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Learning to be the prayer

  • By Paul West
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At the beginning, prayer seems to be like asking for something you do not have.

But this is the opposite of prayer. It does not produce anything DIRECTLY, it only affirms what you already have, because it emphasizes that it is TRUE that you DO NOT have what you want. This can be asking for help, which is okay, but it's not your proper function as the light of the world.

As you progress, instead of being in a mode of asking a separate God to do separate things in separate ways, you will learn to BE the prayer, BE the power that drives it, and BE the one to deliver the result.

That's much more powerful. Now you aren't just putting in an optional request from your separate ego will and waiting around for God's will to happen. You're fulfilling God's will because you ARE IT.

Initially as Jesus says, we perform miracles based on faith, because we trust there is something unseen and not fully understood (God) but are not fully aligned with Him yet. But later, we will become aware of and aligned with and in the same perspective as God, whereupon miracles will be commanded through and by you. God will support them, either way.

So it all boils down to, whose will are you performing in your prayer? Are you DOING God's will? Or are you DOING the ego's will?

The ego wills that you look like you're asking very intensely without accomplishing anything. Seek and do not find. It wills that everything stay the same and illusions remain real. The ego makes a heck of a lot of noise complaining about what it does not want, but does not actually ACT to change it, because it is praying for the purpose of making victimhood real!

You pray with the ego when you "ask for". You pray with God when you command what must be, per His Will, in the perspective that it ALREADY IS and has ALREADY BEEN GIVEN. Therefore you "receive it into manifestation."

When you EXTEND God, which is a radiation of love and a flow of divine power, anything is possible.
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