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35. Know yourself as God created you

A deep message in ACIM is very simply, that God created you as a perfect being, and if you would just BE YOURSELF, the way God intended, there would be no problem. If you would just be clearly in touch with who you really are, without trying to be anything else, there would be no suffering, no death, no sickness,. . .

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34. You share the power of God and are powerful also!

Some believe that God is the only power and that of yourself you can do nothing. This seems to be a state of humility. But there is an ego trick at work here, suggesting that if God has all the power, you have NONE. This is bullshit. When alone, isolated, separate, being ego, you are disempowered. You have given away and. . .

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33. Miraculous demonstrations are proof of the Holy Spirit’s unlimited power!

“Miracles demonstrate that learning has occurred under the right guidance, for learning is invisible, and what has been learned can be recognized only by its RESULTS. ” Which means miracles are supposed to produce EFFECTS and CHANGES in things tangible or seen, which DEMONSTRATE learning has occurred. Without the demonstration, the learning has obviously not occurred, because the person is still. . .

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32. The powerful demonstration of Jesus' resurrection

The powerful demonstration of Jesus' resurrection

"We said before that the purpose of the Resurrection was to "demonstrate that no amount of misperception has any influence at all on a Son of God. " This ***demonstration*** ***EXONERATES*** those who misperceive, BY ESTABLISHING BEYOND DOUBT that they have NOT hurt anyone. " The curriculum of ACIM ends in resurrection. Resurrection is the final state prior to going to Heaven. . . .

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31. Jesus does not contradict himself

One of the really tricky things about A Course in Miracles, is the way that Jesus writes in certain contexts and sometimes it SOUNDS AS IF He is saying something which is totally opposite to what He says somewhere else. He is very "extreme" in his writing, in order to be very clear and black-and-white in his impeccable reasoning. And. . .

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30. Words which Jesus redefines the meaning of

There are a number of words Jesus uses in a very different way to how we use them. He literally redefines and teaches us a new meaning of these words. This is because we've taught ourselves incorrectly what something IS, and have mis-identified things. In ACIM His use of terms gives them a whole different meaning. Some examples: Life. You. . .

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29. Jesus' use of words redefines their meaning

It's interesting how Jesus redefines the meaning of words. It means that when you first read something He says, you might "read into" its meaning based on the meaning of words that you already have, and therefore not understand what He's saying. Example: "death". Jesus clearly says that the entire dream of separation is a dream of death. Jesus clearly. . .

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28. Be part of the atonement plan as a disciple of Jesus and physician of the Lord

  To accept the atonement for yourself isn't the end. You must help others to awaken also. "29. The miracle restores the Soul to its fullness. By atoning for lack, it establishes perfect protection. The strength of the Soul leaves no room for intrusions. The forgiven are filled with the Soul, and their Soul forgives in return. It is the. . .

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27. Jesus talks about the devil and Lucifer

Here in ACIM Jesus talks about the devil. He describes it is another other than our own self denial and what we do to ourselves. He makes it clear, it is not an external power. It is nothing other than our own egotism. By this reasoning, ”the devil” as a distinct entity does not exist. It is another word for. . .

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25. Jesus tells the truth - learning to trust him

Jesus is truth-full. He is honest. He is awake. He is aware of everything. He does not lie. He has no reason to hide anything. Since Jesus IS the Atonement, in order to "accept" the Atonement we are going to have to at some point completely Accept everything Jesus has said as true. ALL of it. Not just some parts,. . .

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24. Miracle working principles from Jesus

I don’t like having to go into Bible references, but there is one statement Jesus made which encapsulates in one place all the key miracle working principles of ACIM. It’s to do with moving mountains. There are different versions but this is a good one:”For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed,. . .

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23. The ego gatekeeper - do we trust Jesus?

The ego in each of us acts like a gatekeeper, or controller, who decides what will be accepted or rejected. Everything has to go through it and meet its approval. It acts like “the boss” who has authority and who gets to decide whether something is true or false. We feed everyting through this “opinion maker”, and if we decide not. . .

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I asked Jesus last night fairly bluntly about death, whether a person's body can die without any problems in the mind, and whether a person can be fully awake/enlightened and still go through the death process. His answer was short and sweet and cut to the chase: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Demonstrate death and you must believe in death. " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just to make. . .

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21. The impeccable logic of Jesus

I am going to create a new book based entirely on the metaphysical logic of the Course, which will dispel all myths and misunderstandings and arguments about what the Course is teaching, saying and meaning, on an irrefutably logical, black-and-white basis. It will be so clear and accurate that only unwillingness to accept it will see fault in it. Everything. . .

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20. Jesus's vacation brochure for planet Earth

Come visit planet Earth (death), it's a really great place to be. Rated "zero stars", it's a popular attraction. Wouldn't you like to stay here for ever and ever? It's got bacon. ;-) Hear what previous visitors had to say about their stay. . . ----------------------------- "You do not want the world. " "The world provides no safety. " "This world was. . .

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