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122. Everything real is permanently miraculous

"Each Soul knows God completely. This IS the miraculous power of the Soul. The fact that each Soul has this power completely is a fact that is entirely alien to human thinking, in which if any ONE has everything, there is nothing LEFT. God's miracles are as total as His Thought, because they ARE His thoughts. God shines in them. . .

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121. God caused you and still loves you

""I am forever an Effect of God. " "Father, I was created in Your Mind, a holy Thought that never left its home. I am forever Your Effect, and You forever and forever are my Cause. As You created me I have remained. Where You established me I still abide, and all Your attributes abide in me, because it is Your. . .

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120. Forgiving God is necessary to undo the separation

While doing a fervent forgiveness process, I started to think of my relationship with God. This is where things get juicy. We might not think of whether we are really loving God because we typically are not aware of God, he's not exactly popping up in front of our faces or coming along to trigger us. But there is certainly. . .

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119. Undoing the authority problem

First of all, let's touch on what the "authority problem" is. You as a Child of God, were authored by God. God caused you. His authority, or His power to Author you, designed you to be the way God wanted you to be. You are the result of His Will, your nature is as He chooses, everything you have is. . .

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118. The problem of over-simplifying oneness

"And reason now can lead you to the logical conclusion of your union. It must extend, as you extended when you joined. " Some of us like to describe reality as oneness, or perhaps that "its all God", or "non-duality". A state with no separations or differences. But there is a problem with this. If you take something and you "boil. . .

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117. The machinery of miracle working

"Miracles are a universal blessing from God through me to all my brothers. " This describes the whole miracle-working system. All power is of God. God is therefore the source of miracles. "Miracles mean life, and God is the giver of life. " God is the one who actually blesses by giving/supplying life. "There is no love but God's". "Miracles are expressions. . .

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116. Reason, logic and why there is no world

When something is logical, you start with a premise, and then as the nature of this premise "extends", it produces logical conclusions. The conclusions that will come from this premise are really established in the premise itself. The limitations or scope of the premise determines what can come from it, and what comes from it is completely in accord with. . .

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115. You are only what God decides you are

You can decide only this:a) I am caused by God. b) I am caused by the world. When believing you are at the effect of the world, upset by someone, hurt by something, vulnerable in some way, offended, attacked, damaged, sick, etc. . . . you are believing that you are CAUSED BY the world, and thus that the world is your creator. It. . .

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114. You are not God's equal, awe of Him is appropriate

The idea that you are totally equal to God, is what's called the Authority Problem. Actually it's also the idea of sin. Some who think their relationship with God is to be "one" with Him, and thus completely equal with Him, are not understanding that God came FIRST. Or that oneness does not actually mean "you are Him". He is. . .

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113. What is a brother?

A brother is an equal sibling, who shares the same parent as you. Right? Yes. So in order for there to be brothers, there has to be more than two children coming from the same parent, right? Yes. When the children exist as brothers, does the parent become obliterated? No, of course not. Does the fact that there are brothers,. . .

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112. Repairing your broken relationship with God

The secret of salvation tells us that we are doing everything to ourselves, but this is often used only to try to "re-frame" the stuff we thought other people were doing to us. If we open it up, there's a bigger picture here. It's really actually about our RELATIONSHIP with God and with ourselves and our brothers. We need to. . .

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111. Your natural relationship with God

There is a divine order to your creation. God is the primary source and creator. Without him nothing exists, not even you. God created you. Just to be clear, that means everything that you are, everything that you have, everything you are capable of, came solely from God. You did not receive any attributes from the environment, from food, from. . .

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110. Free will means there is no grounds for guilt

I was doing something and inquired of Holy Spirit, "Is it okay that I'm doing this?". The response was, "You're free. " This is always the response I get when questioning what I'm doing. Regardless of what I'm doing. Regardless of what anyone would think about what I'm doing. And regardless of any moral explanation for whether what I'm doing is. . .

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109. You are God’s Creation

Something that I am really connecting with strongly at the moment, is the very ultra-simple truth that I am GOD’S CREATION. This is reflected in ideas such as: ”I am forever an effect of God,” “I am still as God created me. ” I focus simply on the fact that whatever I am, I MUST BE what God has determined me. . .

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108. You are safe in God

"You are safe in God, dreaming of exile, but perfectly capable of waking to reality. " The world we're in offers no safety. It is a world of threat, danger, risk, attack, conflict, vulnerability and damage. "The world is a picture of the crucifixion of God's Son. " "The world was made as an attack on God. " "The world of bodies is. . .

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107. God's perspective on our crazy world

There's a perspective on the world and upon our minds and beliefs, which is very beautiful. In fact it's quite divine. It's the perspective that God and the Angels would have of what we seem to think is happening here. From their viewpoint of love and joy and compassion, they know that the entire ego thought system is nothing but. . .

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106. The ego's either-or world vs God's both-and world

Ego's world is run by the egoic thought system, based on an EITHER-OR mindset of separation. God's world is run by God's thought system, based on a BOTH-AND mindset of sharing. EITHER-OR is based on the idea of separation - there is a separation between who has and who has not, who does and who does not, what is and. . .

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