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3. Fear changes your perception of reality

The funny thing with fear is, that while you are feeling it, it actually changes how reality looks to you . . . . so the world goes from appearing to be a place of safety and beauty, to a place of darkness and danger. And that's only because there is fear happening in your mind. You think you MUST be afraid if. . .

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2. You don't need to find the power to fight your enemies

You do not need to find the power to rise up against a seemingly mighty external power. That external power is YOUR power. It's your own power that you have temporarily displaced into the hands of someone else. You want that other person or group to hold onto your power for you, so that you can disown it. This makes you think 'they'. . .

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1. You didn't become afraid overnight, it's a process

Had a nice chat with Jesus last night. One observation made is, that you can't just jump straight into fear or guilt. It's not like you can go from innocence straight to feeling afraid, although it seems this is what we do because it can happen quite fast. There are steps that MUST precede it. e. g. if you are afraid, you have. . .

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