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23. There's a reason why you should not judge

There is a reason why you should not judge, and it has absolutely nothing to do with other people or whether it hurts them. There is also a reason why you need to forgive, and it has absolutely nothing to do with whether other people are the ones being forgiven. The reason is that these judgements that you THINK are being done. . .

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22. The ego demands you have reactions

The ego loves to tell you that when such-and-such happens, you MUST have a reaction. It acts like it's a given. This is because it believes that a 'cause' outside of you has the power to affect you. This so-called cause DEMANDS that you be affected by it. This is also to do with the hierarchy of illusions, which means that apparently. . .

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21. The ego mind is a split mind

The ego mind is a mind of separation and conflict. The ego mind always has two faces - a persona and a shadow. Within the ego mind itself, one part of itself is against the other part. The ego mind attacks itself, being an idea of self attack. The persona portion of the ego mind is what most people most often identify with,. . .

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19. Decisions are constant

In the course, Jesus says that decisions are constant. You don't make a decision as though it's one point in time, and then move on with life as though you are no longer deciding. You don't 'choose' something and then proceed as if the choosing is in the past. You are always choosing.  And that also means, if something seems to 'happen'. . .

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18. Using empathy to join minds for healing

Most of the time, people consider themselves confined to their bodies. The body itself forms a barrier around their mind, shutting it in. The only place on the body where it seems the mind is 'visible' if you will, is perhaps through the eyes. The mind can express through the body in terms of moving the body and expressing, but. . .

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15. Seeking outside yourself produces sickness

When Jesus speaks of 'sickness' in ACIM, he doesn't just refer to what we think of as sickness. You see, to Him, sickness occurs because of some very very fundamental things happening. e. g. "seeking outside yourself" produces sickness". e. g. "confusing the levels" (of consciousness) produces sickness. e. g. believing that causes are outside of you or that the body has its own. . .

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14. The need to seek for what you think you do not have already

You have everything. God shared it with you. But then the ego comes along and says, "you don't have that". It tells you, "you're lacking what God gave you. what he supposedly gave you is not HERE. so you'd better go look for it somewhere ELSE. "So then you start to SEEK. And this seeking is like running away from what God. . .

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13. It's not true that you've sinned

Jesus revealead to me last night a whole new perspective on the whole idea of sin/guilt/fear/death. I was doing a forgiveness process and Jesus had revealed that I was afraid because I believed I'd sinned. But when I inquired, tentatively, what this sin was. . . . Jesus revealed the real truth:"There is no sin". ("what if you looked within and saw there is. . .

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12. Hearing spiritual guidance

Hearing spiritual guidance. . . "His Voice will direct you very specifically. " . . . Your mind seems to be like a speaker system, and it is constantly engaging in noise and commotion and making sounds and broadcasting. It has something to say about everything and is very chatty. It also uses its chattiness to try to figure everything out on its own. It thinks. . .

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11. There is an immortal innocent person underneath their appearance

A lesson for me at the moment has two parts to it. One part is realizing that underneath a person there is a completely immortal, invulnerable, innocent being that has absolutely nothing wrong with them and has done nothing wrong. The other part is, connected to this, that therefore I need to learn to 'overlook' the appearance of anything else. . .

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10. You can't be attacked unless you attack

You can't be attacked by someone else without attacking them first. You have to believe you are attackable, otherwise you'd be invulnerable. By seeing yourself as attackable, which is an attack on yourself, you are also attacking others. Whatever you believe about you is shared with everyone, and so you believe everyone else is just as attacked. You cannot attack. . .

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9. The more you can take responsibility the better

The more that you take responsibility for what you are experiencing, and the more you see that your whole experience is not caused by anyone or anything other than yourself, the more you will see this in others as well. I was at the grocery store and saw this man walking with a cane and an obvious limp from some recent. . .

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8. Learning to have an authentic experience

Lately what I've been trying to focus on is what can be *experienced*. The truth can be described in thousands of words but really it is an experience. We're really talking about you getting to the point where you can experience happiness, experience love, experience peace, experience God. God is an experience. So what this means is looking at what you. . .

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7. Some big mistakes I've made with the Course

I have made a pretty big mistake with ACIM, and maybe you are doing the same. Sorry this is a bit long and rambly, I'm still coming to terms with it. . . . I always believed that the goal in ACIM was awakening to the awareness of God's presence, which was some kind of a singular state of being. As I read and. . .

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6. A forgiveness about slaughtering pigs

Arriving at work I encountered my first truck load of live pigs on their way to the sausage factory across the street. It was a double-decker piggy wagon complete with air holes and little pink piggy bits poking out and wiggling around. As I realized what it was, and that it was about to pull into the bacon death machine,. . .

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