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101. What is true perception and forgiveness?

I've been trying to find away to describe forgiveness in a way that is fully encompassing. I'm getting closer. First of all we were in heaven and everything was, and still is, perfect and whole and innocent and beautiful and immortal. Then we did the separation idea which is an attempt to dream that you are exiled from heaven and. . .

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99. Can you change your perception?

CAN YOU CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION?  While it may seem in many ways that ACIM is telling you to change your perceptions, you can't actually do this by changing your perception. "Projection makes perception" tells you that perception is caused by projection. This statement confirms it. "Perception is a RESULT, not a cause. " Which means that perception is an EFFECT. And. . .

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98. Enlightenment is but a recognition and not a change at all

There isn't really anything that you need to do about the ego. It's really a matter of recognition. You simply don't as yet recognize it for what it IS, and you think it is something else. Recognition requires you to have a full picture, all the information, nothing hidden, nothing missing. And in this light of the whole truth, everything. . .

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97. People are not bodies

“The body is not the means by which the real world can be seen. ” What that implies is. . . you have NEVER seen another REAL person with your body’s eyes. You have to learn then to recognize that a body IS NOT a person. It is a wall of flesh, clothing, a disguise, HIDING what the body’s eyes cannot even see. . . .

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96. Freedom from all suffering

I'm kind of blown away right now, with this rapidly growing recognition that ALL suffering has ONE cause. That there is really only ONE lesson to learn. The lesson simply is that,. . . . if you believe the world is REAL, YOU WILL SUFFER.   And so I look back at all the times I have suffered, all the upsets, all events,. . .

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95. What is the real world?

I took a deep dive into every single statement about "the real world", to find out all possible implication of what it IS and IS NOT referring to. It is clear to me that what Jesus calls "the real world" IS "the borderland of thought" in between the world we MADE in false perception, and the reality of Heaven. The. . .

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94. Stop trying to forgive everyone but yourself

"Projection makes perception. " You look within first, then project out what is within you. What is projected becomes what you perceive. "Perception is a result not a cause. " Your business therefore should NOT be "changing your perception". That is an EFFECT. Your business should focus on what is IN your mind that you PROJECT, which results in perceptions. If there. . .

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93. You can see God and your Brothers in Heaven

It is not possible to PERCEIVE **within** reality, because there is no perception WITHIN reality. Perception is an interpretative process based on judgement. You can evaluate reality and PERCEIVE it, but this isn't the SAME as knowing it or DIRECTLY experiencing it. "Only your vision can convey to you what YOU can see. It reaches you directly, without a need. . .

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91. Ego rebounds and not wanting to wake up

When I write or read ACIM stuff, after a while I'll start to feel upset. I may feel overwhelmed, or agitated, even hurt, and might feel like I want to cry. It's almost like someone just said a whole string of lies about me. I look at what part of me feels this way and I acknowledge what it is. . .

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90. You cannot see both worlds!

There is a clear teaching in ACIM that there are TWO worlds, and you can ONLY see one of the two in its entirety at any given time. Seeing one, REQUIRES you NOT TO SEE the other. You CANNOT see both of them in full simultaneously. And each of them uses a different KIND of vision, designed ONLY to see. . .

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89. The world is false perception, it will disappear

The "physical world", exists only IN false perception. This is why the body's eyes can see it. The body's eyes are rooted in false perception permanently. "Everything the body sees is an illusion. " "These eyes made not to see will never see. " "The body is not the means by which the real world can be seen. " "Eyes perceive falsely" The. . .

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87. Changing your perception of the world

At first we believe physical sight is perception. And everything the body's eyes look upon is taken as real. And thus we learn that the world appears to be an inherently bad place. Regardless of trying to be optimistic or positive, bad shit happens frequently. And people seem to die. Assuming that everything we see is real, we might not. . .

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86. The translation of the world

There are some parts of the course which suggest that if you will just change HOW you look at the world, or what meaning you GIVE it, suddenly seemingly horrifying scenes are interpreted as healed and lovely. Obviously this loveliness MUST transcend the FORM of what is happening, because a broken leg is still a broken leg, and an explosion. . .

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85. The world is in your mind

When we are introduced to this world, it is through false perception. That means we SEEM to "see it with" the body's eyes, and we believe the body's way of seeing. And the body shows us the world of form, which is cruel and dark and a place of death. We do not even realize our mind is in any. . .

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84. What is a miracle?

Ok let's break down this passage and find out what it's saying. "A miracle is a correction. " Before the correction, your mind is in a state of confusion, darkness ego. You are on a lower rung of the ladder. The correction corrects your mind and raises you up to a higher rung on the ladder. The false belief, mistaken perception,. . .

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