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Miracles have no order of difficulty

  • By Paul West
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Jesus tells us there is no order of difficulty in miracles.

He also tells us that this is because miracles prove that God's laws apply equally everywhere.

This has to mean that absolutely all illusions can be treated in the same way, and that by being "all the same", there is nothing about those illusions that have 'special' difficulty versus other illusions.

Miracles RECOGNIZE that all illusions ARE illusions. That means they are all equally untrue, and they're all "made of" the same stuff. Any "illusion" that certain illusions are more serious or difficult or larger or smaller, is absolutely ignored by the miracle worker, because these illusions are all known to BE illusions, not truths.

Therefore the miracle worker must recognize all illusions AS illusions, which overcomes every conceivable reason against the miracle working. It undoes the foundation of any possible "reason it won't work" or "reasons why its not powerful enough" or "reason why God wouldn't heal this."

All of those anti-miracle thoughts are attempts by illusions to claim that its "true" that some problems are harder or bigger than others. It's part of the hierarchy of illusions, which is entirely fictional.

Thus miracles, and those who perform them, acknowledge that there is nothing ABOUT the illusion that presents any kind of problem at all, no "real" problem, and miracles then become possible BECAUSE the illusion is not a real problem.

We work miracles through forgiveness of illusions.

Forgiveness sees there is nothing to forgive because a truly forgiving attitude recognizes that illusions are all false and untrue, therefore there is no real problem. Miracles heal by acknowledging that there is NOT a real need for healing, correcting the mistaken belief that the illusion of sickness real, thereby dispelling the illusion completely.
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