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110. Sick bodies are accusers - do not choose death

A radical teaching in the Course which not many are willing to accept, is that the condition of your body is still subject to the Golden Rule. That means that what applies to you applies to others equally. So when your body is sick, it IS attempting to attack both you AND your brother. It is not sick in isolation,. . .

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109. Nothing happens without your own consent - you have the POWER TO CHOOSE EVERYTHING

"The mind is a very powerful creator, and it never loses its creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating, and ALWAYS as you will. " This means that your mind is CONSTANTLY CAUSING STUFF TO HAPPEN, AT ALL TIMES, WITHOUT STOPPING. And that means, regardless of whether you think you have the power to make things happen or. . .

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108. The power of decision - you choose everything!

I am gradually learning that there is POWER in making decisions. And I don't just mean some kind of self-help "make more decisions to be productive" kind of thing. I mean, literally it has a supernatural kind of power to it. It's tied into miracle working. It accesses and wields the power of the mind to CAUSE. Everything in the. . .

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106. God created many minds - there are many dreamers

Here are examples of ACIM quotes which specifically speak to God having created many minds. This means, these minds are REAL, are PERMANENT, and are NOT part of the ego dream of separation. This is part of why “one mind” or “one dreamer” is false. There is not just one dreamer any more than there is just one mind. This is. . .

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105. How to heal others

Here is some instruction on how to miraculously heal others, from Jesus. Here he talks about how YOUR MIND can be used in such a way, whereby if you do not agree with or support the belief of another that they are guilty/sinful or sick, you shine your loving light into their mind and SHARE that love with them, making. . .

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104. More insights about miracles

Was talking to Holy Spirit last night, and received some unexpected input about miracles. This is hot on the heels of the stuff I posted from "the mechanism of miracles" which made a few basic points: 1) your brother implements denial to block love and health, 2) this produces sickness, 3) another brother must shine light into their mind to. . .

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103. You are either fully loving or you are hating

You really have only this choice. A) LoveB) HateJust as Jesus says that what is not love is murder, and that even the slightest grievance is murderous, so too it is true that if you are not being FULLY loving you are not really being loving (at all) and therefore are in a state of HATE. Now, it does not seem to. . .

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102. The death wish, the decision to die

This is something that few of us want to look at. I don't like looking at it or talking about it either. But there is a DEATH WISH in our mind which is literally deadly, and is the cause of all death and suicide. It must be undone if you are to surmount death forever. The decision to consent to. . .

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101. A new view of what miracles are

I went back and slowly re-read the entire "miracle principles" from a very early urtext version, plus some other sections. The impression I have of miracles now is different and more cohesive. Whatever our understanding of them is, they must incorporate every single thing Jesus says about them, including the ability to literally move mountains, to heal the sick and. . .

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100. Learning to be free

Gradually over time Jesus has been trying to teach me about freedom. He would say, "you are free". I would be trying to decide whether to do something or not, whether I'm allowed to, whether it's the right thing, etc. I anticipated He would find me guilty for wanting to do something, and tell me not to. But instead, He. . .

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99. Ground control to major perceptual error - you made this universe

Projection makes perception right? Guess what? Your mind is so big and vast that it is PROJECTING THIS UNIVERSE. Guess what is showing up as images IN your mind? Physical objects. Bodies. Mountains. Planets. These are THOUGHTS, IDEAS. All "forms" are forms of error - of erroneous thinking. These "objects" are the PERCEPTUAL CONTENT of your mind. This is even. . .

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98. The tiny mad idea explained - the separation has occurred, sort of

Separation HAS occurred? Sort of. Some people claim that it is impossible to explain the "tiny mad idea". It seems logical at first, because when the ego asks a question like "what if", it's not really a question, and the tiny mad idea hasn't "really" happened in reality. It has no real consequences in reality, and it's just a dream. . . .

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97. Two ways of thinking about God

Anything this side of the separation from God, comprises the ego's thought system, and the ego THINKS in terms of exclusion. "If this is true, and that is different, that is not true". Anything the OTHER side of the separation from God - God Himself, creation, sonship, souls, heaven etc, is NOT governed by the ego thought system. It's rules. . .

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96. The two thought systems - two ways of thinking

Everything this side of the separation from God functions according to ego laws. These laws are always linear and exclusive. The ego "thinks" in terms of exclusive logic/reasoning and draws conclusions based on exclusion, because exclusion is separation. Everything on the other side of the separation - God, heaven, self, sonship, creation etc, always functions according to God's laws. These. . .

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95. Mind extends through the body to heal it

Here is an interesting teaching. In its natural state, the body is a communication medium. The mind is supposed to flow through it and extend BEYOND it outwards. The body itself is not supposed to be part of the message as such. But when the mind starts to STOP at the body, or to be blocked by the body, or. . .

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94. Death is an optional choice - death is failure to live

"No one can suffer loss unless it be his own decision. No one suffers pain except his choice elects this state for him. No one can grieve nor fear nor think him sick unless these are the outcomes that he wants. And no one dies without his own consent. Nothing occurs but represents your wish, and nothing is omitted that. . .

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93. The impeccable logic of Jesus

I am going to create a new book based entirely on the metaphysical logic of the Course, which will dispel all myths and misunderstandings and arguments about what the Course is teaching, saying and meaning, on an irrefutably logical, black-and-white basis. It will be so clear and accurate that only unwillingness to accept it will see fault in it. Everything. . .

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