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Mind is the cause of all sickness

  • By Paul West
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If mind becomes split, there are now two causes.

The 2nd cause will seem to will against the first.

The conflict and self-attack will manifest as sickness AS the body.

If mind reclaims the fact that it is fighting its own self, and stops doing so, the split disappears.

When the split disappears, the body MUST stop showing up as sick. All symptoms of attack must disappear.

Sick mind, sick body.

Healthy mind, healthy body.

NEVER is it healthy mind, sick body. EVER.

NEVER is it healthy mind, dead body. EVER.

The only cause of sickness is the belief that you are separate from YOURSELF, are in two minds, and are willing against yourself. Therefore you willing against yourself is SELF ATTACK. And all self attack produces SYMPTOMS OF ATTACK, ie sickness in the body.

Symptoms in the body are not caused at one moment in time and thereafter "linger" with nothing willing them to be there,as though existing on their own, or sustained by time or ego laws. They only appear to linger if the mind is CONTINUOUSLY IN A STATE OF SELF ATTACK.

The same goes for short-term illness and chronic illness. Chronic illness is a long-term belief in being divided against yourself.

There is no belief the mind cannot undo. There is no sense of separation that cannot be reversed. Therefore there is no MANIFESTATION of that belief which cannot be UNDONE COMPLETELY in all its forms and expressions at EVERY LEVEL including the physical.

Physical sickness is you being in two wills willing against yourself as if you have an enemy that is not you, but is you. Stop doing that, be whole, be one mind in love, and THERE CAN BE NO SICKNESS OR DEATH.

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