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18. As Christ you have authority over illusions

As Christ, you have AUTHORITY over illusions. Authority over the ego. Authority over death. This authority doesn't mean you are equal with illusions or equal in power with the ego. The ego has NO power. Your Authority reveals that you HAVE authority BECAUSE all of the Power of Truth and God are yours to share, and the ego has NO power. When. . .

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17. How the physical world is a holographic dream

Sorry this is a bit longish. . . it's hard to explain. The physical world is a holographic dream. But the way that it is holographic isn't very obvious. And most people do not believe it is a dream!Firstly, a hologram is not a projected 3D image. It is not the hollywoodized concept of an artificial three-dimensional object projected in space that you. . .

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16. The belief that the body can create is magic

“The body cannot create, and the belief that it can, a fundamental error, produces all physical symptoms. Physical illness represents a belief in magic. The whole distortion that made magic rests on the belief that there is a creative ability in matter which the mind cannot control. ” T-2. IV. 2:6-8. Another way to put this, is the belief that physical matter, form, body,. . .

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15. Welcome to the prison planet

You may think that you have the freedom to do anything you want in this world. You conceive of jumping off mountains, swimming in the ocean, running through forests, or lounging on your deck sipping your favorite beverage. Whatever it is, you think that this is freedom. You think that you're allowed and capable of, and have a right to, do. . .

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13. The body is an illusion and must disappear

"The body neither lives nor dies, because it cannot contain you who are life. ""God did not make the body, because it is destructible, and therefore not of the Kingdom. ""The body is the symbol of what you think you are. It is clearly a separation device, and therefore does not exist. ""The death of an illusion means nothing. ""A body cannot stay without. . .

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12. There cannot be a unified theory of everything

Science will not EVER be able to come up with a completely unified theory of everything. As Jesus says in the Course, "A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. "It doesn't matter if science is coming closer to an "understanding" of spirituality or an openness to the existence of God, or if they can. . .

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10. The ego is not really a thing

It's quite common for us to say that the ego does this and it does that. The Course is filled with explanations about how the ego operates, and there is a lot of discussion outside the book about how the ego is responsible for stuff. It gets to the point where you think of the ego like it is a 'thing'. . .

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9. Forgiveness means seeing correctly

Forgiveness is nothing more than seeing correctly. It means recognizing that illusions ARE illusions, and not falling for them. It means overlooking illusions and seeing past them, rather that taking them at their appearance and thinking they are real. This extends all the way to the illusion of death, which is where the Son of God in all HIs divine freedom and power. . .

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8. The physical world was designed to cover up God

The physical world we live in was deliberately designed by the ego mind to create the ILLUSION that separation is real. It is meant to, on purpose, deceive your awareness so that you believe how it APPEARS to be. Taking it to be REAL is an absolutely huge mistake. One of the most powerful parts of this illusion is the appearance. . .

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7. About your belief that darkness can hide monsters

Jesus speaks of how we believe that "darkness can hide". "Darkness" is the idea that there can be 'diminished light', or indeed 'no light'. "Light" is the light of awareness. God is light. Your True Self is light. So in order to seemingly block or shut out the light, which is what takes place in 'the separation'/original sin, there has to be some. . .

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6. Nothing is so blinding as the sight of form

"Nothing so blinding as sight of form" - ACIMForms, forms, forms, forms. Objects, stuff. Choices, options. Things. It's incredible how it is possible for a slight change in the form of something seems to give us enough reason to believe that it is 'different' and 'unique', that we accept it as though it is completely new. The ego world has a huge. . .

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5. More miracle-working tips

You might not be used to telling illusions what to do. You are more likely conditioned and used to a certain degree of victimhood, or powerlessness, which means that you allow stuff outside of you to seem to have power, or to have a say in what happens against your will. Or to put it another way, you are used to. . .

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4. When someone seems to die, it is an opportunity to forgive

When someone seems to die, it is an opportunity. Either you can experience the death as a symbol of separation, or as meaning nothing has happened at all (the atonement). When you experience it as separation, you will resist it and a you'll think of it as being an end. You'll think something has been lost. Someone bad has happened. Something. . .

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3. Learning about seeing pain differently

The ego has built some very terrible things which we regard as extremely real. These include pain, disease/sickness, fear, death, emergency, intensity, attack, and separation. When these things seems to be happening, the ego is sending out a very strong message to us. The message says, "you should stay the hell away from this it's really bad". (Beware, this advice may. . .

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2. The world is all in your mind

"The world is false perception. It is born of error, and it has not left its source. It will remain no longer than the thought that gave it birth is cherished. When the thought of separation has been changed to one of true forgiveness, will the world be seen in quite another light; and one which leads to truth, where. . .

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1. People all seem to be different

People are all different. One of the most harmful aspects of this ego world is the attempt to make everyone the same and gloss over their differences. This is the ego's attempt to pretend that 'everything is ok' and 'we are all equal' as a form of denial and repression. It thus leads to people feeling like they have to. . .

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