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26. What dies?

There is a strange tug of war between the idea that a person is a body who dies, and the idea that the person is more than a body. If you believe the person is a body, and only a body, and the body dies, you will believe heavily that the person has literally ceased existing. No soul moving on. . .

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25. Are you a blessing or a curse?

I'm learning recently that my mind and attitude may well affect other people. I think this is part of being more responsible for what my mind is doing "to itself", and extends to others, in that whatever I am doing to myself I am also attempting to do to others. Whatever sense of sin or guilt I have about myself. . .

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24. Being a miracle worker

A collection of quotes from A Course in Miracles. "Right-Mindedness neither exalts nor depreciates the mind of the miracle worker nor of the ****miracle receiver****. However, as a creative act, the miracle ****need not await the Right-Mindedness of the receiver. In fact, its purpose is to restore him TO his Right Mind. **** But it is essential that the miracle worker be. . .

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22. We are still as God created us

What you are, and what your brother is, is ONLY what has been given by God. Your inheritance, shared with your brother, comes only from God. You are permanent host to God. God is in you. He has shared his Will with you. He has given his Mind to you. You have his freedom and his love. You are ONLY. . .

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20. You have children in reality created with your brothers

"Your creations ARE the logical outcome of His premises. HIS thinking has established them FOR you. They are therefore THERE, EXACTLY where they belong. They belong to your mind, as part of your identification with HIS. But your state of mind and your recognition of WHAT IS IN YOUR MIND depends, at any given moment, on what you believe ABOUT. . .

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18. Needing someone to love you is unloving neediness

"This meant that man had no needs at all. If he had not deprived himself, he would never have experienced them. After the Separation, needs became the most powerful source of motivation for human action. All behavior is essentially motivated by needs, but behavior itself is not a Divine attribute. The body is the mechanism for behavior. " "Within HIMSELF he. . .

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17. What about those amazing bodies?

"A world forgiven cannot last. It was the home of bodies. But forgiveness looks past bodies. " "The world of bodies is the world of sin, for only if there were a body is sin possible. " "And gone are bodies in the blazing light upon the altar to the Son of God. " "For where God's memory has come at last there. . .

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16. How miracles heal the body

When minds are separated, there is a gap between you and others. You become isolated. This prevents your mind from extending to and joining with other minds. It prevents you from recognizing your oneness with your brother, and so disrupts the holy relationship, induces separation, fosters specialness, and in turn increases body identification. You become anchored to the body and. . .

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15. Heal your brother by viewing him as healed

It's interesting to realize, that your brother's soul is in a state of permanent perfection. What is true of him is what God established forever. His soul has no sickness, no disease, no upsets, no unhappiness. It is completely perfect and flawless. Your brother is perfect and flawless already, having been created to be permanently so. And therefore he has. . .

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14. Dealing with those who accuse you of sins

Sometimes people try to put you down, condemn you, make you wrong, call you names, claim you sinned etc. They may have a strong opinion, be domineering or power hungry. They may even say something quite vicious designed to push you away, shut you up, or shut you off.   This is always evidence of someone who does not love. . .

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13. The body must be healed to prove your brother's innocence

Here is an ACIM teaching which many will find controversial or unacceptable. This is often overlooked or disbelieved. Surely it can't be claiming what it's claiming? Let's find out. Basically, Jesus says that your body must be healed, so that it can teach life and resurrection and innocence to your brothers, in the dream. When it is not healed, it. . .

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12. Everyone should love everyone, are you willing?

"Everyone should love everyone. " "You cannot enter into REAL relationships with ANY of God's Sons, unless you love them all, and EQUALLY. Love is not special. If you single out PART of the Sonship for your love, you are imposing guilt on ALL your relationships, and MAKING them unreal. " This is a clear message from Jesus. Each one of us. . .

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11. You have a permanent self which will not end

This false non-duality idea of "you don't have a self" is not part of ACIM itself and is only something that people have projected onto it in attempting to mis-understand it. You DO have a self, a PERMANENT soul, which God created. There is a you in Heaven. God loves YOU and always will. Being in ego, it really means. . .

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10. How an ancient hatred becomes a present love

"Healing is when two minds recognize their oneness and become glad. " Years ago I used to hate a person. I thought this person was the cause of everyone's problems. I was secretly and passively angry at them, not communicating with them, unwilling to forgive them, feeling very hurt by them, annoyed by everything they did and wanting nothing to do. . .

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9. How and why you work miracles for others

Here is a very good description of what miracle working (for others) is about and WHY your brother needs YOU to perform a miracle FOR them. ”Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth. If to love oneself is to HEAL oneself, those who are sick do NOT love themselves. Therefore, they are asking for the love that would. . .

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