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64. Going within to God

When I rest within, go within, focus within, dwell with God within, stay within, remain calm, be at peace, connect to my holiness, step back from the world, disconnect, etc. . . . I feel that where and what I am is centered and calm and dwells inside of me. Within me according to ACIM there is an inner altar, where we are. . .

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62. You cannot suffer. Who is suffering?

If you are immortal, you cannot suffer. You cannot be hurt, damaged, offended, upset, sad, unhappy, depressed, lacking joy, unloved, abused, made sick, killed, harmed, bruised, wounded, angered, nothing. You can only be immortal. So what does that mean, in light of what seems to be "you suffering"? Even "your suffering" cannot be truly happening to you. YOU cannot be. . .

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61. Holy Spirit moves my body

Ok so. . . . weird as this will sound. . . when Holy Spirit does healing with me, it usually entails significant shaking of the body and also movement of body parts. Usually it entails the movement of my head into some kind of seemingly random sequence of positions. There will be involuntary movements of the arms and legs, tensing of various muscles, vibrations,. . .

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60. God's strength powers your miracles

"Thus is Christ's strength invited to prevail, replacing all your weakness with the strength that comes from God, and that can never fail. And thus are miracles as natural as fear and agony appeared to be before the choice for holiness was made. " "God is my strength. " This is a relatively "new" idea to me and perhaps to others. But. . .

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58. Signs of progress with the course

I've recently been noticing that my work with the course has shifted to the undoing of guilt. And that this was not the case in previous years. Overall it seemed I was working on undoing fear much more often. Just theorizing here, but maybe when we're starting out with forgiveness our mind is just too "low" in its degree of. . .

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57. Who is causing what to whom?

The whole problem with false perception is really just one of confusion about "what is the cause. " Or more to the point, who is causing it. We could rephrase that as "I don't know what God (cause) is. " In the separation there was a disassociation from the role of "causer" or chooser (creator), and the ownership and responsibility of this. . .

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56. Doing victimhood to yourself

Some time ago, I did not even remotely recognize that I was choosing to be a victim. If I was afraid, attacked, threatened, hurt in any way, I would see it as the other person was entirely responsible. Over time, as I've tried to apply forgiveness principles and the secret of salvation, taking responsibility for what I'm doing to myself. . .

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55. Forgiveness as a recognition of your true self

It may seem that you have fallen from grace, have become corrupted, damaged and broken. It may seem you have become hurt or have hurt yourself, and now need healing. It may seem something is wrong with you, you have sinned and are guilty. It may seem you have reasons to be afraid. In seeking healing, you might then look. . .

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54. Inviting the holy spirit to heal you

At the moment, I am focusing on receiving healing. Much has happened the past several months and I am still recovering from it. One valuable tool I've found is to repeat short phrases in quick succession. These include: I surrenderI surrender to your loveI let go completelyI receive God's healing loveI open to receiveI trust you Holy Spirit I receiveI. . .

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53. Heal yourself and others

The course is really all about healing. It's asking us to heal ourselves, and to heal others. Your mind needs healing because it is confused and insane. When your mind receives healing it becomes able to extend that healing to heal others. "The Disciples (that's YOU, if you are following Jesus's teaching) were officially and specifically told to heal others,. . .

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52. Being in the world but not of it

While your physical body is clearly anchored in THIS world, your true self is clearly anchored in ANOTHER world. Your soul, your holy self, is entirely LOCATED in God's Kingdom. "The soul never leaves the sight of God. " The only transition you make is between being BODY (physical) identified, which is the same as believing "I am in the physical. . .

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51. The power of choice leads to salvation

In ACIM, there is a central pillar which was not clear to me before. It is an unexpected strategy for acheiving salvation, which is pointed to and reinforced over and over again. And in effect is the ONLY way. We may be familiar with the idea that ATONEMENT is the goal. Yes it is. The course also states that atonement,. . .

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50. Miracles are the way out of hell

If this world is real, then it is a cruel world. And all its paths lead eventually to death. There is no escape in the world. "The world was made that problems could not be escaped. " In this world, when something goes wrong, it stays wrong. Unless you can find a physical solution which seems to solve the problem. But. . .

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49. The making of a separated self

As Jesus says, "the separation has occurred". The separation is another name for the fall of man. We did in fact "fall asleep" and dream of another world in which we believed in and thus made/maintained "en ego". It has not been fully created because it is not created, but made. But we DID have the tiny mad idea and. . .

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48. How to deal with the ego .... love it? detach from it? dis-identify from it? transcend it? change it? heal it?

Jesus says: "I am the teacher of the ego. " He also says "The ego is the idea of selfishness. " Now, consider this. Your mind is either in a state of sanity or a state of mental illness. When mentally ill, YOUR MIND is "being selfish". It believes in specialness. But when that SAME mind chooses not to be selfish, that. . .

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47. Not recognizing what you're doing

One of the major problems we have is that while in ego, we're in a state of confusion. And that means we've lost sight of what is true and real. This then leads to confusing things which are false with things that are true, and not really knowing what is what. In such a state, it is hard to recognize. . .

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