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Opening your mind to rejoin with Spirit

  • By Paul West
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The mind, under the control of the ego, is always trying to interfere, make, plan, imagine, fantasize, predict, remember, re-use, figure out, think about, analyze etc.

All of these 'actions' of the mind/intellect are really the same tool being used with different outcomes. All of these uses of the tool of mind in this way tend to block Spirit.

When we're busy with USING the mind as a tool to figure out what to do, or how something might work, or to plan what actions to take, or to try to decide using your own resources (memory, experience, skills, abilities etc), blocks you from RECEIVING divine help and guidance.

What we need to realize is that we don't have to live our lives on our own, or figure everything out by ourselves, or use our own faculties to control outcomes, or to plan based on our own personal knowledge and abilities.

Holy Spirit wants to JOIN with us and HELP us and GUIDE us and to GIVE us what we need. Whether it be information, guidance, direction on what to do, deep spiritual insight on what a problem is really to do with, what needs to be done to heal, or which choices to make. But if we're always relying on our own abilities and being proud of them, we're not going to have room in our lives, experientially, for God's counsel.

It's kind of like, yes, you COULD do this on your own and you COULD decide by yourself and you COULD run your own life, and probably make a partial mess of it, but WHY DO THAT when God could work through you and make everything turn our far better than you could on your own?
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