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131. The two worlds

There are two worlds. The Kingdom of God, which really exists, and the world we made to oppose the Kingdom as an assertion of death and non-existence. The Kingdom of God is a permanent, real world. It is Creation, in which everything is alive and has eternal life. All is immortal, perfect, loving and at peace. Nothing can ever happen. . .

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130. A call for love - how do you forgive murderous people?

"What is not love is murder. "If to love oneself is to HEAL oneself, those who are sick do NOT love themselves. Therefore, they are asking for the love that would heal them, but which they are DENYING TO THEMSELVES. If they knew the truth about themselves, they could not be sick. " We are either loving ourselves and others or. . .

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128. What if its a dream?

Various things seem to happen in the world. Sometimes seemingly happy things, sometimes tragic. Sometimes things seem to be going well, sometimes they fuck up. There are dramas. There's emotion. People seem to be well, others seem to be dying. There is a whole lot of "material" to react to, respond to, deal with, manage, etc. It all seems plausible. . .

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127. There is no sin and you're not a sinner

"What if you looked within and saw NO sin?" "Let me remember that there is no sin. " "There is no sin. " "There is no sin. Creation is unchanged. " "Before a holy relationship there is no sin. " I asked God, "please forgive me". HS responded, "for what?" Again I remembered, there is no sin. Does this mean God has completely forgiven. . .

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126. Rethinking the cold-hearted world

When I came to A Course in Miracles, it was through Gary Renard's books, which I later learned were deeply based on Ken W's teachings. They also presented a view that was championed as "non-duality". The books spoke of the world as being a shitty place, a hell hole, psycho planet, a world of death and suffering, spinning its wheels. . .

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125. You’re the one who needs forgiveness

This might sound selfish, but most of the course is about you and what you are doing to yourself. It’s you who have attacked yourself. It’s you who needs healing. It’s you who needs to take responsibility for accepting atonement for yourself. It’s you who’s been hurting yourself and choosing suffering. It’s you who has the free will. It’s you. . .

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124. How a teacher of God sees the world

You are outside of the world, looking in upon it from the outside in. From this perspective, the body is given no value at all. The world is recognized as completely fictional. The body is used temporarily only as a tool for sensing the vibrations of the illusory world, so as to detect its current configuration and seemingly interact with. . .

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123. Forgiveness is not real unless the BODY is healed!

This is a radical teaching in A Course in Miracles which is often denied or distorted, simply because it seems too radical to be true. The BODY must be healed otherwise the mind IS NOT HEALED. "Only the mind AND body need atonement. " "Damaged bodies are accusers. " "A damaged body is PROOF the mind ***has not been healed***. " "Forgiveness is. . .

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122. Forgiving a world of appearances

The physical universe is not what it appears to be. It is a wall, constructed of a mad idea of sin, formed from lies, to tempt you to believe a great many horrible things are happening. It has been inserted as a gap of hell, in between you and yourself, between you and God. It depicts every form of suffering. . .

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121. The simplicity of salvation

Salvation is EXTREMELY simple. "You cannot be hurt unless you hurt yourself. " In this one sentence is the whole course. Just stop hurting yourself! Let's try to make this extremely clear. You are an immortal being which cannot be affected by anything. Nothing real can be threatened. You cannot be hurt or attacked or damaged. Nothing can happen against your. . .

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118. Making sins real, then forgiving them

If you make sin real to you, you enter into a state of NOT forgiving. While you maintain that the sin is real, you are not being forgiving. In order to be forgiving, you have to shift into the position of recognizing the sin is not real. It seems that if you make the sin real first, you cannot overlook. . .

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117. There are 3 stages of responsibility and forgiveness

1. Everything other than me is responsible for sin happening. Everyone else is responsible for my condition and happiness. Everyone else is doing everything to me. The world is causing me. I am not responsible for anything (face of innocence, victimhood, death). They need to change, not me. This is "forgiveness to destroy". 2. I am the one who caused. . .

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116. A little willingness invites the holy spirit

To be willing, is a movement in a VERTICAL direction upwards towards God/Holy Spirit/Light. Unwillingness is a movement away from God into the darkness of the ego. In order to become willing, you have to willingly and trustingly move at least a little in the direction of forgiveness and truth. A willingness to be mistaken, a willingness to surrender, a. . .

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115. It’s not about projection or perception. It’s about you

It’s important to realize, projection happens BEFORE perception. ”Projection MAKES perception” ”Perception is a RESULT, not a cause” Perception is not really to do with what you project onto people. It’s the RESULT, or what you “see”, AFTER you have projected something to see. Perception is more like a receptive, sensory device, which takes IN what has been projected OUT. . . .

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114. Are you tempted by the world?

"Temptation has one lesson it would teach, in all its forms, wherever it occurs. It would persuade the holy Son of God he is a body, born in what must die, unable to escape its frailty, and bound by what it orders him to feel. It sets the limits on what he can do; its power is the only strength. . .

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