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23. Ego rebounds and not wanting to wake up

When I write or read ACIM stuff, after a while I'll start to feel upset. I may feel overwhelmed, or agitated, even hurt, and might feel like I want to cry. It's almost like someone just said a whole string of lies about me. I look at what part of me feels this way and I acknowledge what it is. . .

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22. The perfect choice

"Real choice is no illusion. But the world has none to offer. " Whenever you are presented with a choice in this world, you'll find it always entails an impossible situation. It's not "you" that is making choices difficult, it is the nature of the world. "It is the world you see that is impossible. " Option A will offer something which. . .

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21. There is no sin, guilt, fear, sickness or death

"There is no sin. Creation is unchanged. " "There IS no guilt in you, for God is blessed in His Son, as the Son is blessed in Him. " "There is no fear in perfect love. " "In the real world, there is no sickness, for there is no separation and no division. " "There is no death because what God created shares His. . .

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20. Fear is the opposite of love - all fear must go

Jesus redefines the meaning of fear. It is not some mere feeling that you have. In fact, He teaches that fear is the opposite of love. Love is essentially equated with the entire Kingdom of God and the nature of Creation. So fear really is another word for "the entire ego thought system. "   Fear is the idea of love's. . .

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19. Fear of nothing

Fear is always a fear of something that does not exist, is not happening, has not happened, and you cannot overcome. You can do nothing about the things you are afraid of, because they do not exist. You can't change them, because they're not there. You can't oppose them or go up against them because they're not there. In fact. . .

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18. When you can't help someone

When someone becomes afraid, they also become resistant to being helped. The fear and victimhood is really a choice to deny and resist the truth, and so they do not want the truth. This can make the situation very difficult if you're trying to help someone because they literally do not want to be helped, even if in the victimhood. . .

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17. Overcoming fearful attack thoughts

Yesterday was quite a breakthrough. After making a video about immortality and writing a long post about how fear is self attack, Holy Spirit invited me to "practice" the ideas during a visit to a doctor. Usually at these visits (for another person) I pick up all kinds of anxiety and have reactions and fear thoughts. So what I did. . .

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16. Fear is an attempt to hurt yourself and deny your immortality

"All forms of sickness, even unto death, are physical expressions of the FEAR of awakening. " Fear is not "just fear". It's not just "an emotion". It's not just "one thing". It's not just "a reaction". Everything that fear appears to be, it is that, and it is not that. There is much more happening that isn't obvious. Fear is the. . .

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15. Its time to surrender (again)

Surrendering is always a great way to let go, give up ego resistance and settle into being guided. It allows you to admit to the truth and stop pretending. It's a way to dissolve denial and get to the real root cause behind things. It helps you to sink deeper into the Holy Spirit and allow yourself to be helped. . . .

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14. Learning to teach only love

Learning to teach only love

In all encounters with people, you have basically two ways of relating. Either you will give love, or you will withhold love. When you give love, you are in alignment with the Golden Rule, and recognize that the only strategy that will work without hurting yourself is to love the person. In so doing, you become empowered by that love,. . .

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13. Death is the fear of awakening

"All forms of sickness, even unto death, are physical expressions of the fear of awakening. "   This really is inescapably clear. Jesus is literally saying that PHYSICAL death - of the body - is symptomatic of a FEAR that you have, of waking up.   That means every person who produces a dead body, ONLY does so because they are. . .

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12. Fear is trusting in your own strength

From lesson 48: “There is nothing to fear. ””The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength. The awareness that there is nothing to fear shows that somewhere in your mind, though not necessarily in a place you recognize as yet, you have remembered God, and let His strength take the place of your. . .

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11. The cause of fear can be completely undone

It used to seem as though fear was automatic. We were taught it was a natural response, part of how the primitive brain works, understandable given certain threats, and so on. But gradually I'm seeing more and more the secret to salvation, "you are doing this to yourself", that we in fact have a choice in whether to be afraid. . .

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10. The sole cause of all fear and suicide

Fear has but one cause, not many. It is not caused by what you think it’s caused by. Every single fear in the world has one cause. When you tried to sin, you may have believed you succeeded in creating real effects. Real irreversible damage. But you had an option. Either proceed forward to guilt, or go backwards to the reversal. . .

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9. If you perceive something outside of you is affecting you, you must be afraid

If you perceive something outside of you is affecting you, you must be afraid

Whatever form it takes, if you are perceiving that something outside of you has the power to do something to you, you MUST be afraid. This fear then is not even optional, because in order to see and thus believe that something has more power than you do, you have to demote your own power and weaken yourself, which is. . .

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8. You are using fear as a device to give away your own power

You are using fear as a device to give away your own power

Fear is a psychological tool which you use to put yourself into the role of victim, where you then see yourself as being affected by something separate from you. You are powerful, strong, confident, certain, loving, aware, filled with truth. However, when you disown these properties, you do so by creating a split in your mind. You use separation to. . .

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7. Our mind has the power to literally move mountains, why are we afraid of it?

Our mind has the power to literally move mountains, why are we afraid of it?

Here in ACIM Chapter 2, the section on "Separation and the Atonement", Jesus spells out CLEARLY just how powerful the mind is to produce miracles. He speaks of the combination of belief and thought with a power so great that it can LITERALLY move a physical mountain. It is not a metaphor, and it has nothing to do with mind. . .

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6. Trying to fix fear the wrong way

If I'm afraid or anxious, and I want to do something about it, I will probably start asking myself "why am I afraid?"My ego believes that asking this question will help me to find the cause of it, and that I might then be able to fix the problem. But what's going to happen is, I'll start searching for causes. If. . .

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