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Is ACIM aligned with the idea of co-creating your own reality?

  • By Paul West
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Is ACIM aligned with the idea of co-creating your own reality?

Chris asked:

"How is the Course in line with the term “creating your reality” as in Quantum physics? If the script is written and nothing unreal exists and nothing real can be threatened, how does the term “co-creating your reality” fit in, especially with regards to consciousness (first split) and the illusions of energy, frequency and vibration?"

Thank you for your interesting question.

Years ago I lived in what later came to be described as "victim consciousness". That is, a life where it seems as though things happen to you against your will. The events of the world just come along and do whatever they do to you, as though you have no say in the matter. At that time I was more deeply in the ego's thought system and believed what I was seeing. Life was a rollercoaster of stuff seeming to happen at random, for no good reason. With that perception, I was very justified in hating that way of existing.

The structure of events happening in the physical world seemed to dictate what things meant. Therefore, if there was someone who did something to me, I would see myself as having had something done to me against my will, to which I reacted with hurt and anger. I did not see that I was in any way asking to be treated in this way. I also didn't see that there was anything I could do to prevent these things from happening. I was a victim of circumstances.

Life was largely lived as "a victim", and in dealing with life's unfairness I reacted with avoidance, fear, anxiety, withdrawal, depression, unhappiness, shyness and various other things. Events seemed to happen on their own, people would just decide to do stuff I didn't want, and I was heavily in resistance. I hid from life as a result and didn't see any other way to find a sense of freedom from such suffering.

After some years I was going through some intense introspection and my mind was opening up to various alternative ways of thinking about life. I was starting to become more "new age" and a part of that was this idea that there is such a thing as "victim consciousness", a state of mind in which someone perceives the world as doing stuff to them. But moreso, that there was another state of mind or a way of looking at the world which was less victimy and more empowered, where I could have a choice in "creating my own reality".

This entailed at least some amount of recognition that, somehow, some of what was happening in life was actually coming from me, that I had some kind of a choice in the matter, and that this meant I could actually have a different experience if I chose to do so. At the time this seemed like a major leap forward in empowerment. I started to explore this concept more and to try to put it into practice. I also started to notice how other people were choosing to believe in being victims of the world, which I found to be an ugly, fear-driven way of perceiving.

One of the parts of this that I found exciting was this notion that no matter what the world looked like now, its current state was the result of past decisions, and that it was possible somehow to disregard or ignore how it appeared, to make a different decision now about what I wanted, and to thereby produce a different future. The future didn't have to necessarily follow on from the past. I found some sense of freedom in this, and attempted to pivot myself to see with this perspective, which wasn't easy but it seemed to have some merit.

Along with this came the idea that instead of just being a victim of the world, it was actually possible to "create my own reality", or that there was truth to the idea that whatever was happening in my life, it was sort of on auto-pilot, and yet there was a way to control it and direct it to what I wanted it to be. Compared to victim consciousness, this idea of being able to control or direct life seemed to present a sense of freedom or elevation, that it was a higher mode of consciousness, that it was more spiritually evolved and had more truth to it.

At the time, however, I still believed strongly that this physical world was real, ie it was reality. The idea of changing or creating your own reality was based on this notion of what reality is, and so along with it came this idea that if I did not like certain parts of the world, I could potentially choose something else. My ego was at work, of course, and quite liked the idea of being able to be selective in what I accepted or rejected.

Instead of transcending the world, I got quite strongly into this whole "reality creation" business in terms of trying to cause the world to be the way I wanted it to be, rather than the way it was. But this had some problems. It meant that I was spiritualizing some parts of the world while rejecting others. My persona was at work, actively attempting to control reality and manipulate it (ie the dream world), while getting rid of the stuff I did not like (which produces the shadow). I figured I could 'get' the stuff I liked and avoid the stuff I didn't like, as though my ability to shift attention ("what you resist persists", "what you focus on increases") could help me to avoid the bad stuff.

