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156. To forgive the body is to overlook it, which heals it

"To forgive is to OVERLOOK. " Your mind in its natural healthy state, extends outwards and joins with other minds, connecting to them intimately. Your mind extends past your body, past the body of others, and joins with the holiness in them. It shares itself with them and thus unites with the Holy Spirit in them. But if your mind is. . .

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155. Repairing your broken relationship with God

The secret of salvation tells us that we are doing everything to ourselves, but this is often used only to try to "re-frame" the stuff we thought other people were doing to us. If we open it up, there's a bigger picture here. It's really actually about our RELATIONSHIP with God and with ourselves and our brothers. We need to. . .

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154. Changing your perception of the world

At first we believe physical sight is perception. And everything the body's eyes look upon is taken as real. And thus we learn that the world appears to be an inherently bad place. Regardless of trying to be optimistic or positive, bad shit happens frequently. And people seem to die. Assuming that everything we see is real, we might not. . .

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153. The vanishing forgiven world

When the world is seen with false perception, that is, with the body's eyes being believed and seeing nothing else, blinded by perception of form, the world seems like a dark prison and God is nowhere. When you lift up and see with Christ Vision, or true perception, which is a spiritual seeing by the mind itself, not dependent on. . .

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152. The world is in your mind

When we are introduced to this world, it is through false perception. That means we SEEM to "see it with" the body's eyes, and we believe the body's way of seeing. And the body shows us the world of form, which is cruel and dark and a place of death. We do not even realize our mind is in any. . .

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151. Signs of progress with the course

I've recently been noticing that my work with the course has shifted to the undoing of guilt. And that this was not the case in previous years. Overall it seemed I was working on undoing fear much more often. Just theorizing here, but maybe when we're starting out with forgiveness our mind is just too "low" in its degree of. . .

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150. What is a miracle?

Ok let's break down this passage and find out what it's saying. "A miracle is a correction. " Before the correction, your mind is in a state of confusion, darkness ego. You are on a lower rung of the ladder. The correction corrects your mind and raises you up to a higher rung on the ladder. The false belief, mistaken perception,. . .

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149. A world forgiven cannot last

Forgiveness overlooks, undoes, and makes disappear. Forgiveness is not something you apply to REALITY. It is something you apply to an UNREAL world, an illusory world, in order to dispel it. "To forgive is to OVERLOOK. " "I will forgive and this will disappear. " "A world forgiven cannot last. It was the home of bodies. But forgiveness looks past bodies. " "And. . .

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148. The hidden guilt behind anger

I've been noticing lately, in myself, and also in other people, that guilt may not always look like guilt. I am familiar with guilt in the sense that, let's say, I steal someone's property and then see them struggling without it, maybe I start to feel remorse or shame or that I should give it back, and so acknowledge that. . .

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147. The course is more than words

While ACIM, as a book, is a collection fo words, these words are twice removed from reality. They are symbols of symbols. Jesus, who wrote the material, was not operating on a level of symbols upon symbols, or even a level of symbols. He is operating from a level of total awareness and experience of truth. He is in heaven,. . .

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146. Who is causing what to whom?

The whole problem with false perception is really just one of confusion about "what is the cause. " Or more to the point, who is causing it. We could rephrase that as "I don't know what God (cause) is. " In the separation there was a disassociation from the role of "causer" or chooser (creator), and the ownership and responsibility of this. . .

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145. Forgiveness as a recognition of your true self

It may seem that you have fallen from grace, have become corrupted, damaged and broken. It may seem you have become hurt or have hurt yourself, and now need healing. It may seem something is wrong with you, you have sinned and are guilty. It may seem you have reasons to be afraid. In seeking healing, you might then look. . .

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143. Heal yourself and others

The course is really all about healing. It's asking us to heal ourselves, and to heal others. Your mind needs healing because it is confused and insane. When your mind receives healing it becomes able to extend that healing to heal others. "The Disciples (that's YOU, if you are following Jesus's teaching) were officially and specifically told to heal others,. . .

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142. Miracles are the way out of hell

If this world is real, then it is a cruel world. And all its paths lead eventually to death. There is no escape in the world. "The world was made that problems could not be escaped. " In this world, when something goes wrong, it stays wrong. Unless you can find a physical solution which seems to solve the problem. But. . .

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141. Recognizing that evil people are not evil

Believing that evil is real, is a mistaken perception. It's actually a failure to recognize what the so-called evil is. Only in a total lack of recognition, does it appear to be "real evil" at all. Without forgiveness, it seems to take on a kind of authenticity, as if it's actually a viable opposite to God, or some kind of. . .

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140. God's perspective on our crazy world

There's a perspective on the world and upon our minds and beliefs, which is very beautiful. In fact it's quite divine. It's the perspective that God and the Angels would have of what we seem to think is happening here. From their viewpoint of love and joy and compassion, they know that the entire ego thought system is nothing but. . .

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139. The physical atonement and resurrection of the body

"Only the mind AND body need atonement. " So long as the effects of sin remain, there is evidence which proves and teaches that your brother DID COMMIT A SIN, and therefore is NOT exonerated. Only by healing your body and removing the consequences of attack can he be innocent. Your healed body teaches him HIS innocence AND heals HIS body,. . .

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