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9. Claiming the atonement for others

Claiming the atonement for others

In the atonement, it becomes the privilege of the forgiven to forgive. In the atonement, you gain the authority to forgive the sins of others, and not just your own sins. This literally means you are able to heal others instantly through your forgiveness, because forgiveness leads to an authority over illusions. It's not just a technicality, like you accept the atonement and. . .

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8. How can you accept the atonement?

Can you accept the atonement?For the ego, atonement means that you really did something wrong, and now you have to pay for it. This is the idea that you must make up for the losses you caused, because of your guilt. It calls for you to make a sacrifice, to have some portion of yourself or what you value taken. . .

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7. What is the atonement really

I used to be really pretty vague about what the Atonement was or how it was really accessed or applied. People would say, "claim the atonement" or "accept the atonement". Forgiveness processes would say, do these steps, then "accept the atonement". The accepting of the atonement was never really explained and just seemed like some 'thing' that requires you to. . .

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6. Lifting the lid off emotions

Often when you are experiencing some long-term struggle with something, where you have a lot of emotions and stress about it, when the thing finally gets resolved something happens. Since you now perceive that the problem has gone, it's kind of like lifting the lid off a saucepan filled with reactions. Emotions that you were bottling up and didn't seem to. . .

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5. Surrender and relax to receive the miracle

Miracles and supernatural interventions occur more readily when there is physical relaxation and a willingness to surrender and receive. The act of not 'acting', of not transmitting, of not even giving, but simply a willingness to let go and be open and RECEIVE, invites and allows Holy Spirit to access and help you. I have now over the past few months received. . .

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4. I surrender I surrender I surrender

Sometimes I am told to 'surrender', or 'relax', and to me this means I need to actively express a willingness to drop ego. Often this is when I'm laying in bed. I will then repeat several times over and over, something like:"I surrender, I let go, I surrender, I surrender, I surrender, I let go". I say this in quick succession so. . .

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3. Ready to be an active worker in Jesus' plan of Atonement?

"Having been restored to your original state, you naturally become part of the Atonement yourself. You now share my inability to tolerate the lack of love in yourself and in everyone else, and must join the Great Crusade to correct it. The slogan for this Crusade is "Listen, Learn, and Do. "This means Listen to My Voice, Learn to undo the. . .

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2. Miracles are intercessions for others

"32 I inspire all miracles, which are really intercessions. "Thank you Jesus. Dictionary definition of intercession:"the action of intervening on behalf of another. "You think miracles are just something you receive for yourself as part of your 'self study' and application of forgiveness for yourself, or of you 'accepting the atonement only for yourself'? When you accept atonement you accept it for. . .

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1. It's difficult to accept there is no world

One of the core ideas of the Course which is perhaps the MOST resisted, is that there is no world. It is not a popular idea. People don't like talking about it. Whenever I post it about it the comments section goes quiet most of the time. It's like. . . there are some things that Jesus says in the Course quite. . .

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