The problem with this is that the mind is then split and is still believing in duality. I still believed in the bad stuff. Usually what happens at this stage is that the person starts to emphasize and try to always focus on "the positive", as opposed to the negative. Just like many others, I became new-agey and always trying to be looking on the light side or having positive thinking or trying to shut out the bad stuff and focus on the good stuff. This is actually a form of denial and is still a very split-minded view of the world. It also causes the ego to attempt to become more spiritual which is impossible, resulting in a "spiritualized ego".

The "law of attraction" came along not long after and of course emphasized these concepts. It became popular to believe that if you focused in a certain way or had the right thoughts (as in "a man thinketh", etc) that you could attract to yourself particular objects or experiences or things that you wanted, and that you would never again have to experience the things you did not like. This of course was a spiritual bypass and an attempt to basically deny the mind's own negative perception of the world, in an attempt to move into a place of healing or an "illusion of spirituality". At the time it seemed like a better option than the alternative.

It was, at least, a shift in perception, and I did to some degree manage to pull myself up out of what seemed like a dark soup of negativity. But I then found myself to be almost constantly battling to fend off negative energies, "low vibrational people", to cleanse myself from "being slimed" as I called it - ie having picked up the negative vibes and emotions of others, and various other energetic conflicts, in an attempt to purify myself. Instead of finding a real cure for this problem or a solution that actually works, it was really a form of denial, trying to stay afloat and keep my head above water while the rest of the world was trying to drown me in a flood of negativity.

I also had a problem of empathy because I'm highly empathic, and so was always picking up people's feelings and energies, or the energies leftover in certain buildings or cities etc. These things are definitely out there in the dreamworld, but I found myself in a constant daily battle trying to keep those energies out of my awareness, and to stay focused in "going within" and being myself or being "clear" of such energies. The problem was also that the more I tried to purify myself or wipe the slate clean, as it were, with various grounding techniques and all the rest of it, the more my empathy would actually be heightened. I would much more noticeably sense people and pick stuff up and it would be much more of a contrast to who I was before. And it was practically impossible to keep on top of it. It was almost better to just be immersed in a soup of confusion.

These were all efforts to be more spiritual within the context of a "real" physical world. It all assumed that this world was real and that, within it, there was a way to be more positive or light-focused or atuned to a higher consciousness or to be more "enlightened" etc. But always I was pulled back down by people or places or whatever, like an achor, due to my unconscious attachment to suffering. I was simply in denial of the shadow that I myself was creating as a result of trying to "look like", act like, sound like, live like, someone who was spiritual within this world. Eventually, all of the self-sacrifice that the persona demands results in the shadow-self coming back to haunt you.

I got into the whole "creating reality and manifesting" and attracting and energies and levels of vibration and frequency and all that. And honestly there IS something to it. There are higher levels of vibration, there are higher "realities" if you will, there are other dimensions, there is something to be said for your mind choosing to create rather than just being a victim of whatever someone else chooses for you. But if you are not really dealing with your ego belief system and are still subject to its thoughts and focus, it's kind of like a losing battle trying to pull yourself out of it while still being a part of it.

I became exhausted trying to free myself from pain and suffering and negativity and "low-vibrational" people and entities and all of that. I was trying to heal myself by focusing on what I knew I could potentially be, or on the kind of light-aligned focus that I knew I could possibly have, but staying "up" there was very very difficult because of the ego thought system and how it works. I kept thwarting my own attempts to create, because I was at war with myself.

It was also apparent from the whole law-of-attraction thing that it was severely limited, at least in terms of how it was working for me. Yes I did see some apparent evidence that if you put in a lot of focus and thought to something, and felt what it would be like to experience it, it did seem to "steer" events and people in a certain direction. But it sure seemed like a lot of effort and other parts of me kept undermining it. The dream evolved of being able to, you know, attract yourself a new car and house and lots of money and fame and fortune and all that. But for me I didn't get anywhere near that far.

