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7. The myth of perfection in the world

On the level of the physical world, all objects and forms can never be perfect. This is sobering to recognize. It's actually because of the nature of spacetime. In order to have space, or locations, it's necessary that something is in one location and NOT another. It's also therefore necessary that any given object LACKS what any other given object. . .

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6. Ego emotions are fake human feelings

There are various feelings you can seem to experience, but they are not real feelings. When you're in the ego, lost and confused, you'll discover a wide variety of different feelings. Ego emotions include sadness, grief, loss, frustration, anger, excitement, guilt, fear, dread, anxiety, worry, hurt, shame, embarrassment, unworthiness, and all kinds of other sensations. These all include some element. . .

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5. Fear is the opposite of love - all fear must go

Jesus redefines the meaning of fear. It is not some mere feeling that you have. In fact, He teaches that fear is the opposite of love. Love is essentially equated with the entire Kingdom of God and the nature of Creation. So fear really is another word for "the entire ego thought system. "   Fear is the idea of love's. . .

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4. Being needy and overcoming neediness

When you see yourself as lacking in some way, whether it be that you're tired and spent, nothing left to give, stressed out, overwhelmed or whatever, you'll see yourself as "in need". The world will now start to appear to you as being needy. It will seem other people are being needy and trying to take from you. That they. . .

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3. Would you rather be right or happy, or wrong, or correct?

Would you rather be right or happy, or wrong, or correct?

Sometimes in the heat of conversations, people throw forth the "you'd rather be right than happy" quote. Funnily enough this quote is usually given by someone trying to be right. ;-) Anyway, what is this "being right" thing? It begins when someone believes they are wrong, ie guilty of something. The wrongfulness is projected. You accuse your brother of your. . .

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2. In need of some good news? Everything is okay. Be happy!

In need of some good news? Everything is okay. Be happy!

Here's some very simple logic which will be hard to actually accept if you have an ego.   In God's truth, nothing real has happened to warrant any kind of upset, suffering or concern. Absolutely nothing has gone wrong. There's no grounds for any kind of upset whatsoever.   SOooooo. . . IF you are upset or suffering in some way, you. . .

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1. You're supposed to be provided for by God

The way existence is set up, you're supposed to be completely provided for by God, you're supposed to be connected to His Mind, you're supposed to receive unlimited Power and Love from Him which you extend all the time, and you are so sustained and empowered by this that you feel totally safe and looked after. As Jesus says, miracles are. . .

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