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Loving prayer heals

  • By Paul West
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I've been starting to practice very simple "loving prayer".

It's so simple that it actually has taken me quite a long time to come to realize that this is effectively all you need to produce healing. Love, itself, is the healing "agent". It doesn't matter so much what you think or say in words. It's the presence of love that is the REQUIRED ingredient, and really the only ingredient. One time I was feeling love, trying to do this, and Holy Spirit said excitedly "that's all you need!"

While the Course also says you must pray, must have love in your heart, must ask with your heart, do not need words (because God only understands what your heart desires), and that you must have strong trust/faith, really it basically boils down to:


As Jesus also says, minds that JOIN become healed because this joining makes it impossible for them to believe in separation since you do not support the separation idea, and ALL sickness comes from the perceived separation between brothers. Joining is ONLY possible IN LOVE.

So what I've been simply doing is, getting quiet and becoming very SINCERE. That doesn't mean serious. It means honest, sincere, heartfelt, present, humble, admitting to love... and then simply trying to LOVE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. This sounds easy or simple but when you have ego it can be quite difficult to "just love".

f you've tried it yourself you might find you actually struggle to FEEL love or for love to be your main focus or experience. Especially if fear is present. Miracles require the absence of fear, and the absence of fear IS LOVE. So by moving INTO love you automatically HEAL YOUR OWN FEAR, making it easier TO LOVE. You CAN somewhat talk yourself INTO more love by speaking lovingly about a person while trying to BE LOVING. The more lovingly you speak of someone, the more you are speaking truth about them, the more you are HEALING them.

I have been finding that as I do this, after a short while I feel much more loving, I come more into awareness of God's presence, I feel more "holy" and innocent, and I actually start to tune into the mind of the other person somehow. It's as if they start to show up in my awareness and we sort of merge. This is only possible through love. "Miracles unite you with your brother."

I've done this a few times for a particular person and each time they seemed distinctly happier and more "sane" and "stronger" afterwards. ie more healed.

It really is this simple. Simply pray lovingly with your heart and be very genuine and sincere in lovingly asking God for what beautiful lovely things you want for the person. You can even visualize them receiving healed body parts. You can also "petition" God's "mercy" to recognize the person should not suffer and does not deserve to be unhappy etc. Thus what you want for them, you simultaneously want for yourself. You get healed also!

If you think about it, every time Jesus PRAYER FOR SOMEONE, He did so LOVINGLY, and with love, and that's the "language of God". This is how prayers are truly given and understood and answered! Even Jesus says that He himself will respond to "an unequivocal call" to Him. Sincerity and depth of love and therefore wholeness and certainty are important.

You cannot make your brother WHOLE unless you are acting IN WHOLENESS in a loving/whole way. ie you have to be COMING FROM LOVE. If you are not "speaking love", you are not REALLY talking to God, you are talking to the ego. The course says that doing so will render the prayer SEEMINGLY UNMET because the EGO will meet it and not God. To talk to God you have to talk with sincere genuine love, and that is how you ASK GOD, and that is how you SHARE LOVE, and the love does the healing!

It's really so simple, yet so buried underneath so much ego complexity and control issues and fear and the authority problem and trying to do it all yourself and all of the other mistakes of an unhealed healer. This is why you must "become loving" ie return to awareness of love FOR YOURSELF in order to BE HEALED so that YOU CAN HEAL. "I will heal as I let you teach me to heal". "You can only give the miracles you have received." If you want to give a miracle to another YOU have to be READY, WILLING AND ABLE to do so, having ACCEPTED love for YOURSELF. That's what forgiveness and atonement are for, equipping you with love SO THAT you can perform miracles.

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