Some other people might've gotten further, but I started to sense that there was some flaw to this idea. On the one hand it is very good to not be in the victim mindset all the time, recognizing that you are not stuck, that you have a choice, and that you can in some way influence "reality" (ie this dream world). ie you are a Cause and not an effect. Or that you can override the script to some degree or decide on your future, regardless of the past etc.

That's all well and good and ACIM would actually advocate that as a step forward, because it's taking you out of the state of expecting punishment and suffering, of disempowerment and victimhood, and putting you more in touch with having some kind of power over events. But it typically would lead to emphasizing or keeping in place the brick wall of fake innocence which the ego has constructed to block out unconscious guilt. There would be all of this attempted focus on being positive and light and innocent but without really honestly looking at what you believed deep down about being an unworthy piece of shit. And the part of you that believes you are sinful and guilty and unworthy, will not be willing to receive.

I also had this dream once which sort of explained the situation to me, and this correlated to something someone else said also. In the dream I attempted to move, using my normal conscious mind, but for some reason, my own unconscious mind was taking over control of my movements. It would not allow me to move at all. I was frozen. Each time I tried to move my body, it stopped it from moving. It was clearly a lot more powerful than my conscious self, on a vast scale, and really showed me that no matter how much conscious power I thought I had to "create my own reality" in this world, it was really insignificant in comparison to the larger mind.

This larger mind was in control of the world and events and people. Therefore, I didn't just have free reign to create whatever I wanted on a whim, it was like going up against and doing battle with this huge opponent who was far more powerful and definitely had its own idea about what was going to happen. So this severely deflated for me the notion that I could just create whatever I wanted, or get whatever I wanted, and it was becoming apparent there was quite a lot of ego involved in this glorified, spiritualizing attitude of "you can have whatever you want". Did I really want 100 cars and 10 houses and a billion dollars? Because that's where this idea was leading, making those things seem more valuable than ever.

The law of attraction was emphasized quite a lot by the likes of "Abraham", a channeled entity who elaborated on it a lot. Later this turned into "The Secret", which became popular for a while. It's not a bad thing, as a stepping stone to begin to open the mind to the idea that you have some say in what happens to you, but it has its limits and is a stepping stone bridging the gap to something more.

The ego loves this idea of having super-powers and being able to be a spiritual hero, exercising even greater conscious control over the world, and it really is not very spiritual. It's more of a shifting of emphasis within a split mind from one part of the split to another. And it still keeps the world very real, important, and perhaps even more desirable than before. The ego has a lot of plans to use that "reality creating" power to serve its aims and keep you from leaving the dream.

Now, to be clear, it is very helpful to realize that stuff does not just happen to you, or that you have something to do with making it happen, either in terms of you contributing something to your experience via your own perceptual choices, or that you actually exercise some kind of "power" over the world to change events and manifest objects etc. It's important to realize that you are not a victim. Victimhood, ie victim consciousness, is a much worse state of mind to be in, and is severely prevalent in the world today. To see that there might be some way that you are actually contributing to or having a say in what happens, is very freeing and empowering and a great leap forward in terms of seeing the world from a higher perspective.

The problem really comes in where it is assumed that this world is physically real. That it is reality, and the only reality. And therefore any experience of becoming spiritual has to take place within its confines. And that means, that since this world contains the property of everything being different and unique, it implies that you personally can have your own personal little reality, or your own little influence over it to create an exclusive, individual experience that applies just to you. You will lift up out of the drudgery of the collective unconsciousness and the mass negative-energy of where you live, and attempt to go off on your own little thrill ride of manifestational powers. ie, in separation from everyone else, having your own little dream and getting everything you want, regardless of what anyone else wants.

