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208. Accepting the Holy Spirit's help

Here is a very important statement by Jesus: "Never attempt to OVERLOOK your guilt BEFORE you ask the Holy Spirit's help. " Notice how this says ****NEVER****. That means, without exception. The Holy Spirit is supposed to be involved in ALL healing and ALL forgiveness. Now, if you also look at what we're told about the Holy Spirit, he is the. . .

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207. The machinery of miracle working

"Miracles are a universal blessing from God through me to all my brothers. " This describes the whole miracle-working system. All power is of God. God is therefore the source of miracles. "Miracles mean life, and God is the giver of life. " God is the one who actually blesses by giving/supplying life. "There is no love but God's". "Miracles are expressions. . .

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206. Shine your light into your brother's mind to heal them

You are quite literally A LIGHT. "The Thought God holds of you is like a star, unchangeable in an eternal sky. " Like a giant magnificent powerful light bulb. You have a brightness. You shine. You radiate light. You are a light being, shining brightly in heaven. "Who is the light of the world except God's Son?" "It is not humility. . .

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205. Sending love to someone heals you both

It may be the most counter-intuitive, impossible thing you can imagine, but if you are feeling like shit, the best thing you can do is to send love to someone. That sounds like a tall order, in fact maybe seemingly the hardest thing you could do at the time. Because it you feel shit then you really don't want to. . .

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204. When I am healed I am not healed alone

What if when you become healed, the whole world is transformed in some way and is a little lighter? This may sound radical, but it does appear to be supported in the course in various ways. Jesus speaks of how when you are healed, others cannot be omitted from your healing. Jesus speaks of how if you change your mind. . .

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203. What is a miracle?

Ok let's break down this passage and find out what it's saying. "A miracle is a correction. " Before the correction, your mind is in a state of confusion, darkness ego. You are on a lower rung of the ladder. The correction corrects your mind and raises you up to a higher rung on the ladder. The false belief, mistaken perception,. . .

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202. Doing victimhood to yourself

Some time ago, I did not even remotely recognize that I was choosing to be a victim. If I was afraid, attacked, threatened, hurt in any way, I would see it as the other person was entirely responsible. Over time, as I've tried to apply forgiveness principles and the secret of salvation, taking responsibility for what I'm doing to myself. . .

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201. Healing others

"The sick must heal THEMSELVES, for the truth is IN them. But, having OBSCURED it, the light in ANOTHER mind must shine into theirs, because that light IS theirs" "Perceive in sickness but another call for love, and offer your brother what he believes he cannot offer himself. " Here is a secret to helping others to heal. Jesus is. . .

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199. Love solves all problems

It may appear there are many problems, all of which are different and seem to call for very specific solutions. The form of each problem tempts you with its appearance, to believe it is unique and unlike anything else, calling for a response that must be dictated by the form of the problem. This suggests to you the only solution. . .

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198. Inviting the holy spirit to heal you

At the moment, I am focusing on receiving healing. Much has happened the past several months and I am still recovering from it. One valuable tool I've found is to repeat short phrases in quick succession. These include: I surrenderI surrender to your loveI let go completelyI receive God's healing loveI open to receiveI trust you Holy Spirit I receiveI. . .

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197. The body as a teaching and healing device

The body is a symbol. It teaches either healing and life, or it teaches attack and death. The body symbolizes and represents the attitude of the MIND that is using the body. The body is a SYMBOLIC MESSAGE. When the mind is loving, its message is love and healing. The body TAKES ON THE FORM of this, by showing up as healed,. . .

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196. Heal yourself and others

The course is really all about healing. It's asking us to heal ourselves, and to heal others. Your mind needs healing because it is confused and insane. When your mind receives healing it becomes able to extend that healing to heal others. "The Disciples (that's YOU, if you are following Jesus's teaching) were officially and specifically told to heal others,. . .

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195. Thus is the body healed by miracles

A collection of quotes from A Course in Miracles about how and why the body is healed by miracles. "Thus is the body healed by miracles BECAUSE they show the mind MADE sickness, and employed the body to be victim, or EFFECT of what it made. ""The BODY is healed BECAUSE YOU CAME WITHOUT IT and joined the Mind in which all. . .

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194. The importance of healing your body

"The sick are merciless to everyone, and in contagion do they seek to kill. Death seems an easy price, if they can say, "Behold me, brother, at your hand I die. " For sickness is the witness to his guilt, and death would prove his errors MUST be sins. " You are one with your brother. What applies to you applies to. . .

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192. The effects of sin must be undone!

If the EFFECTS of sin remain and are not healed or undone, there remains PROOF that SIN HAPPENED. This is not good enough. Jesus states clearly that these effects continue to condemn your brother. PHYSICAL SIN has to be undone through miracles. The effects of sin MUST BE REVERSED. Miracles reverse EVERYTHING that the world says can NEVER BE UNDONE. . . .

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191. You did not do what you think you did!

Here's something that is very radical to many people. And this will sound crazy and ridiculous. But here is a fact. Anything that seems to happen in this world is taking place in a dream, has NO REAL CONSEQUENCES, and does not cause anything to really happen. Ever! Mind. . . "It dreams of time; an interval in which what seems to. . .

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