion that seemed intensely upsetting is simply gone, transmuted into love.

Then I just have to thank Jesus :-)

I know I've posted this before, just wanted to share a bit of experience with it. I don't know to what extent you need to have developed a relationship or openness to Jesus helping you but it works for me. Beats having to suffer through it or cry it out.

I go back to something Jesus said to me several times...

"There is no need to suffer."
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