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169. The illusion of problems

When problems are recognized for what they are, they are recognized as NOT EXISTING. They are recognized as being part of a larger illusion, wherein the ENTIRE illusion is one thing and NONE of it is true. Because the only problem is whether or not you are sane and happy and at peace. When you do not recognize that all. . .

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168. One problem one solution

When we typically experience the world from an ego viewpoint, we might encounter lessons and people and problems. And then we attempt to forgive these things. And we think we are then done with forgiveness. And then another one comes along. And then we do another forgiveness. And this gives you the impression that you are doing forgiveness. But over time,. . .

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167. Miracles are easy and effortless

While the world and its hierarchy of illusions would tell you that some sicknesses are far more severe than others, ultimately there is no world and there is no difference between them. When the world suggests for example that a stroke, brain damage, severe paralysis, is irreversible, serious, extremely bad, wrong, progressive, unhealable and proof of threat and danger, you are. . .

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166. Illusions recognized must disappear

Jesus says when you recognize an illusion AS an illusion, it disappears. But how does this work? How do you recognize an illusion? An illusion is something that does not exist, but which seems like it exists. Or more fundamentally, something false, which you BELIEVE is true. This means that you are not recognizing it for what it IS -. . .

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165. What is the real world?

I took a deep dive into every single statement about "the real world", to find out all possible implication of what it IS and IS NOT referring to. It is clear to me that what Jesus calls "the real world" IS "the borderland of thought" in between the world we MADE in false perception, and the reality of Heaven. The. . .

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164. Being truly helpful and not destructive

Your mind has the ability to be either constructive (creative) or destructive. Using the mind for destructive purposes is what the entire ego thought system is about. The whole world was made in an attempt to destroy God and Heaven. The mind, in its healing and accepting of atonement, has to be restored to being PURELY CONSTRUCTIVE. That means that. . .

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163. Are you aware of your immortal self?

"I am still as God created me. " "You are immortal and you cannot die. " One of the major hurdles in the separation, is that it has actually made yourself distant to yourself. There are blockages, barriers, obstacles, obstructions, walls, that have entered as the "split" in the mind, seeming to come in between "you" and your real self. And now. . .

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162. Atonement must be given to others

You may notice that when we apply forgiveness, a big part of this is taking the projected blame off of other people. Recognizing that it's really you that you're blaming and then undoing that condemnation. This all seems to imply your brother is innocent and had nothing to do with your upset etc. And so we return within to our. . .

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161. Stop trying to forgive everyone but yourself

"Projection makes perception. " You look within first, then project out what is within you. What is projected becomes what you perceive. "Perception is a result not a cause. " Your business therefore should NOT be "changing your perception". That is an EFFECT. Your business should focus on what is IN your mind that you PROJECT, which results in perceptions. If there. . .

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160. Let's talk about suicide and why death is optional

In A Course in Miracles, in the beginning, you are safe in God, happily co-creating with Him. Then along comes the tiny mad idea. The authority problem forms, level confusion begins, you go into the separation and the idea of real sin is given belief. Believing that sin is possible, has reality, has occurred producing real effects, and is irreversible,. . .

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159. You only need to forgive yourself

The secret of salvation tells you "you're doing this to yourself". ACIM also tells you "you but accuse your brother of your own sins. " It also tells you that you "look within first" and then project outward, producing perception. So the thing is, you START by attacking yourself first, accusing your self of sin. Then you look within. Then you. . .

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158. Accepting the Holy Spirit's help

Here is a very important statement by Jesus: "Never attempt to OVERLOOK your guilt BEFORE you ask the Holy Spirit's help. " Notice how this says ****NEVER****. That means, without exception. The Holy Spirit is supposed to be involved in ALL healing and ALL forgiveness. Now, if you also look at what we're told about the Holy Spirit, he is the. . .

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157. Forgiving God is necessary to undo the separation

While doing a fervent forgiveness process, I started to think of my relationship with God. This is where things get juicy. We might not think of whether we are really loving God because we typically are not aware of God, he's not exactly popping up in front of our faces or coming along to trigger us. But there is certainly. . .

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156. To forgive the body is to overlook it, which heals it

"To forgive is to OVERLOOK. " Your mind in its natural healthy state, extends outwards and joins with other minds, connecting to them intimately. Your mind extends past your body, past the body of others, and joins with the holiness in them. It shares itself with them and thus unites with the Holy Spirit in them. But if your mind is. . .

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155. Repairing your broken relationship with God

The secret of salvation tells us that we are doing everything to ourselves, but this is often used only to try to "re-frame" the stuff we thought other people were doing to us. If we open it up, there's a bigger picture here. It's really actually about our RELATIONSHIP with God and with ourselves and our brothers. We need to. . .

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154. Changing your perception of the world

At first we believe physical sight is perception. And everything the body's eyes look upon is taken as real. And thus we learn that the world appears to be an inherently bad place. Regardless of trying to be optimistic or positive, bad shit happens frequently. And people seem to die. Assuming that everything we see is real, we might not. . .

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153. The vanishing forgiven world

When the world is seen with false perception, that is, with the body's eyes being believed and seeing nothing else, blinded by perception of form, the world seems like a dark prison and God is nowhere. When you lift up and see with Christ Vision, or true perception, which is a spiritual seeing by the mind itself, not dependent on. . .

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152. The world is in your mind

When we are introduced to this world, it is through false perception. That means we SEEM to "see it with" the body's eyes, and we believe the body's way of seeing. And the body shows us the world of form, which is cruel and dark and a place of death. We do not even realize our mind is in any. . .

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