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35. You don't have to go through death

Everything about this world points in the direction of death. "All its roads but lead to disappointment, nothingness and death. " It was designed to do so. Our job as beings from another world, is to demonstrate that we are not under any of these laws, all of them can be broken, and that it is possible to reconfigure the body. . .

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34. Death is failure, life is success

When something dies, it fails. The body fails. Organs fails. Tissues fail. It depicts failure on a physical level. The final failure of the body is what we call death. It is when everything fails. Total failure is death. Which means that if you go toward death of the body, you are going towards failure. Which means you are failing. . .

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33. What dies?

There is a strange tug of war between the idea that a person is a body who dies, and the idea that the person is more than a body. If you believe the person is a body, and only a body, and the body dies, you will believe heavily that the person has literally ceased existing. No soul moving on. . .

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32. Overcoming orders of difficulty in miracles

Everything in the world is an illusion. Everything. And this includes the bodies which are seemingly healthy, the bodies which are seemingly sick, and the bodies that seem dead. This also means that trees which have fresh green leaves are as much an illusion as trees whose leaves have fallen and are decaying. Images of a lovely sunset are just. . .

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31. Sickness is but a little death

We have many names for death. Headaches, cancer, diabetes, wounds, heartache, unhappiness, grief, lack, depression, insanity, all of it is really death. According to ACIM anything even slightly less than total immortality - eternal life - is a form of death. "Death is a thought which takes on many forms, often unrecognized. It may appear as sadness, fear, anxiety or. . .

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30. You are immortal and you cannot die

"But you can confuse yourself with things that do. " The entire function of the Curriculum, is to return you to awareness of Heaven, your true home, where you remain with God in PERFECT IMMORTALITY. Every single thing in the course is geared towards you unlearning death and rediscovering eternal life. This is why the curriculum ends in the RESURRECTION, and. . .

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29. The illusion of life

"There IS no life outside of Heaven. Where God created life, there life must be. In any state apart from Heaven, life is illusion. At best, it seems like life; at worst, like death. Yet both are judgments on what is not life, equal in their inaccuracy and lack of meaning. Life not in Heaven is impossible, and what is. . .

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28. ACIM teaches you to claim your immortality

It may not be obvious, but A Course In Miracles is basically trying to get you out of a state of mortality, into a state of immortality. Think about all the ways that it does this. That you are not at the effect of the world. That nothing in the world causes you or brings oppression or makes you sick. . .

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27. Death is the opposite of life, choose again

"Death is the symbol of the fear of God. His Love is blotted out in the idea, which holds it from awareness like a shield held up to obscure the sun. " "It holds an image of the Son of God in which he is "laid to rest" in devastation's arms" "All forms of sickness even unto death are physical expressions. . .

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26. You are permanently immortal and you can prove it

"Against this sense of temporary existence, the Soul offers the knowledge of permanence and unshakeable BEING. No one who has experienced the revelation of this can ever fully believe in the ego again. How can its meager offering to you prevail against the glorious gift of God?" "You look for permanence in the impermanent; for love where there is none;. . .

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25. The atonement truth - you cannot sin and you haven't

"The miracle establishes you dream a dream, and that its content is not true. This is a crucial step in dealing with illusions. " "Nothing at all has happened but that you have put yourself to sleep, and dreamed a dream in which you were an alien to yourself, and but a part of someone ELSE'S dream. " The VITAL thing thing. . .

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24. Jesus redefines the meaning of life and death

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus gives a new definition for what is life, and what is death. He does not mean that life is "the stuff in this world" and that death is "when bodies are totally dead and lie on the ground decaying. " He has a totally different view of life and death because he recognizes what things. . .

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23. Jesus' use of words redefines their meaning

It's interesting how Jesus redefines the meaning of words. It means that when you first read something He says, you might "read into" its meaning based on the meaning of words that you already have, and therefore not understand what He's saying. Example: "death". Jesus clearly says that the entire dream of separation is a dream of death. Jesus clearly. . .

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22. How physical matter is made of sin and death

"The world goes against your nature, because it is out of accord with God's laws. The world perceives orders of difficulty in EVERYTHING. This is because the ego perceives nothing as wholly desirable. " Ok. First of all you need to realize the nature of God, in order to realize why this world is totally opposite to his nature. God. . .

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21. Death is the fear of awakening

"All forms of sickness, even unto death, are physical expressions of the fear of awakening. "   This really is inescapably clear. Jesus is literally saying that PHYSICAL death - of the body - is symptomatic of a FEAR that you have, of waking up.   That means every person who produces a dead body, ONLY does so because they are. . .

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20. The death wish, the decision to die

This is something that few of us want to look at. I don't like looking at it or talking about it either. But there is a DEATH WISH in our mind which is literally deadly, and is the cause of all death and suicide. It must be undone if you are to surmount death forever. The decision to consent to. . .

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19. Differences mean death, identicality means life

AND WHY THERE IS NO ORDER OF DIFFICULTY IN MIRACLES. . . In this world, forms of objects and bodies and planets are all made to establish how one thing is DIFFERENT to another. So when we look at the spectrum of types of sickness for example, we have DIFFERENCES in appearances. A headache, a cold, some back pain, a broken leg,. . .

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18. Death is an optional choice - death is failure to live

"No one can suffer loss unless it be his own decision. No one suffers pain except his choice elects this state for him. No one can grieve nor fear nor think him sick unless these are the outcomes that he wants. And no one dies without his own consent. Nothing occurs but represents your wish, and nothing is omitted that. . .

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