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45. Selfishness and specialness

"The ego is the idea of selfishness. " At the very foundation of the entire ego thought system is the idea of selfishness. But more accurately, it is the idea of not sharing. It's an idea of being exclusive, the ownership of something which is considered "yours alone", and inaccessible to others. "You had everything when you were created, just as. . .

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44. Special body relationships

The thing about the body is that it's a limitation. You as a spirit are unlimited, infinite, everywhere. You are omnipresent like God. To seemingly "enter" a body you have to massively confine yourself to one location, separated off from the rest. It's like having your hands tied. Huge amounts of awareness have to be shut out. Not to mention. . .

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43. Separation makes sickness, joining heals

You are in your brother's mind, and he is in yours. You share minds and are joined in holy relationship. When you believe in separation, using the ego weapons of attack, judgement, sin, guilt, fear, etc, you split off a part of yourself from your brother and isolate it into a body. You become body identified. The part of you. . .

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41. The ego is the idea of selfishness

"The ego is the idea of selfishness. The soul is the idea of self-fullness. " Within me there is an ego aspect which is very selfish. This aspect rears its head if I see myself as having to do something I don't want to do, being caused to do something because of someone else, or that my condition or situation is. . .

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40. Needing someone to love you is unloving neediness

"This meant that man had no needs at all. If he had not deprived himself, he would never have experienced them. After the Separation, needs became the most powerful source of motivation for human action. All behavior is essentially motivated by needs, but behavior itself is not a Divine attribute. The body is the mechanism for behavior. " "Within HIMSELF he. . .

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39. The big sex lie

This may not be popular. True relationship is between one person and everyone, simultaneously. The human body was constructed in order to disrupt this relationship, and to focus on isolation, so that rather than being in relationship with everyone, you are in relationship with typically only one other person. By becoming closer to their body, and attempting to unite with. . .

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38. Everyone should love everyone, are you willing?

"Everyone should love everyone. " "You cannot enter into REAL relationships with ANY of God's Sons, unless you love them all, and EQUALLY. Love is not special. If you single out PART of the Sonship for your love, you are imposing guilt on ALL your relationships, and MAKING them unreal. " This is a clear message from Jesus. Each one of us. . .

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37. How an ancient hatred becomes a present love

"Healing is when two minds recognize their oneness and become glad. " Years ago I used to hate a person. I thought this person was the cause of everyone's problems. I was secretly and passively angry at them, not communicating with them, unwilling to forgive them, feeling very hurt by them, annoyed by everything they did and wanting nothing to do. . .

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36. God is with you always

This might sound obvious and a no-brainer, but it can be quite obscure to both realize and believe and accept that God is with you at all times. Like, intimately inside you. It can feel safer, for example, to relate to the Holy Spirit or Jesus, keep an abstract, nebulous idea of God further afield at a distance. After all,. . .

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35. What is a brother? The equal sons of God

A brother is an equal sibling of a shared parent. God is the Father, the shared parent. God created more than one child, more than one son, IN REALITY. Those children are brothers to each other. It takes at least two children to be brothers. The state of being a brother is a permanent reality and relationship, in Heaven, which. . .

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33. Brothers or strangers? The purpose of the body

Through struggles with being shy and sensitive and antisocial and so on, I gradually have realized that there is something fundamentally "estranging" about people's bodies. When I go out and I see people's physical bodies, there is a fundamental disconnect. There's my body over here and this big gap between and their body over there - it is just experienced. . .

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32. Sickness comes between brothers

Sickness is an attack on BOTH you AND your brother. It seeks to come BETWEEN you. It is a double-edged sword. Both are attacked and separated off. This is why you cannot be sick in isolation or without attacking another. All sickness is an attempt to be contagious. "Sick bodies are accusers. " Your sick body does not stand in isolation. . .

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31. You are not isolated, you are joined with your brother

Being separated in bodies, we have become accustomed to seeing ourselves as CONFINED. As though completely fenced in. But this is utterly UNLIKE the way we really are. It is far more accurate to say, you are everywhere, and in all people, and share everything with everyone. You overlap them, merge with them, join with them, part of you is. . .

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30. There is plenty to go around - sharing increases God

(and why this world is NOTHING like God’s creation)“For what you are is what He is. There is no love but His, and what He is is everything there is. There is no limit placed upon Himself, and so are you unlimited as well. “Everything about the ego is based on the idea of not sharing anything. This results in everything. . .

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29. Pray with your whole heart

True prayer, which is the medium of miracles, and is how you "ask", occurs in the heart, not in words necessarily. There is a guy who performs a lot of miracles who teaches to "pray with your whole heart". The heart has to be experiencing love, in order to be experiencing wholeness. Whatever is "in your heart", that is what. . .

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These sections from the Course present one of the most CORE parts of Jesus's teaching - that you must USE YOUR BODY to demonstrate the innocence that you believe in. Anyone demonstrating sickness or death believes in attack and is NOT carrying out God's will. "Forgiveness is not real UNLESS it brings a healing to your brother AND yourself. YOU. . .

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