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It’s not about projection or perception. It’s about you

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It’s important to realize, projection happens BEFORE perception.

”Projection MAKES perception”

”Perception is a RESULT, not a cause”

Perception is not really to do with what you project onto people. It’s the RESULT, or what you “see”, AFTER you have projected something to see. Perception is more like a receptive, sensory device, which takes IN what has been projected OUT. You FIRST look within, at your own sins, then you PROJECT them out, THEN you perceive it. So what’s all this focus on “correcting perception”? Or even correcting projections? Shouldn’t you be correcting what is WITHIN?

Jesus goes on to say, seek not to change the world, but seek to change your mind ABOUT the world. Now, people have taken this to mean, that your ideas “about” the world are part of PERCEPTION. It’s not. They’re really ideas about YOURSELF, which you project onto the world, and THEN perceive.

There is a common belief that false perceptions CAUSE what you see. This is not remotely true. Perception is PASSIVE. It is a result. It doesn’t DO anything, because it is not a CAUSE. It is in fact the opposite of cause, it’s just an effect coming at you from the outside in.

Your projecting has a lot more to do with causing. And even projection is once removed from the real SOURCE of CAUSE which is WITHIN. Your beliefs, values and attitudes about yourself, is the STARTING POINT of all problems. That is ALL that needs correcting. Correct it at the source and there will be nothing sinful to project OR perceive. Change YOUR MIND, period, regardless of whether it seems to be “about the world” or not

Jesus says somewhere that it is therefore with your THOUGHTS that we must work. And what he means by that is your attack thoughts but also your BELIEFS. Beliefs are decisions, they are a long-term thought, which give rise to more thoughts. It is ONLY through belief that you give reality to the separation. It is through false believing that you modify the truth. It is through false believing that you attack. It is through false believing that you reverse cause and effect, regarding yourself as a victim, project causality outside of you, then have a perception of being attacked, which generates reactionary fear thoughts.

What you are doing to yourself is the KEY to salvation. The CAUSE of bad perceptions is the PROJECTING of bad beliefs. “I can be attacked by nothing but my thoughts” tells you it’s neither projection or perception that hurts you, but the attack thoughts against yourself that you put there FIRST before you even project, yet alone perceive..

“You but accuse your brother of your own sins” tells you that you FIRST accuse yourself of sin, THEN you project it onto your brother, THEN you perceive that your brother is being sinful. Correcting “perception” is not going to remove your belief in sin about yourself. But fix your mind and your perception automatically follows. “As a man THINKETH, so does he perceive.” The thinking comes first, perception is a RESULT that you don’t directly need to change. It’s an effect.

Perception is like 3 times removed from the cause. If you really want to attain true perception, corrected perception, which is only a SIDE EFFECT (result), you have to work with what you are projecting, at least. Because projection is the CAUSE of perception. Trying to tackle perception itself won’t work. It’s not the problem. It’s coming FROM projection. And even projection is not the problem, it’s merely a way of trying to disown the problem.

Yes you should “take back your projections” and realize you are putting it there, but this isn’t enough. The fact you are projecting or judging others is not the whole problem. It’s just a step. Thinking it’s about others and NOT YOU is a layer of denial. Even if you stop projecting, that isn’t a total fix. Because you’re still left with WHAT you projected, and left holding the baby. WHAT you projected is your SELF attack. The stuff that’s WITHIN you, which you saw AS IF it were outside you, but it STILL was inside your mind. Your beliefs about YOURSELF.

Projection is an attempt to get rid of what you do not want to be responsible for, but it does not work. All it does is split your mind and disassociate and PRETEND it’s about someone else. It remains your mind attacking itself, but in a more split state that seems like it’s not coming from you. Projection is just an inflated form of self attack.

Ultimately it’s always still YOUR MIND that needs healing. It’s your self attack that needs to be healed. This is why he secret of salvation is the key to awakening - you are always doing it to yourself. Ideas leave not their source, your self attack does not leave your mind EVEN when you project or perceive it externally.

Change your mind, period, and everything you project AND perceive will change. You see yourself “in” the world. You see yourself everywhere, because you are everywhere. If you hate yourself, you will see hate everywhere. If you love yourself, you will see love everywhere. You are innocent.

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