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187. Your relationship with your brother and your self

In heaven, you and your brother share everything. Not just as two beings who "trade", but as two beings who are one. You overlap, sharing the same space. You are in him and he is in you. He literally is you, while also being himself. The two of you share everything as the Christ mind or One Son/Sonship. Along with. . .

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186. Sickness is just a mistake

Jesus refers in the course to sickness as "a magical solution". It's an attempt to solve a problem. The only problem is, this solution is mistaken, because it actually does something opposite to what the person thinks it will do. If you are confused about what the truth is, you perceive the truth as something false or evil. You even. . .

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185. All sin is just a mistake

Everything that we consider to be a sin, is nothing more than being mistaken. Being mistaken means you are making an error in judgement. You've come to a false conclusion. It means you are incorrect. You have faulty reasoning. You are not recognizing what is true. Sin is also the idea of insanity, and insanity really is nothing more than. . .

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184. Forgiving abusers

It can be very difficult to forgive abuse. Typically in abusive situations, both persons are identified with their bodies. One person does something to the other person's body, which is taken very personally and hurtfully. It seems that one person has power to affect the other, to do something to them against their will. And the whole scenario seems to. . .

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183. Gradual and total forgiveness

In forgiveness, we usually start out the "fixing" of our mind by believing that someone ELSE is at fault. That the cause is external. It's usually a split minded state, riddled with dissociation, denial and projection. Scapegoating is happening and fingers are being pointed. The general consensus is that you then work on unravelling this "confused" state of mind, recognizing. . .

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182. The basis for forgiveness

YOU are not responsible for establishing the innocence of yourself or others. The nature of a soul is ENTIRELY the responsibility of God. God establishes the nature of the soul at its CREATION, and gives it its attributes. These attributes are permanent, because God's nature is permanence and He only creates that which is permanent. God is also innocence so. . .

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181. Your shame is self destructive

"Perhaps there is a fear of failure and shame associated with a sense of inadequacy. " Perhaps worse than guilt, shame is self destructive and a form of self imprisonment. There is not much spoken of this in ACIM. But shame is very prevalent and heavy and harmful. I looked up psychology definitions of how shame and guilt are different. A. . .

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180. Praying for the cancelling of sickness

There's a technique you can try, to help with removing sickness. I call it cancelling. Sometimes Holy Spirit advises me to do this. Basically, you attempt to focus on the NON-EXISTENCE of the symptom or problem. To recognize it as nothing. Or more importantly, that it is already gone. You affirm in various ways that it is not there. That. . .

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179. Physical sin and the proof of resurrection

In this world, sin is an EVENT. In fact, it is anything that seems to HAPPEN. Any physical change, any transformation of materials, any movement, any action, anything bodies of any kind do, any chemical interactions of particles, it is sin. "The world of bodies is the world of sin. " Sin is also insanity. "Sin is insanity. It is the. . .

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178. Healing others though forgiveness

"It is the privilege of the forgiven to forgive. " To me this has always meant that once you have accepted forgiveness for yourself, you now have the POWER to CAUSE others to be forgiven also, healing them and setting them free. That you can REMOVE THEIR GUILT. It is not enough to just believe that "you have forgiven them", in. . .

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177. The Earth IS flat - The hierarchy of illusions

Okay so, you hear people saying the Earth is flat - the "flat Earthers". . . and obviously it's not. But. . . technically it is. You see, there is this thing called the "hierarchy of illusions". The hierarchy is an ILLUSION that there are differences. All differences are illusions. So you've got things like different importance, different value, different size and weight, different. . .

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176. The world can never make you happy

It is not natural to feel sad, unhappy, depressed, angry, alone, lost, grieving, frustrated, offended, victimized, weak, afraid, guilty, sinful, hurt, broken or annoyed. These are NOT natural. They are NOT the signs of a person being "emotionally mature" or "in touch with their feelings" or "psychologically healthy". It is NOT natural to feel upset about anything for any reason. . . .

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175. I am not at the effect of the world

In the separation, we tried to invent a world which was completely opposite to God's Kingdom. This resulted in false perception, and also the reversal of cause and effect. The son, who is an effect of God, who is our cause, tried to be the cause of God, to create effects in Him. This was a kind of role reversal,. . .

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174. What is the world for?

"The test of everything on earth is simply this; "What is it for?" The answer makes it what it is for you. It has no meaning of itself, yet you can give reality to it, according to the purpose that you serve. " The world was made for a purpose. It was deliberate, intentional, chosen. We wanted there to be an. . .

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173. You are already perfect

God created you as a perfect being. You are flawless, immortal, immaculate, permanent, constant, unlimited and eternal. You can never change. You can never be changed. God's Will is done and your creation is forever. You are forever held in the mind of God in permanence. "The Thought God holds of you is like a star, unchangeable in an eternal. . .

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172. What is forgiveness metaphysically?

Boiling ACIM down to pure logic, we end up with this. "Only the truth is true and nothing else is true. " ) God's realm and creation are TRUE. 2) The world we made in dreaming is FALSE. 3) Forgiveness means becoming TRUE while inside of the FALSE in preparation for moving into the realm of the TRUE. 4) Eventually returning. . .

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171. What is true perception and forgiveness?

I've been trying to find away to describe forgiveness in a way that is fully encompassing. I'm getting closer. First of all we were in heaven and everything was, and still is, perfect and whole and innocent and beautiful and immortal. Then we did the separation idea which is an attempt to dream that you are exiled from heaven and. . .

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