But in truth, this isn't the nature of reality. This world in all of its appearances and all of its properties and ways, is not like reality at all. It is just in fact a dream, a fragmented dream, where people live in isolated little private worlds and imagine they have control over (or are being controlled by) some little slice of it. To make some part of this world better or improve your experience within it, you have to section it off and split it, relegating some portion of it as "good" while the rest of it is considered "bad" or evil or negative. This is where I went with the whole new-age thing, trying to look like or act like or behave like I was more spiritual. It was a mix of a partially-awakened mind but still anchored in believing the illusory world is real. Trying to escape from the dream by escape into the dream.

Reality is created by God and sustained by God and there is only One. It does not change, it has no illusions in it, there are no compartments or separate places. It is permanent and unchanging and formless. It exists forever without fluctuation or difference. There is no ego there. There is no specialness or multiple individuality. It's just all this pure perfect oneness. In that view, that reality cannot be threatened by dreams or illusions of a world, or anything that happens in a "dream world". The physical world is recognized as being UNREAL, and just a dream, and not a part of reality at all. Such dreams literally have no real effects and cannot affect the peace of God.

When you are attempting to "create a reality" that is customized just for you, which you believe is your own special ego dream come true, you are attempting to "make" reality with your ego, using a will which is separate from God's will. It is not a shared reality. It is an illusion. You can "make your own reality" in the sense that you can keep making dreams and changing dreams and projecting different dreams, but this isn't reality. You're really making your own dreams. Reality is not something that you can make, it is something which has been CREATED, in ACIM terms, and its Creator is not you, it is God.

Also typically when it comes to creating your own reality, people really are talking about having some kind of consciously chosen reality "happen to you". This is what the law of attraction is based on, the idea that you will "attract" to yourself something which is already out there separate from you, and then it will happen to you, and you will still experience it as though something external has come to save you and give you happiness. That is still an ego perspective, based in the belief that you not only do not really create what is out there, but also that you are a victim of the world and at its effect. Being able to choose "how you suffer" is only a small step up from suffering passively, and when the ego gets what it wants it is still a form of suffering and victimhood.

You can, in ACIM terms, express God's Reality and share in God's reality and extend God's reality, but you cannot go off in a separate world and create another whole distinctly different reality. The attempt to do so is the separation from God, which is nothing more than a dream. It may produce a dream world which you believe is valuable and important, but it is still just a dream. Ultimately it is a poor substitute for the abundance which God has already freely shared with you, and which is everything you could ever want.

With God, you can "co-create" in the sense that your creations are actually extensions of God. God is flowing through you and expressing through you. You are acting as a medium for God to Create with and through. You yourself are His creation and He has shared with you all of the divine capabilities of "creating" more of what God is. That is, creating divinity, extending eternal life, sustaining Heaven, etc. You can create in your and His likeness using the same power to create, but this is not the same thing as creating dreams of getting a free car or having events go your way within a dream world.

It is also quite loose to call it "co-creation" because there isn't a part which is up to you and a part which is up to God. It's more like a unified creation. God shines through you. This is in line with God's will, meaning that you can only really co-create with God if you are sharing His will. If you want to have your own will, you will have to be disconnected from His will, meaning that you will no longer have access to His power, which means that, at best, you will "make" illusory creations which lack life and lack His eternal nature. And thus they will perish and die eventually.

This is why the physical world, in all its glory, has the quality of entropy and death, because being "made" by the Son of God without God, in an attempt to get rid of God and deny that God exists, ie against God's will, it was not given the same permanence or un-changeability or divinity or eternal life that God would have Created. Therefore this world, this illusion, is subject to the absence of Life, meaning that it constantly is falling apart and crumbling and dying. Before "new life" can even get off the ground and start to flourish, it begins to age and get old and fall apart and decay. It loses life because it is based in the loss of the life of God.

There are therefore natural limits placed on just how far an illusion can go, or how far you can "make up reality" ie make a world to your preferences, because this world is fundamentally based in an idea of separation and limitation. It is an attempt to make without God, to limit God's creation, so it inevitably has a built-in property of death to it. It cannot last, and at some point it will disappear completely. So the goal of having these special reality-creating powers which can give your ego everything it wants, is a bit of a mute point considering it will all eventually be shown to be nothing at all.

