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Its all mind? It’s all God? Oneness? Non-duality?

  • By Paul West
  • 975 Words
  • 4 minutes 52 seconds
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There is a risk in reducing everything down to very basic, primitive concepts.

The ego likes to think in terms of separate boxes, and reasons that if you ”remove all the separations” and get down to “one box”, it will reveal the foundation of everything. It’s as if you are getting down to the “premise” of all of existence.

But if you try to then build on that premise to return to an accurate depiction of what reality is like, you don’t end up with the same result. Reducing everything down LOSES INFORMATION. The concept becomes TOO reduced. So then when you base conclusions on it, they become too vague and incorrect.

For example you could say “everything is mind”. Now ask yourself, how do you explain what this world is, what is real, who created what, what it means, etc, based on “its all mind”? You’ll come to conclusions like ....”therefore, my body is made of God”, ....”therefore, the dream is reality”, ....”therefore, murder is innocent playfulness”, ...”therefore, I have no reason to wake up ever”, ...”therefore, there’s no point doing the course.”

What you get back OUT from that starting PREMISE, is NOT an accurate representation of the truth. For example, it is NOT God’s will that you dream of opposing his will and experiencing suffering. “God does not will you suffer.” But in the “its all mind” over-simplification, suddenly suffering is on a totally even level with God. Dreams are now equated with reality. Death is equated with life.

The same thing happens with the “its all God” or “God is all there is”. If you build the thought system based on that premise, you end up with....”therefore, I am God”, ....”therefore, God is glad I’m sick”, ....”therefore, God is the sickness”, ....”therefore, God is insane”, ....”therefore, illusions are God”, .... “therefore, “God is dead.”

Another one of these over-simplifications is this idea of oneness. That “we are all one”, or “I am one with God”, or “Nowhere the son and and father begins”, or “everything is one thing.”. This leads to nonsense conclusions such as “...therefore, I am the Creator”, ....”therefore, there is no sonship”, ...”therefore, a dream of death is God”, ...”therefore, even murder is one with God”, ...”therefore, “I don’t exist or have a self”, “...therefore, there is no creation”, ...”therefore, there is no freedom.”

Just all kinds of nonsense comes from basing all your REASONING on a concept that doesn’t ACCURATELY represent the TRUE foundation of God’s nature. These ideas SEEM foundational and simple, but they are FALSE PREMISES. They do not describe God correctly. They are way too basic.

It’s almost like saying, if I cut my arms and legs off, I still have a whole body. And then saying, all humans have no arms or legs.

Non-duality is another bullshit idea. Another attempt to form a concept that is TOO VAGUE, but which the ego worships as sacred because it sees “no separation” in it. Non-duality would claim anything even hinting at “more than one” indicates separation, and is therefore ego. That reality is “one thing”. Literally, the count of one. As soon as there is mention of THE ONE SON, this concept raises a red flag, yet alone the idea of many sons, or of sons having creations of their own. It all gets reduccced down to “one thing, or its a lie”.

So now we get, everything is one and there is nothing “dual” and nothing multiple, therefore...”God has no son”, ....”therefore, God’s son is God”, .....”therefore, there is no sonship or creations of sons”, ....”therefore, God hasn’t created anything”, ...”therefore, Love has not extended and so is not love”, ....”therefore, there is no sharing and nothing to share with”, ....”therefore, because God does not create or extend or love, God has no life”, .....”therefore, God is dead.”

These are the insane logical conclusions that come from a FALSE premise about “what God is like”. If non-duality is accurate, there is no creation of any kind. The son gets denied, and all of Heaven collapses. Don’t even think about considering Holy Spirit or Angels as being real, yet alone souls.

Thought systems have a premise. God is the premise of one, ego is the other. We are told God has CREATED and God is a creator, which wipes non-duality off the map. We are told the father is GREATER than the son and that just because father and son are one does NOT mean there is only one thing. This wipes “oneness” off the map. We are told God has a son who is dreaming of exile and God did NOT go insane or will suffering and death, which was the SON’S choice, which wipes “its all God” off the map. And we’re also told God is a being with a spirit and a mind, soul and mind are different, soul never leaves sight of God, mind is where free will happens, and mind is where the separation idea is, which wipes “its all mind” off the map.

These very primitive, basic, stripped down concepts are ALL FLAWED. Overly reduced concepts are flawed. Puutting God into one box is flawed. God is a CREATOR, who has created MANY CHILDREN. Their many-ness violates all these concepts. All these concepts GLOSS OVER and are blind to the nature of Heaven. The EGO, in its way of thinking, DOES NOT MAKE SENSE about God.

God is omnipresent, which in and of itself completely violates every kind of ego idea about God. God is miraculous. Dreams of death are not God’s will. Those who die are opposing God’s will. God is not fully and equally immersed in dreaming. Dreams are not reality. This world doesn’t exist. Illusions do not come from God’s mind. “Heaven on Earth” is a dream. The “real world” is not real. God has a family. None of these false concepts explain or accurately “map to” any of this.

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