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19. Can you change your perception?

CAN YOU CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION?  While it may seem in many ways that ACIM is telling you to change your perceptions, you can't actually do this by changing your perception. "Projection makes perception" tells you that perception is caused by projection. This statement confirms it. "Perception is a RESULT, not a cause. " Which means that perception is an EFFECT. And. . .

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18. The world is nothing, it does not exist

While in Heaven, before the fall of man, everything that existed was of God. And it still is. Creation is the presence of something real. It exists. It has substance. It lives. At this point, all things which DO NOT exist, simply did not exist at all. They were not anywhere. They had no substance, no reality, no life. They. . .

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17. The world is perception, this is the world your mind is making

"The world IS perception. " "The world you made. " Some people believe that they are just a little mind inside a little body. And based on this premise, they think they peer out onto an outside world, and "perceive it" or interpret it. They think perception is entirely this act of looking out upon the world that's there. As if false. . .

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15. The world has two makers

I’ve been learning about this and I think I’ve got a handle on it now. 1. Your ego made this world. ie, this physical world is ”the world you made. ” You made it with your dreaming, and your making of it was based on TOTAL opposition to God, as the picture of the crucifixion of His son, as an attack. . .

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14. The world I see - projection makes perception

There are two sort of perspectives relating to perception that we seem to fall into. 1. There is an objective world with our perception OF it, and what we project ONTO it is to do with how we interpret it. 2. There isn't an objective world and we're just dreaming it up and not projecting anything "onto" it because we're. . .

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13. What if the body is just an image?

"I came to tell them that death is an illusion, and the mind that made the body can make another since form itself is an illusion. " Let's say the body is nothing more than an 3D IMAGE which the mind is projecting outward to make "visible. " Like a movie projector. The image is shining outward and only shows up while. . .

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12. Ground control to major perceptual error - you made this universe

Projection makes perception right? Guess what? Your mind is so big and vast that it is PROJECTING THIS UNIVERSE. Guess what is showing up as images IN your mind? Physical objects. Bodies. Mountains. Planets. These are THOUGHTS, IDEAS. All "forms" are forms of error - of erroneous thinking. These "objects" are the PERCEPTUAL CONTENT of your mind. This is even. . .

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11. Projection makes perception

I had a re-read of much of Chapter 21: Reason and perception, to try to better understand the workings of perception. Below are some takeaways. Feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken. Typically, we look out upon a world which seems to be there independently, and however it looks to us, we take it to be how it is. . . .

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10. You made sickness and death and therefore can abolish both

(and you must!)The “sickness is a defense against the truth” section says a lot about how we make sickness AND reverse it. Basically, sickness doesn’t just mean bodily sickness it means any kind of belief that separation is real. That belief is in the mind. The mind is projecting the body currently, because the mind sees itself as an illusion not. . .

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In the course, we know that Jesus tells us how we project stuff out and then perceive it. Okay, makes sense. But for the most part, it makes sense at the level of you as an individual perceiving "the world out there" in a certain way, that you've got stuff "inside your mind, inside your body", which you're putting onto. . .

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8. The metaphysics of Christianity seems to make sense

Christianity makes sense. It makes logical sense. The structure of its metaphysics is consistent, albeit mistaken. But here's a secret. . . everyone who has an ego believes the Christian doctrine, because it's really a doctrine base on the ego's thought system and the ego made it. For example, it depends on the idea that this world is real, that you do real. . .

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7. ACIM doesn't make sense unless the world is not real

The only way that A Course in Miracles can really make any sense whatsoever, is if there is a CLEAR distinction between what is real and what is illusion. Every way in which you are confused about which is which, is your entire problem. This confusion is the ego - which simply is the belief that illusions are real. If you believe. . .

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6. Stepping into confident decision making

Recently I find myself waiting for someone to decide for me what it is I will do. I even ask within to Jesus or Holy Spirit for them to decide for me. It is one thing to surrender and open up to guidance and to express from love, but part of the lesson I've been learning is that I need. . .

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5. Idol worship puts you down - you are more worthy than that

The thing about idol worship, is that it puts you down. You can't put someone or something up on a pedestal without diminishing your own value. Jesus speaks to this many times in ACIM where, for example, we give a gift to another person that we think they 'deserve' or are 'worthy of' and this values them at equality with that gift,. . .

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4. Decisions are constant

In the course, Jesus says that decisions are constant. You don't make a decision as though it's one point in time, and then move on with life as though you are no longer deciding. You don't 'choose' something and then proceed as if the choosing is in the past. You are always choosing.  And that also means, if something seems to 'happen'. . .

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2. Specialness... how do we make something special?

For something to be special it has to have a value that is different to the value of something else. We give it its value by taking away value from something else. So if I have an apple and an orange, which are essentially equal, and I say, well, I like apples more than oranges, I have to 'demote' the orange. . .

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