It also hinges on what you believe is valuable. The ego has a lot invested in this world and in believing that it contains something valuable and important - special objects or special love interests or special people or special places or special forms of value such as money. These things are designed to actually act as a substitute for God, given that God is now lacking in this world due to it having been made to shut God out.

So now the ego is trying to tempt people with this idea that you can KEEP the ego and KEEP the world and still have this position of "I create what I want" and therefore keep creating more and more "stuff" to exercise control over what has been made, ie being "magical" or having a belief in special magic, rather than undoing this world through miracles.

There are for example often close parallels between forms of witchcraft and the new-age ideas about manifesting and creating or controlling reality, in that both are attempting to control the world through magical powers, aligned either with the "light side" or the "dark side", and neither are truly attempting to identify that the world is not real, which would entail bringing forth the supernatural miracles of God. It's interesting that these two groups often find themselves as opponents of each other, and yet they are basically both doing the same thing.

You can see that there is a mixture here of thought systems. On the one hand the ego is attempting to keep everything that was made, ie itself, and on the other hand the mind is attempting to free itself from the ego's victim consciousness and move into a perception that is more empowered and free. But because this is kind of an intermediate stage, the ego is still interfering with the mind and with perception, is still attempting to take the spiritual awareness of empowerment and freedom and twist it to its aims, and doing everything it can to keep the world seeming to be real and valuable and important, ie worth having in place of God's love.

Now, one thing to point out is, that compared to the state of being in which you are extremely victimized and believing in victimization, a state of believing that you have "some" power over the world is actually a better state to be in, from a waking-up perspective. There is more empowerment in not seeing yourself as a victim, and in realizing that you yourself have somehow contributed to what you are experiencing. That's much more aware and responsible and empowering than believing that everyone else is deciding your fate and that you have not asked for, nor do you have the ability to ask for, anything that's happening to you.

Death itself is the ultimate idea of having absolutely no choice whatsoever. It is an ego illusion designed to make it seem as if you cannot choose, have no choice, did not choose, and are absolutely separated from choice, power, life, freedom and willingness. But death is actually something that people choose in a state of extreme victimhood, and do it to themselves, using victimhood as a kind of device for "choosing to have no choice". Those who seem to be the most "victimized" are the most self-victimizing, they just do it as indirectly as possible.

Almost the opposite of the idea of choosing to create your own reality, death is the idea that you have not chosen your own reality at all, and therefore something separate from you has maximum power over you and has decided it is time for you to die. Against this you put up absolutely no defense and no fight, because you are actually choosing it, secretly, unconsciously. You will experience on the surface that you are not choosing it whatsoever, you will kick and scream to avoid it, fear it, feel terrorized by it, and act as though you have absolutely no power to stop it, BUT, that is always a total lie.

As Jesus says in the course, you made sickness and death and you have the power to undo both of them. Fear is actually a device for choosing to suffer. The more that people disown themselves and their power and freedom to choose, the more it LOOKS LIKE they are not choosing what's happening to them and have no power, but all it means is that they are in such profound denial of who they are, that they have attempted to split their mind so much, that it seems they have absolutely no power or influence over what happens to them. This is a complete illusion, and never true, because they actually are orchestrating their own death, albeit unconsciously. Unconsciousness (denial of the freedom to choose) and death are the same thing.

Compared to that, taking back some power and seeing yourself as not being bound by events and seeing yourself as having some freedom to choose differently, if you don't like the results of what you chose before, is far preferable. You can even say it is "more spiritual". It recognizes the Spirit more, in that it recognizes that you are CAUSE, and not at the effect of the world. And as ACIM says, "I am not a victim of the world I see", to remind us that we are not, to any degree, being victimized against our will. We MUST be choosing what is happening to us, not just on a level of interpretation of what happens, but even the orchestrating of events that occur, including the scripts we write.

