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9. Being in the world but not of it

While your physical body is clearly anchored in THIS world, your true self is clearly anchored in ANOTHER world. Your soul, your holy self, is entirely LOCATED in God's Kingdom. "The soul never leaves the sight of God. " The only transition you make is between being BODY (physical) identified, which is the same as believing "I am in the physical. . .

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7. There are three levels of miracles

1. Everything in reality is miraculous. Miraculousness is the nature of God's thought system. Everything real is permanently miraculous. The omnipresent and holographic nature of God's thought system is literally miraculous, in that it does not adhere to limitations, fears, blocks, constructs, physics, ego laws, space or time. It's a holographic system where the whole is in every part which. . .

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6. Levels in ACIM and what level confusion means

Levels in ACIM and what level confusion means

WHAT ARE THE LEVELS? 1. God is the primary level of reality. God "causes" the 2nd level. 2. Creation, heaven, Holy Spirit, Sonship. This is a permanent pre-separation state where many children of God live in harmony. Each child has a mind, and some of those minds chose to believe in mis-creating another level. 3. This universe, including Earth and. . .

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5. Still learning about miracles - miracles lift you up to a higher level of truth

Still learning about miracles - miracles lift you up to a higher level of truth

I love learning about miracles. There are kind of two levels or layers of mind. The higher level is filled with love. It is a mind at-one with others and filled with God’s Will. It has no ego, has let go of its separate will (the authority problem), and is free to perform miracles. This mind is naturally miraculous. It. . .

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4. What is level confusion in A Course in Miracles?

What is level confusion in A Course in Miracles?

Bill asked: "What is level confusion?" "Level confusion" in ACIM is far-reaching. It is responsible for every aspect of the ego's thought system. A confusion of the levels produces all sickness, all victimhood, all magic, all sacrifice, and basically everything of the ego. To understand how this is so far reaching, let's begin by talking about what a level is. . .

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3. There are at least 2 levels in the Course, and this is why the community is divided

There are at least 2 levels in the Course, and this is why the community is divided

In A Course in Miracles there are at least TWO levels on which Jesus speaks, because there are TWO stages in awakening. There is the level that you relate to as an individual self, waking up to your higher self. Then there is the level of the entire sonship waking up to the Christ self. The individual self projects illusions. . .

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2. The metaphysical levels in A Course in Miracles

Ok so, various people have expressed doubt that there are "levels" in ACIM or that this is in any way important or useful. So I thought I'd ramble on a bit about this from my point of view. I can see this being somewhat controversial. The first thing is this. Jesus wrote ACIM and he is not in a body, and throughout. . .

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1. Some big mistakes I've made with the Course

I have made a pretty big mistake with ACIM, and maybe you are doing the same. Sorry this is a bit long and rambly, I'm still coming to terms with it. . . . I always believed that the goal in ACIM was awakening to the awareness of God's presence, which was some kind of a singular state of being. As I read and. . .

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