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142. Love created me like itself

I've been finding great benefit from this simple idea, based on lesson 67, "Love created me like itself. " This is based on a very simple and clear-cut metaphysical logic. It goes in these steps: 1) God is the source and cause of what you are. 2) God created you by extending his own nature and sharing it with you. 3). . .

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141. Thinking like God - There are two ways to think

There are two thought systems, and each has its own way of thinking. Each has its own logic and reason. The ego’s system, which is also the physical world (“the world is false perception”), is based on separation. It completely rejects any kind of sharing. It’s reasoning follows a simple rule, which is at the root of consciousness: This. . . is. . .

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140. God's Kingdom is a perfect hologram

Reality, Heaven, the Kingdom of God, God's mind and thought system, real existence, Creation, your Divine Home, the Sonship, and the dwelling place of all the Creations of Light, is "structured" as a perfect hologram. If you don't know how a hologram works, I'll try to simplify it. First of all we're not talking here about a projected 3D image. . .

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139. Understanding the course from the top down

I think that for years I have been mistaken about the course. Mainly in terms of the orientation of my mind and the direction in which it was heading. We start out in false perception, in ego, in body identification. As if we are down in hell at the bottom of a ladder. And then we think of heaven or. . .

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138. Sickness is impossible for immortals

What you are, what everyone is, is only that which God has given you to be. There is no other truth about you. The only truth about you is the truth you have inherited from God, who is the only truth. Since God is immortal and God has created you, you are immortal. You cannot be anything else. You cannot. . .

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137. The basis for forgiveness

YOU are not responsible for establishing the innocence of yourself or others. The nature of a soul is ENTIRELY the responsibility of God. God establishes the nature of the soul at its CREATION, and gives it its attributes. These attributes are permanent, because God's nature is permanence and He only creates that which is permanent. God is also innocence so. . .

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136. The soul machine - an owner's manual

The soul, which is your self, your real identity, and your true nature, can be thought of like a piece of machinery in the engine of heaven - in the mind of God. Given that the soul is WHAT YOU ARE, it's useful to know the operating perameters of yourself. What are you? What are you capable of? What can. . .

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135. The power of God to work miracles through you

"The power to work miracles belong to you. " Sometimes when I am thinking about ACIM matters, Jesus interjects and finishes my sentences. I was thinking "miracles are. . . " and Jesus interjected, "the power to heal. " This kicked in a sudden cascade of many insights, as I saw a wide array of ACIM material "coming together" under a single umbrella. A final. . .

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134. What is reality?

"Reality is a constant state. " "Reality is changeless. It does not deceive at all. " "His REALITY is forever sinless. " "Reality is not insane" "In Heaven, reality is SHARED" "The only part of your mind that has reality, is the part that links you still with God. " "Man's reality is ONLY his soul. " "Reality observes the laws of God" "your reality,. . .

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133. Learning to think outside the box of spacetime

(this will be a fairly long post, so please bare with me) The ego thought system is based on separation. Separation resulted in space and time. In space, spatial relations are HOW the ego thinks. The physical universe IS its thought system. This includes physical objects, which are separated out, where an object is EITHER HERE OR THERE, (but not. . .

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132. You are still innocent

The vantage point of heaven looks upon whatever you think you have done, and finds you innocent. Every single time. It does not matter what you think you are doing or how wrong it is or how guilty you feel. You aren't really doing it. And it is having no real consequences. And there is no real sin. God cannot. . .

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131. God and Christ cannot enter a body

The body is a separation device. It was made to section off and fence in a SMALL PORTION of mind, which seems then to find itself housed "inside" the body, while the larger portion of mind appears to be "separated off" or unconscious, outside the body. The sense of being isolated, separated, limited, partial, not whole, thus belongs to the. . .

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130. Doing God's will

God's will isn't really a matter of "whether" you do God's will or not. If God wills something, it is done. But that doesn't mean you have no freedom. ACIM teaches that "God does not coerce" and "even God would not oppose your will". Since your will is really one with God's will, or the same as, to in any way. . .

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129. Going within to God

When I rest within, go within, focus within, dwell with God within, stay within, remain calm, be at peace, connect to my holiness, step back from the world, disconnect, etc. . . . I feel that where and what I am is centered and calm and dwells inside of me. Within me according to ACIM there is an inner altar, where we are. . .

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128. God already provided the answer to your problems

"A problem cannot be solved if you do not know what it is. Even if it is really solved already, you will still have the problem because you cannot recognize that it has been solved. This is the situation of the world. The problem of separation, which is really the only problem, has already been solved. But the solution is. . .

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127. Trust vs Fear

When you are afraid, it is because you do not trust. Or more specifically, you trust the ego and yourself alone, rather than trusting God. You always trust something, whether it be reality or illusions. When you trust in your own strength you become afraid because this cuts you off from God's strength. And the fact is that your real. . .

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126. The self-justifying lie of fear about God

"Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. " When you are in your true self, there is no fear. When you deny your true self, you enter into a state of fear. In the state of fear, it seems there are "things to be afraid of". It would even reason that you are afraid of your true self. But if. . .

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125. The power to work miracles belongs to you

I've heard some people saying that we do not perform miracles. I've also heard some people saying that Jesus always acknowledged God as the one who does miracles. I've also heard people saying that we do not have any power to do anything, we're supposed to "do nothing", and our only job is not to interfere. I'd like to clarify. . .

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