The thing is, you need to not be in a state of war with yourself. When the mind has a persona and a shadow, ie it has unconsciousness, the unconscious self is going to sabotage everything that the conscious self is trying to do. The conscious self, focusing on trying to keep only what it approves of, marking as "wrong/bad/evil" everything it wants to get rid of, pushes guilt and sin into the unconscious, but it still is active. That unconscious mind produces world events and external situations which the conscious self hates and conflicts with. The two parts of the mind are at war with each other, which makes it significantly difficult to deliberately express miracles or to manifest objects etc.

For the conscious self to then think it has free reign to go "creating reality" and that nothing can stand in its way, the unconscious mind is actually going to stand in its way. To really exercise freedom of manifestation, the mind has to be whole, which means it is not a split mind, it is not an ego mind, it does not have ego motives and is not trying to achieve ego goals. It also means asking for what you want using a single, unified will, rather than a split will.

Or another way to express that, is to "pray with your whole heart", meaning that your "asking" has to be undivided and you need to not be in "two minds" (ie uncertain) about what it is you are asking for. Otherwise you will ask for one thing and get something else, then claim you didn't ask for it, when in fact you did. When you ask in wholeness (which also means in love, because you cannot ask in wholeness with a split-minded ego), then God's Will will be done, healing will take place, a miracles will happen. But if you're against yourself internally, it will show up as the world being against you externally, and it will seem as though you do not have the power to overcome what the ego (you) has put in place.

The split mind has two wills which are against each other, because the split mind is a mind of self-attack and division and self-conflict. The split mind is at war with itself. The Course refers to this as there being an "alien will" which is out there in the world acting against "you", ie your persona self - the part of you that you are aware of vs the part of you which you are in denial of existing. So then you will not be able to help but be in a victim consciousness, seeing power as outside of you and inaccessible to you, as a result of believing in this alien will. This alien will is really the "rest of your own will", which you have disassociated from. It's not someone else's power, it's yours, but you've disowned it, and now you are acting against yourself.

The alien will is also symptomatic of being separate from God's will, whereby you have attempted to introduce a will which is separate from God, and therefore separate also from your Real Self (since your Real Self is One with God). And so this will shows up "outside of you" appearing as though some kind of crazy will acting out of the blue against the rest of your will. So with a split mind you will always be in conflict and thwarting your own efforts to create reality or manifest objects or whatever.

Believing that there is a will separate from God's, in an effort to have your own will which wills things which God does not will, means you have displaced your own power outside of yourself where it seems to be outside of your control and inaccessible to you. Thus you see others as having this power "over you" and that they are using it against you. This has to be healed, the power has to be taken back, you need to become empowered again, and the only way to do this is by undoing the ego. That means healing the split in your mind and becoming more whole.

That also means, you MUST restore your sense of Oneness with God, and therefore share His Will, if you are to re-access your own power. You cannot have power outside of God which has any power to do anything to God. Your attempt to take God's power away from Him, ie to disown your own power, has merely taken power away from your Self. The ego's attempt to become powerful is wishful thinking, and wishes are not willpower. In the ego, its "will" is actually a lack of will, or an attempt to will that God's will be not done. Therefore it is a desire for nothing to happen - the end of Creation's extension. Try to create your own reality with the ego and nothing real will happen.

However, as you begin to forgive yourself, as you start to take back responsibility for choosing what is happening to you, as you regain a fuller awareness of yourself as a whole mind and not a split mind, as you undo the ego, and as you become willing to do God's will, you will start to return to your natural state of miraculous empowerment. Compared to having no real power at all, re-accessing and sharing in the Power of God is a massive and significant shift. It literally means the difference between imaginary magic which has no real power at all, versus powerful miracles which are absolutely unlimited in what they can do.

It also means that in order to be in a position to create your reality, you also need to be in (or towards) a position of not believing that the world is real. The world is an illusion, in terms of God's truth, so to accept, align with and extend God's will you are going to have to admit this world is not reality. That will deflate all of the ego's goals and its attempts to make of this world what it will with its new-found special powers.

