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3. On not knowing what anything means

I hear the term "I don't know what anything means" thrown around quite a bit. It leads to this idea that we're meant to 'not know anything' in order to wake up. I was just reading in the Text last night, Jesus was talking about power. He said knowledge is power, and here he is talking about real knowledge - knowing,. . .

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2. Did you know you're living inside a giant hologram?

Did you know you're living inside a giant hologram?(this may take a bit to explain, so bear with me). . . Actually, that's only the half of it. There's a reason why you are inside a hologram, and there's a motive for making it that the ego wants to keep a secret. The purpose of the physical universe, as a hologram (a holographic dream),. . .

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1. The world isn't heaven in disguise, it isn't real at all

Many course students believe that the physical world is a kind of heaven-in-disguise, but simply hidden behind their mistaken perceptions. It's as if to say, once they purify their mind of false perceptions, they will see it 'how God intended it' and that this is the same thing as being in heaven. If you are setting out with the belief that. . .

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