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206. The world is an impossible lie

One thing that’s really becoming super clear for me lately, is that this world depicts things which are absolutely impossible. It’s enough of an idea that its a dream, which sometimes suggests it’s at least a something, that the stuff happening in it is somehow actually possible. But when you think about it and reason it out, this world shows. . .

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205. People are not bodies

“The body is not the means by which the real world can be seen. ” What that implies is. . . you have NEVER seen another REAL person with your body’s eyes. You have to learn then to recognize that a body IS NOT a person. It is a wall of flesh, clothing, a disguise, HIDING what the body’s eyes cannot even see. . . .

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204. God already provided the answer to your problems

"A problem cannot be solved if you do not know what it is. Even if it is really solved already, you will still have the problem because you cannot recognize that it has been solved. This is the situation of the world. The problem of separation, which is really the only problem, has already been solved. But the solution is. . .

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203. The illusion of problems

When problems are recognized for what they are, they are recognized as NOT EXISTING. They are recognized as being part of a larger illusion, wherein the ENTIRE illusion is one thing and NONE of it is true. Because the only problem is whether or not you are sane and happy and at peace. When you do not recognize that all. . .

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202. The simplicity of salvation

Salvation is SO simple, that it can seem difficult to grasp, especially when we are so used to being deceived that there are many separate, different, isolated problems. When the form of the problem deceives you, which is believing that illusions are real and true, you do not recognize the problem. And when it seems there are an endless string. . .

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201. Undoing the god of sickness

When you are confused by believing the ego's world, you assign to illusions all the properties of reality. You take the properties of God away from God and from your real self, and give them to the non-existent world. This is how you give your power away and empower sickness. You assign the permanence of heaven to make sickness seem permanent. . . .

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200. Miracles are easy and effortless

While the world and its hierarchy of illusions would tell you that some sicknesses are far more severe than others, ultimately there is no world and there is no difference between them. When the world suggests for example that a stroke, brain damage, severe paralysis, is irreversible, serious, extremely bad, wrong, progressive, unhealable and proof of threat and danger, you are. . .

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198. The central teaching: There is no world!

"There is no world! This is the central thought the course attempts to teach. " Everything in the course culminates with the clear recognition of what is true, and what is false. What is real, and what is unreal. What exists, and what does not. This includes the recognition that THERE IS NO WORLD. It does not exist. Recognizing this IS. . .

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197. The world is nothing, it does not exist

While in Heaven, before the fall of man, everything that existed was of God. And it still is. Creation is the presence of something real. It exists. It has substance. It lives. At this point, all things which DO NOT exist, simply did not exist at all. They were not anywhere. They had no substance, no reality, no life. They. . .

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196. The seeming absence of love is not something else

It's helpful to reframe everything in this world as the ABSENCE of something real, rather than the PRESENCE of something unreal. The world ITSELF is not the PRESENCE of a world, is is only the seeming ABSENCE of heaven. We are very used to labeling the things of this world as if they EXIST, have reality, are true and happening. . . .

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195. The absence of something is not the presence of something else - life resurrects the dead

There is no evil, only the seeming absence of the good. There is no sin, only the seeming absence of love. There is no death, only the seeming absence of life. There is no darkness, only the seeming absence of light. To take something and suggest that just because it is ABSENT, must mean it is the PRESENCE of something. . .

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194. Illusions recognized must disappear

Jesus says when you recognize an illusion AS an illusion, it disappears. But how does this work? How do you recognize an illusion? An illusion is something that does not exist, but which seems like it exists. Or more fundamentally, something false, which you BELIEVE is true. This means that you are not recognizing it for what it IS -. . .

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193. Nothing happened

The vital truth of forgiveness, is to recognize that what you thought happened, DID NOT HAPPEN. "Forgiveness is the recognition that what you think your brother did has not OCCURRED. " This doesn't mean that it happened and then you forget about it. It doesn't mean you remember it and trust your memory of it. It doesn't mean there are real. . .

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192. The self-justifying lie of fear about God

"Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. " When you are in your true self, there is no fear. When you deny your true self, you enter into a state of fear. In the state of fear, it seems there are "things to be afraid of". It would even reason that you are afraid of your true self. But if. . .

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191. Are you aware of your immortal self?

"I am still as God created me. " "You are immortal and you cannot die. " One of the major hurdles in the separation, is that it has actually made yourself distant to yourself. There are blockages, barriers, obstacles, obstructions, walls, that have entered as the "split" in the mind, seeming to come in between "you" and your real self. And now. . .

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190. You cannot suffer. Who is suffering?

If you are immortal, you cannot suffer. You cannot be hurt, damaged, offended, upset, sad, unhappy, depressed, lacking joy, unloved, abused, made sick, killed, harmed, bruised, wounded, angered, nothing. You can only be immortal. So what does that mean, in light of what seems to be "you suffering"? Even "your suffering" cannot be truly happening to you. YOU cannot be. . .

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