This doesn't mean you cannot wield powerful miracles which change this world. While the world seems to persist, it absolutely is changeable, being nothing at all. There is no hierarchy of illusions as far as miracles are concerned, so nothing big or small is off-limits. This has already been demonstrated by various individuals, not least of all Jesus. Moses for example parted the sea with the Power of God. Jesus brought the dead back to life, multiplied food out of thin air, healed the sick and did a whole host of other things. And they were just getting started.

What many ACIM students may not realize is just how profoundly UN-powerful they have been, while deeply entrenched in the ego's thought system, and how incredibly capable they are going to become as they reconnect with God and begin to do His Will. By this I mean, what people would think of as supernatural power. Power which defies every rule and law of the physical world. The power to heal, the power to manipulate matter, the power to manifest objects, the power to teleport and communicate over a distance, the power to do anything. This is not magic, it is miraculous. And this is what ACIM means by "a miracle".

Consider that everything in this physical world was put in place by the ego's mind, based on ideas of limitation and lack and weakness and suffering. It was made to deny God and to make it appear as though God does not exist here or have any power over it. When this is shown to be FALSE, by miracles which come from beyond this world, they demonstrate how everything about this world is unreal, unfixed, temporary, illusory, powerless and easily changed. Miracles can demonstrate that nothing the ego made has power over God, even while this world seems to persist.

The key difference to this kind of "creating" is that it is only possible by extending God's Will, and cannot be accessed or used by ego-focused minds. Being in the ego disempowers you and strips you of being able to have real power. The ego limits the mind's creative abilities and renders it helpless. But as this is reversed and healed, the mind becomes a powerful creator again. Rather than dreaming unconsciously, you can dream more consciously, ie manifest illusions at will. You will not believe they are real, but can use them for spiritual teaching purposes.

This is different to "creating your own reality" in that there you're trying to create what your ego wants, separate from God, to have an illusion of power and an illusion of spirituality. ACIM would teach us that this world holds nothing that we really want, because everything in it is a substitute for something profoundly valuable and of "real value", ie God's love. When God's love is everything that you want, you will be able to express from it and this will be literally miraculous.

Then you will be extending love and, in that sense, "co-creating" with God. But it doesn't mean you will be creating illusions for the sake of creating illusions. You will do so only where it is useful and as guided by Holy Spirit, as teaching devices and to ease people's suffering while they continue to work on awakening. Or indeed, to help them to awaken by showing them that what they believe about the world is false.

In terms of energy and frequency and vibration, there appears to be something to this in terms of illusions or a hierarchy of illusions. If cars and houses and people are considered real, then you might as well also consider these things to be real, because they are just as much a part of the illusion of a world. There are low-level energetic vibrations which do not seem to feel joyous. The idea of "darkness" or "evil" does not feel happy and light. On the other end of the spectrum there are very "high-vibrational" energies or thoughts which you could say are more "spiritual", symbolically. You have to remember we are inside a giant dream and dreams are full of symbols, and both the illusion of darkness and light within a dream are equally illusory.

There are, however, higher-dimensional higher-vibrational "places", you could say, whose "vibration" or frequency is too high for our senses or sensors to pick up. Thus they appear to be invisible to us. The truth is that they are visible and have much greater awareness than us, and can be aware of us, but we cannot be aware of them because our awareness is too blocked by lower-frequency perceptions. Thus as Jesus told me once, "it is not me that is invisible, it is you".

Being in a world of matter is entering into being "hidden" or not seen, i.e. darkness, but presented as an illusion of being seen and tangible. It is completely backwards from the truth and sight of "form" is blinding. Tangible physical form is an illusion of "existing" and "being seen", when in fact it is a block to vision. Being able to see a world here is not symptomatic of awakening, but symptomatic of being asleep and dreaming. There is no real world here, just an illusion of one, and our failure to see past it or recognize it as an illusion is what makes us believe it is solidly real.

