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Seeing past bodies and recognizing that all people are immortal spirit

  • By Paul West
  • In Awakening, Body, Spirit
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Only in the past couple of months have I started to really get this picture, that all people are equal brothers who are perfect immortal beings, sinless and guiltless and bodyless.

When I therefore see bodies I am not seeing the person. Bodies are covering up all people. This is a very strange world in which spirit beings have wrapped themselves in flesh and hide inside of it, trying not to be seen. This is not true of anyone.

The recognition that God has many children and all of them are permanent perfect beings of light, gives us the correct perspective in which to evaluate other things. Bodies then are clearly artificial separation devices, forms are illusions, all notions of sin and guilt are fake, and no-one is really sick.

Nothing real can be threatened. No real soul can be threatened. No real son of God can be threatened. It is impossible for a son of God to sin. No-one has ever really sinned. Behind all notions of sin, which is 100% lies, there is the reality that we are all STILL as God created us. Perfect and whole and holy and innocent.

This is the only truth about people. So if I'm seeing something else or believing something else is true of people, that they are their bodies or that their illusions are true or their false beliefs are true or their obstacles to peace are real or their sicknesses are real, I am mistaken.

Seeing things in their correct light - the nature of our relationships and reality in Heaven, helps to form a contrast in which to compare the nature of earthly bullshit, to allow us to recognize what is real and what is unreal. What is true and what is false. I've found this very clarifying, to have a model of Heaven to compare everything else to.

The task now is to learn to see past bodies and forms to such an extent as to recognize only the immortal spirit that we each are, our permanent innocent unchangeable selves, which are STILL as God created us, and which cannot ever be changed. How can immortal beings suffer and die? The suffering must be fake.

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