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Spacetime is an attack on God. It does not really exist

  • By Paul West
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God's nature is omnipresence. This means God is everywhere simultaneously. God's nature is also eternal, which means it always exists and is always the same, without change.

The idea of "space" is the exact opposite of omnipresence. If omnipresence means "exists everywhere at once", space means "is separated out and only exists in one place at a time." It is totally opposite. It is OPPOSED TO GOD'S NATURE.

Similarly the idea of "time" is the exact opposite of eternity. If eternity means "everything is always the same and there is no change or difference and its a constant state", time means "everything is always changing, nothing is every permanent and there is no consistency." Time is totally opposite to eternity. It is OPPOSED TO GOD's NATURE.

Planets, which are three dimensional objects, require both SPACE and TIME to exist. Space is what separates things out and allows there to be an "over here" that is separate from "over there". It is only possible for example for Earth to have "size" because of space. It is only possible for the USA to be "separate from" the UK, in space, because of spacetime. It is only possible to have seasons and change and growth and death because of time. These are all against God's nature. They are unnatural.

Without space and time, it's not possible to have a planet. Without space, you can't have individual particles that take up space. Space is the idea of things NOT SHARING the same existence. It keeps things apart. Without space, there is no physics, no mass, no matter, no molecules, nothing physical is possible.

Spacetime is the opposite of God's nature. God did not create it. Everything "inside of" or dependant on spacetime CANNOT BE created by God because it is AGAINST HIS WILL. He does not create things which fail to be omnipresent, or which do not exist the same forever. He does not create things which are born and die. He does not create bodies. He does not create planets. And he did not create the Earth. Earth is 100% dependent on spacetime, and spacetime is 100% DENIAL of Heaven. Heaven is God's true creation, your home.

You are in heaven, dreaming of exile. Your exile is in a world totally opposite to God's world. Earth is nothing like Heaven. It is nothing like God's nature. Spacetime itself, is the ego belief that separation is real, ie that an opposite to God's nature exists. It's produced by your belief that you can oppose God's will and succeed in making a world without Him or out of accord with his will. This universe is not reality. Spacetime, the continuum, is not reality.

There is no spacetime. Spacetime is an illusion. Spacetime does not really exist because God did not create it, and so it lacks reality. Spacetime, and the Earth, and all the planets and stars and galaxies, do not exist.

"There is no world. This is the central lesson the course would attempt to teach."

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