There are energies in and beyond this world which are very much "there" in terms of it being part of the illusion, and yet are things which many people are blind to. I sense and pick up on some of these energies because I have a physiological sensitivity which makes these finer/subtler energies more apparent or noticeable. They form a part of my normal everyday experience. But for many other people, they have no idea that such energies exist. So not only is there a reality beyond the world, a reality of God, which is much more real than this world, but even within this world there are levels of awareness and a lot of unconsciousness.

Quantum physics comes close to alluding to some of the truths about this world which other thought systems were unable to "see". However, even quantum physics is really just another attempt to explain what cannot be explained. You cannot explain or prove God because God is self-evident and all science can do is focus on that which is not self-evident, ie which has separate evidence or evidence which points to or alludes to something beyond it. That's because we're in a dream, made of symbols, where nothing is "as it is", and everything points beyond itself to something else.

The world we're living in is not an end result or a thing in its own right. It is just symbolic. It's symbolic of the idea of separation from God. It isn't THE separation from God, just a symbol of it. And symbols always point beyond themselves to what they represent. Thus when you're looking at this world you're not looking at an objective reality, you're looking at a representation of a symbolic idea, coming from somewhere beyond this world. Coming from the mind of the Son of God who is dreaming it.

Quantum physics may start to allude to the fact that this world is being dreamed and that we're "creating our own reality" here, but you have to realize, quantum physics is also an illusion. Can an illusion go outside of illusions to explain an illusion? Can illusions see, experience, know, or explain, reality? We already ask the body, which is an illusion, to tell us what the illusion is like, which is like asking a blind-man what he sees. Quantum physics would probably say that this world is a reality that we're creating ourselves - but it probably won't tell you that it is not reality at all and does not exist.

Ultimately truth is experiential, it is self-evident and direct and immediate. There is no time or space in the truth. There is no gap to traverse to get to it or delay in experiencing it. There is no way to take a time-out and do a measurement of it and analyze what it means. It just is what it is, right now, fully, as an experience you can actually experience, and that is the only way that it will ever be. Being one with God is the truth. You can live it, but you cannot study it or explain it.

Words are twice removed from reality, and science is three times removed from reality. It is always up to the mind of the scientist to decide whether to believe that the results or answers are the truth or not, based on perceptions, which is based on their own mind's ability to experience reality. If there is reality in a forest but no scientists there to study it, does it exist?

So it always boils down to... are you experiencing God right now, or not? And if you're not, you are not going to be able to speak of God. As Jesus says, "what lies beyond, we cannot speak of this."

In terms of the script, we do write scripts, like pre-meditated choices that we would elect to seem to be bound by. Stuff then happens to "play" this script. But you ultimately are meant to use the script as a way of regaining your power to choose and thereby be free of the need for scripts or being limited by them. The final script is a script in which you are set free from needing lessons to learn, and then scripts no longer apply to you. They are just sequences of choices, and everything that happens to you, you choose. Nothing happens to you against your will, and everything that you ask for, you receive. If you are receiving something you do not like, it's because you asked for it or didn't realize how you were asking for it. But you did choose it. And you can choose again.

Reality is God's Creation. You are a part of that. And you are miraculously empowered by that. And you can dream if you want to. But the purpose of miracles is to undo the dream, not to put on a performance that makes the dream persist. Miracles show that the illusion of a dream being real is broken. They reveal the truth. They express God and bring God back into awareness. They show those who are convinced the world is real, that it cannot be. When all of the ego's laws are defied by it, they are shown to be meaningless. It is our task to become miracle-minded so that we can demonstrate this to "the world" and bring about the disappearance of the universe.

Why then create another reality when the one God created is perfect? How can you create another reality when there is only one reality that is possible? You can dream, and you can manipulate dreams with your mind, but you cannot change what is real.

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