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57. Shine your light into your brother's mind to heal them

You are quite literally A LIGHT. "The Thought God holds of you is like a star, unchangeable in an eternal sky. " Like a giant magnificent powerful light bulb. You have a brightness. You shine. You radiate light. You are a light being, shining brightly in heaven. "Who is the light of the world except God's Son?" "It is not humility. . .

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56. Sending love to someone heals you both

It may be the most counter-intuitive, impossible thing you can imagine, but if you are feeling like shit, the best thing you can do is to send love to someone. That sounds like a tall order, in fact maybe seemingly the hardest thing you could do at the time. Because it you feel shit then you really don't want to. . .

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55. Healing others

"The sick must heal THEMSELVES, for the truth is IN them. But, having OBSCURED it, the light in ANOTHER mind must shine into theirs, because that light IS theirs" "Perceive in sickness but another call for love, and offer your brother what he believes he cannot offer himself. " Here is a secret to helping others to heal. Jesus is. . .

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54. Love solves all problems

It may appear there are many problems, all of which are different and seem to call for very specific solutions. The form of each problem tempts you with its appearance, to believe it is unique and unlike anything else, calling for a response that must be dictated by the form of the problem. This suggests to you the only solution. . .

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53. Fear is the opposite of love - all fear must go

Jesus redefines the meaning of fear. It is not some mere feeling that you have. In fact, He teaches that fear is the opposite of love. Love is essentially equated with the entire Kingdom of God and the nature of Creation. So fear really is another word for "the entire ego thought system. "   Fear is the idea of love's. . .

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52. What is the meaning of the world?

"The idea for today is, of course, the reason why a meaningless world is impossible. What God did not create does not exist. And everything that does exist exists as He created it. The world you see has nothing to do with reality. It is of your own making, and it does not exist. " Meaningfulness is of God. Meaning is. . .

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51. Needing someone to love you is unloving neediness

"This meant that man had no needs at all. If he had not deprived himself, he would never have experienced them. After the Separation, needs became the most powerful source of motivation for human action. All behavior is essentially motivated by needs, but behavior itself is not a Divine attribute. The body is the mechanism for behavior. " "Within HIMSELF he. . .

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50. The big sex lie

This may not be popular. True relationship is between one person and everyone, simultaneously. The human body was constructed in order to disrupt this relationship, and to focus on isolation, so that rather than being in relationship with everyone, you are in relationship with typically only one other person. By becoming closer to their body, and attempting to unite with. . .

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49. Everyone should love everyone, are you willing?

"Everyone should love everyone. " "You cannot enter into REAL relationships with ANY of God's Sons, unless you love them all, and EQUALLY. Love is not special. If you single out PART of the Sonship for your love, you are imposing guilt on ALL your relationships, and MAKING them unreal. " This is a clear message from Jesus. Each one of us. . .

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48. The purpose of removing blocks to awareness

Your natural condition is that you are a powerful, loving, mind-causal, capable, miraculous being, who can do literally anything. "There is nothing my holiness cannot do. " "There is no order of difficulty in miracles. " That "nothing" is utterly literal and all encompassing. Anything you can possibly imagine you can do, no matter how radical. When there are blocks to awareness,. . .

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46. Learning to teach only love

Learning to teach only love

In all encounters with people, you have basically two ways of relating. Either you will give love, or you will withhold love. When you give love, you are in alignment with the Golden Rule, and recognize that the only strategy that will work without hurting yourself is to love the person. In so doing, you become empowered by that love,. . .

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45. Miracles are an expression of love

In order to perform a miracle, your mind has to be in a state of love, because miracles are expressions FROM love. Miracle mindedness is a state of love, and when you express from that state your expressions have power, capable of healing others. Love is strong and "there is nothing my holiness cannot do. " Being miracle minded is the. . .

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44. Love people, not bodies. People are not bodies

One of the simplest but biggest lessons is learning that people are not bodies. And nor are you. The human body is an illusion which is bring projected by the minds of those who seem to inhabit them. The body is a wall of flesh around the mind designed to keep others out, and to imprison the soul. It is. . .

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43. The mechanism of miracles and healing

Ok. Let's take a fresh look at miracles. Your task is to correct your perception, but this does not take place in isolation. What applies to you, applies to others. The Golden Rule is always in effect. If you extend love to others and be loving toward them, you will open yourself to receive love and share in love. If. . .

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42. Love solves every problem

A sense of separation from God is the ONLY problem you need correct. This is far reaching. Every sickness, every war, every grievance, every negative thought, all death, every illusion, all fear and doubt, every body, is a SYMPTOM of what it is like to experience a LACK of love. It’s how the appearance of the absence of love shows. . .

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41. You cannot sin and you cannot die

In the Kingdom of God, His creations and all of their creations are fully open to each other and share everything lovingly. Each of these beings is made of love and it is through love the they have full access to each other, to join and commune intimately. In this way, communication is sharing and joining and oneness or kinship,. . .

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40. The Holy Spirit is a real being

The holy spirit is not a metaphor, or an idea, or a concept, or a fiction, or just part of your own mind. He is an eternal, immortal spirit being. He is also a creator. Just as much real as you are. "The Holy Spirit, being a creation of the one Creator, creating with Him and in His likeness or. . .

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